17 October 2014

Thoughts of now.

I shared a little insight with you on the blog last week through this post, so thought I would also share one more thought with you today, because it is Friday and, well, why not?! (If you are looking for my regular Friday post then it will be up first thing tomorrow, I promise).

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In last weeks post I mentioned a few things that help me cope when the chips are down (actually, chips help quite a lot!). One thing that I wanted to talk about, that really helps me, is teaching yourself to stay in the present (as much as possible anyway!). Obviously this is nothing new to the world, just something I am trying to drag into my head-space, kicking and screaming, as a way of helping me to cope when I start over thinking and worrying about every darn thing on the planet.

Last year I downloaded the audio book 'The Power of Now' and it was like a light switch popped on in my mind as I listened to it. The main message of it is this: all we have is 'the now' so worrying constantly about the past or the future is pointless. The author states that to a point we cannot totally dismiss the past, the human condition means that we do dwell on past experiences and memories are always there, likewise we cannot ignore the future, after all we all have bills to pay and have to make plans for daily life, but as a whole becoming anxious about what may happen is pointless.

I know this is not easy to get your head around and I am the worlds worst at trying not to worry but I can honestly say that re-focusing on the present, in times of stress, really has helped. The statement 'now is all we really have' is what slapped me around the face and made me evaluate how much I live in the current moment. The answer? Not very often. That is something I am trying to change and I believe it will help my overall mind-set.

To sum up, just try focusing on...

:: that yummy slice of cake you are eating rather than worrying about how many calories you are consuming the whole time (if you are going to have it anyway, at least enjoy each mouthful!).

:: the way the air smells this time of year when you step outside the door for work at 6.30am instead of feeling low because it is cold and dark, there is nothing that can change the seasons so try and work out ways to enjoy it! For me it is listening to upbeat music on the way to work :-)

:: the fun you are having with your group of friends on a Saturday night; rather than smiling on the outside but worrying about work on the inside - give that moment all of your time and leave work for Monday.

These are just a few silly examples but you know what I am saying. It takes time but it can help a whole lot :-)

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