31 October 2014

Loving, Needing, Meh! #69

Happy Halloween lovely blog friends! I hope you have had an amazing week. If you have been in the UK you will know that we have had awesome weather for the time of year (today is a beauty too!). If you are reading this from somewhere else in this lovely world of ours let me know what it is like where you are!

For those of you that are slightly tired of pumpkin pictures, I humbly apologise, this should be the last of it!

 photo fromlucywithlovepumpkin_zps1608105c.png

This week I have been LOVING:

  • Making this guy with Joe (^^see picture^^). Mum bought a pumpkin and asked if we could cut it out for her so we kept it simple. I think he looks rather smart!
  • A mid-week roast dinner. We visited my mum and dad this Wednesday, as we are both off work and rarely get to see them together these days. We had a full on roast with yummy homemade desserts (yes, there were two!). It was one of those 'I'm so full I can't ever eat again' meals... followed, a few hours later, by 'do you want something to eat?'!
  • Leaving the back door open and smelling the autumn air. As I said, the weather here has been unusually mild for the tail of October. The sky has been (mostly) blue and the sun has been shining. Right now I have the windows and doors open and a t-shirt on. I really enjoy this weather the most.
  • Our trip to Ikea. Ok, it was rammed with people, which scares the living you-know-what out of me, but it was a success. I have been saving a few pounds to get a second, small desk for my office room and managed to sort out just the thing. I will be doing a short 'office tour' video soon. 
  • My new fitness discovery. For those that follow my Instagram or Facebook page you may already know this! I have been looking for a balance in my fitness regime to allow me to still feel like I am doing something and not being lazy. I train fairly intensely most of the time as I like to feel like I am about to die apparently (!) and I am not so good with taking rest days. So, I thought I would try adding some yoga and relaxation into the mix. I discovered this amazing YouTube Channel called 'Yoga with Adriene' thanks to another YouTuber who recommended it on her channel! I have surprised myself with how much I am enjoying it and, let me tell you, I still sweat plenty :-)
  • Baths. What can I say...Netflix, bubbles....lovely!
This week I have been NEEDING:
  • To get better at making bread. See this weeks 'Meh!' for further details!
  • Another week off. I don't wish to sound greedy but you know how it is! I am just feeling like I am starting to chill out and it is Friday! Grr.
  • To re-purchase my teenage skincare. I have run out of all the things that help keep my unpredictable boat-race (that's face in case you were lost) under some form of control. The three things I need are all over £10 and it is heart breaking to part with that sort of money all at once, but I also do not want to continue to look like a dot-to-dot picture either. Blurgh.
This weeks 'MEH!':
  • Right now I am attempting to make ciabatta bread for tonight. Can I just say that the pizza dough I made this week was the first time I have ever ventured into the bread making department at all now suddenly I think I am Delia ruddy Smith?? What am I thinking? I guess you will soon know whether or not it has been a success - stay tuned on Instagram! Right now I am not holding my breath because it was so unbelievable sticky. I am following a recipe from one of the British Bake Off chef's too - it can't go wrong...can it? (Yep!). On the plus side I now know what the two strangely shaped things were that came with my mixer, bread hooks! Hurrah! (wtf?!)

29 October 2014

Taking Stock | October 2014

It is the end of the month already. I don't particularly mind because I enjoy the festivities that come along at this time of year and the build up to, dare I say, Christmas!

Putting the dreaded 'C' word behind us for now let us see what an exciting, adventurous month I have had (are you sensing any sarcasm?!). Seriously guys, it has been a bit quiet but what the heck, that is life huh!

PS: If you do a Taking Stock post on your blog please, please, please, link it in the comments because reading these posts is one of my favourite things to do :-) If you don't yet do one then try it, go on!

 photo munchkins_zps27407bd5.png
^^My mini pumpkins from Sainsbury's - too cute for words!^^

Making | pizza dough for the first time. It was easier than I thought! Next stop, bread! 
Cooking | half term cupcake treats. 
Drinking | way too many tea's - as usual.
Reading | Tracey Emin's 'My Life in a Column'. I have had this signed copy sitting around for a few years from when I went to hear Emin talk in the Hayward Gallery and have never quite found the time to read it. It documents the weekly column she used to write in The Independent newspaper. I know she isn't everyone's cup of tea but I find her writing (and her art) fascinating.
Wanting These beauties and one of these wotzits!
Looking | way too tired and zoned out from life.
Playing this song to cheer me up. I know I am almost in my mid 30's but dancing alone to pop is still allowed (right?)
Deciding | whether or not I can rock metallic nails...?
Wishing | for a clear mind.
Enjoying | American Horror Story. Specifically Season 2. Scary yes, but watchable!
Waiting | for Joes wedding band to arrive to see if it is the right fit. Fingers crossed.
Liking | middle of the night cat cuddles.
Wondering | what new winter meals to make. I need me some healthy, low fat/high protein recipes people!
Loving | the new French Connection glasses I have my eyes on (see what I did there!).
Hoping | to get our little sofa soon (thanks for passing it down mum and dad!). No more sitting on the floor in our house when people come over :-)
Marveling | at how fast this year has passed. It is less than a month until my best friends baby is one year old. Scary fast year people.
Needing | to rearrange my office thanks to a lovely trip to Ikea! Perhaps I will do a blog post on that soon :-)
Smelling | wood smoke in the air. One of my favourite autumn smells. It is so nostalgic.
Wearing | vampy red/black nails, over-sized knitwear and ripped jeans.
Following | a fantastic new yoga channel. Yoga with Adriene is perfect for my busy life and allows me to try and find some relaxation and balance without the need to take part in a two hour class. I have done the abs and arms session and the yoga for bedtime - highly recommend!
Noticing | that having my laptop on my lap only encourages the cat to want to get on my knee as well - impossible!
Knowing | I have to replace Joes PS3 control very, very soon after knocking it in water - giant oops!
Thinking | about what to get people for Christmas. I try and get organised each year but usually still rush about like a woman possessed anyway!
Feeling | super proud of Joe - his EP is actually on iTunes for all the world to see, a-maz-ing! Follow him on Facebook for all the information. (Well done Mows!).
Opening | up (a little more).
Giggling | at myself trying to do rap dance moves. Don't ask.

