20 October 2014

Matte Lips & Shimmery Eyes | Simple Autumn Make Up

Monday is here once again and in this video I am experimenting with my new eye-shadow stick from Gosh (I love it by the way!). As it is so very shimmery I thought I would team it together with a matte red lip and I really like the result, so much so I have kind of been wearing nothing else but that look since! 

The eye-shadow stick in question you can buy in Superdrug and it comes in some pretty fancy colours - I will be buying a couple more for sure. They last really well on the eyes and even lasted me through a very intense training session (I know, I know, I wore make up through exercise but in my defence I was at home and I had to do it before I fell asleep, which I almost certainly would've done had I put warm water on my face!).

Check out the box under my video on YouTube for all the links - enjoy!


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