31 October 2014

Loving, Needing, Meh! #69

Happy Halloween lovely blog friends! I hope you have had an amazing week. If you have been in the UK you will know that we have had awesome weather for the time of year (today is a beauty too!). If you are reading this from somewhere else in this lovely world of ours let me know what it is like where you are!

For those of you that are slightly tired of pumpkin pictures, I humbly apologise, this should be the last of it!

 photo fromlucywithlovepumpkin_zps1608105c.png

This week I have been LOVING:

  • Making this guy with Joe (^^see picture^^). Mum bought a pumpkin and asked if we could cut it out for her so we kept it simple. I think he looks rather smart!
  • A mid-week roast dinner. We visited my mum and dad this Wednesday, as we are both off work and rarely get to see them together these days. We had a full on roast with yummy homemade desserts (yes, there were two!). It was one of those 'I'm so full I can't ever eat again' meals... followed, a few hours later, by 'do you want something to eat?'!
  • Leaving the back door open and smelling the autumn air. As I said, the weather here has been unusually mild for the tail of October. The sky has been (mostly) blue and the sun has been shining. Right now I have the windows and doors open and a t-shirt on. I really enjoy this weather the most.
  • Our trip to Ikea. Ok, it was rammed with people, which scares the living you-know-what out of me, but it was a success. I have been saving a few pounds to get a second, small desk for my office room and managed to sort out just the thing. I will be doing a short 'office tour' video soon. 
  • My new fitness discovery. For those that follow my Instagram or Facebook page you may already know this! I have been looking for a balance in my fitness regime to allow me to still feel like I am doing something and not being lazy. I train fairly intensely most of the time as I like to feel like I am about to die apparently (!) and I am not so good with taking rest days. So, I thought I would try adding some yoga and relaxation into the mix. I discovered this amazing YouTube Channel called 'Yoga with Adriene' thanks to another YouTuber who recommended it on her channel! I have surprised myself with how much I am enjoying it and, let me tell you, I still sweat plenty :-)
  • Baths. What can I say...Netflix, bubbles....lovely!
This week I have been NEEDING:
  • To get better at making bread. See this weeks 'Meh!' for further details!
  • Another week off. I don't wish to sound greedy but you know how it is! I am just feeling like I am starting to chill out and it is Friday! Grr.
  • To re-purchase my teenage skincare. I have run out of all the things that help keep my unpredictable boat-race (that's face in case you were lost) under some form of control. The three things I need are all over £10 and it is heart breaking to part with that sort of money all at once, but I also do not want to continue to look like a dot-to-dot picture either. Blurgh.
This weeks 'MEH!':
  • Right now I am attempting to make ciabatta bread for tonight. Can I just say that the pizza dough I made this week was the first time I have ever ventured into the bread making department at all now suddenly I think I am Delia ruddy Smith?? What am I thinking? I guess you will soon know whether or not it has been a success - stay tuned on Instagram! Right now I am not holding my breath because it was so unbelievable sticky. I am following a recipe from one of the British Bake Off chef's too - it can't go wrong...can it? (Yep!). On the plus side I now know what the two strangely shaped things were that came with my mixer, bread hooks! Hurrah! (wtf?!)

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