11 October 2014

That's Love That Is

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Joe and I have always had these little moments where one will say to the other 'that's love that is!' over something quite run-of-the-mill. For example, when we first met, Joe's butter container was full of crumbs, which is something that freaks me out for some reason (hands up if you are with me here!). Now, you know what it is like when you are first together, you don't want to complain, let alone over a few crumbs, but over time I finally mentioned it. The next time I went to get some butter there were zero crumbs present. I said something along the lines of 'wow, no crumbs!' and Joe said 'yeah, I know, that's love that is!'. 

That's love that is...
:: pulling out grey hairs as they appear on my head (thanks a lot! although my hair-dresser recently informed me that by doing this the cuticle will become damaged and the next grey monster will be growing at a wacky angle, doh!)
:: wiping tears away, one by one, on one of those days.
:: having the soggy fajita wrap at the bottom of the pile and not complaining one single bit.
:: washing my hair and drying it when I was recovering from my operation back in January.
:: making a cup of tea to cheer me up and forgetting to make his, all because he wanted to sort mine first.
:: still saying nice things even when I am wearing my onesie, spotty socks and my hair looks like something out of a horror movie.
:: buying me bottles of my favourite iced tea in Tescos every week.
:: taking hold of my hand in the middle of the night.
:: having the toast that I have burnt by accident (Joe secretly loves burnt toast - it's true!).
:: pretending the last Malteaser is mine despite him knowing I scoffed most of the pack.

Love that man. Heaps.


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