3 October 2014

Loving, Needing, Meh! #65

This week has been one of those weeks. It doesn't appear to have been just me either. Lots of colleagues have been huffing and puffing and there have been many a collective rolling of eyes and mutual exhaling as people pass in the corridor at school. I even looked up whether the worst day of the week was due to have a full moon as I honestly thought everyone was on edge that day. Whatever the reason (and my manager thinks it is the weather) I hope you have had a lovely week.

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This week I have been LOVING:
  • Mid week fajitas. Need I say more? They are my ultimate food at the moment and go down well after a hard day at work.
  • Nice colleagues making nice cups of tea when I need it most. Very much appreciated.
  • Foggy autumn mornings. Not the greatest to drive in at 6.30am but there is something magical about them, maybe that is just me.
  • Coming home to my Red magazine subscription stuffed full of little clothing brochures to explore and some Christmas adverts already - I love all the sparkly Christmas make up and dresses. You can't take the magpie out of me.
  • A sample of the new Dior Star foundation. I think I may like it a whole lot. Damn.
  • Watching YouTube videos to teach myself more about what Photoshop can do. I use it all the time but have a little business idea I want to work on and need to expand my knowledge somewhat. I have literally taught myself everything I currently know about Photoshop by watching YouTube - fab resource!
  • A bath. This probably sounds strange but I finally managed to get time for a bath. It was only about 5 minutes, 8 at tops but it happened, and it was fabulous.
This week I have been NEEDING:
  • To try and figure out how to worry less. A constant battle for me. I am sometimes just an over sensitive moron.
  • New skinny jeans. I have discovered a hole. Why? Why now? Shall I sew a patch in?
  • A big, fat burger. Ok, I can hear my tummy rumbling whilst I type this post which is not helping because it is making me want to just list all the foods I am currently craving under this section of the post!
  • New skincare. Everything is running out. I need to magic some skincare funds out of somewhere before I am forced in to adopting Joe's skincare routine of quickly-wash-your-face-with-the-anti-bacterial-hand-soap-and-go! (don't get me started!).
This weeks 'MEH!':
  • Maybe someone can tell me why, now we have adopted Gizmo, she has started catching birds and mice - is it really a 'present'? She caught a poor little wag tail last night :-( This is not something she has ever done until we provided bed and board. Advice from you lovely cat owners please!


  1. My cat used to catch all sorts of things a possum included. I don't know if it's because they're bored or it is a present, but they definitely grow out of it.

  2. Wow, a possum?! They are pretty big right? Gizmo leaves her 'presents' by the door and sits there looking all pleased with herself. It's sweet if you can look past the murdering!

  3. She is doing it to express her love! Happy with her new Mum & Dad! She is providing things to you in the only way she knows how. Moko was so proud the first time she bought us a bird and we praised her. The instinct is in them all, but they don't all donate them to humans. Be proud of her, praise her, then discretely use a spade and dispose of it ;)


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