29 October 2014

Taking Stock | October 2014

It is the end of the month already. I don't particularly mind because I enjoy the festivities that come along at this time of year and the build up to, dare I say, Christmas!

Putting the dreaded 'C' word behind us for now let us see what an exciting, adventurous month I have had (are you sensing any sarcasm?!). Seriously guys, it has been a bit quiet but what the heck, that is life huh!

PS: If you do a Taking Stock post on your blog please, please, please, link it in the comments because reading these posts is one of my favourite things to do :-) If you don't yet do one then try it, go on!

 photo munchkins_zps27407bd5.png
^^My mini pumpkins from Sainsbury's - too cute for words!^^

Making | pizza dough for the first time. It was easier than I thought! Next stop, bread! 
Cooking | half term cupcake treats. 
Drinking | way too many tea's - as usual.
Reading | Tracey Emin's 'My Life in a Column'. I have had this signed copy sitting around for a few years from when I went to hear Emin talk in the Hayward Gallery and have never quite found the time to read it. It documents the weekly column she used to write in The Independent newspaper. I know she isn't everyone's cup of tea but I find her writing (and her art) fascinating.
Wanting These beauties and one of these wotzits!
Looking | way too tired and zoned out from life.
Playing this song to cheer me up. I know I am almost in my mid 30's but dancing alone to pop is still allowed (right?)
Deciding | whether or not I can rock metallic nails...?
Wishing | for a clear mind.
Enjoying | American Horror Story. Specifically Season 2. Scary yes, but watchable!
Waiting | for Joes wedding band to arrive to see if it is the right fit. Fingers crossed.
Liking | middle of the night cat cuddles.
Wondering | what new winter meals to make. I need me some healthy, low fat/high protein recipes people!
Loving | the new French Connection glasses I have my eyes on (see what I did there!).
Hoping | to get our little sofa soon (thanks for passing it down mum and dad!). No more sitting on the floor in our house when people come over :-)
Marveling | at how fast this year has passed. It is less than a month until my best friends baby is one year old. Scary fast year people.
Needing | to rearrange my office thanks to a lovely trip to Ikea! Perhaps I will do a blog post on that soon :-)
Smelling | wood smoke in the air. One of my favourite autumn smells. It is so nostalgic.
Wearing | vampy red/black nails, over-sized knitwear and ripped jeans.
Following | a fantastic new yoga channel. Yoga with Adriene is perfect for my busy life and allows me to try and find some relaxation and balance without the need to take part in a two hour class. I have done the abs and arms session and the yoga for bedtime - highly recommend!
Noticing | that having my laptop on my lap only encourages the cat to want to get on my knee as well - impossible!
Knowing | I have to replace Joes PS3 control very, very soon after knocking it in water - giant oops!
Thinking | about what to get people for Christmas. I try and get organised each year but usually still rush about like a woman possessed anyway!
Feeling | super proud of Joe - his EP is actually on iTunes for all the world to see, a-maz-ing! Follow him on Facebook for all the information. (Well done Mows!).
Opening | up (a little more).
Giggling | at myself trying to do rap dance moves. Don't ask.


  1. Those Topshop boots do look pretty good! And I'm completely with you about the year - how is it November on Saturday!? I haven't done a Taking Stock post since about February or March so I reckon one of these on my blog is long overdue :-) xx

    1. Let me tell you, I tried those boots on and (perhaps unfortunately) they are extremelycomfortable :-S You should certainly do a Taking Stock - let me know when you have x


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