27 October 2014

Sunday Snaps on a Monday (again)

After a very tough couple of months I am trying my very best(est) to get back on track with my blog. If you are wondering where I have been and why have been so intermittent then maybe this will help explain a little bit. Due to my current hermit-like situation I haven't exactly been happy-snappy on the old photo front, hence there has been no 'Sunday Snaps' since mid-August. 

Anyway, let's start a fresh shall we, I have uploaded some for you to peruse at your leisure - enjoy!

 photo From-Lucy-With-Love-27-october_zpsb6a4ffb9.png
1. I have said it before and I will say it again - mini food rocks! These peppers are so sweet and incredibly tasty. / 2. We have had a fair amount of family nights on the sofa this last month. Tiredness has been taking over all three of us, although I must confess my love for such dozy times. / 3. A silly selfie whilst waiting for Joe to get his shoes on. / 4. Last month in Salisbury after a dinner at Bills Restaurant (see, I do go out every now and then!). / 5. These are called 'Munchkin Pumpkins' and were two for £1.50 in Sainsbury's - I can resist mini things...oh, wait, I have mentioned that already! Seriously though, they look so cute on my kitchen window ledge. I also think they could look sweet with little night-lights in them and delicate patterns cut out (maybe I will do that soon). / 6. You may have to ready yourself for the vision of these reindeer leggings over the coming months. They were from Primark last year and they are super warm and comfy. Add in a cuppa in my favourite mug and I am one happy camper. / 7. Ta-da! Homemade pizza, dough and all. It was kind of tasty. We did it with those sweet and colourful little peppers, chicken, chorizo, mozzarella and a bit of cheddar too. / 8. This is Joe. He has a stick he uses to knock down spider webs (there are literally hundreds...we live in the countryside ya know!). This is his face having spotted several unwanted nests above the kitchen window. Scary? Yep! / 9. Colours! I heart autumn.

Empties (plus mini reviews) | New YouTube Video!

Better late than never! My Monday beauty video is up, up, up and away! This week I finally did my empties video that have been gathering around my office (and feet) for months. I warn you now, there are quite a few...go and make a cuppa and settle down! (I won't be offended if you have a snooze too).

Please 'Like' and 'Subscribe' to my channel if you want to be the first to hear about any new videos going up.


24 October 2014

Loving, Needing, Meh! #68

Do you ever get to the end of a working week and feel like you need to go in to hibernation? Yes? Then you will be understanding how I am feeling right now. But, on the upside I am on a one week break as of Monday as October half term has come around once again. This time last year we were getting ready for a trip to Edinburgh, I can't believe a year has gone by since those wonderful couple of days.

 photo leaves-fromlucywithlove_zpsb928e580.png
^^The beautiful autumn leaves outside work this week^^

This week I have been LOVING:
  • Autumn colours. As much as the leaves have been a nemesis to the Head Teacher and caretakers at work I have been loving them! (Although, getting leaf mush in your shoe at 7.30am is not ideal!).
  • Opening the fridge to find a little Kinder chocolate stick. My man knows how to cheer me up.
  • Planning our half term holiday. It may sound boring to most people but we have an Ikea trip planned and I cannot wait (rock 'n' roll baby!).
  • Yummy Marks and Spencer's dessert treats (thanks dad!).
  • A surprise box of chocolates and card I received from a student this week for helping him out with his computer issues - the chocolates went straight to the real heroes - the IT department!
  • Random cups of tea at 7.15am in the caretakers office (can you tell it has been a big work week?!)
  • Coming home to a big cuddle and a lazy family night on the sofa.
  • Listening to old Genesis and Bon Jovi tunes and reminiscing of the old days!
  • Looking at sparkly Christmas clothes on the tinterweb.
This week I have been NEEDING:
  • To know the date that Boots No 7 are releasing their Christmas calender! (Please be affordable, please be affordable, please be affordable!).
  • To dust off my watercolour set - I've got plans people, I've got plans!
  • Right now I believe I need these Topshop boots. I have prided myself (for years) for not being a 'shoe person', it appears I overlooked the fact that I just might be a 'boot person'.
  • Pumpkins. I want to autumnise (is that a word?) the house - I see pumpkins as a generally lovely accessory for autumn, not just a Halloween decoration. I made some pumpkins last year that lasted a while in the house, see them here.
This weeks 'MEH!':
  • Hitting my dad over the head with empty the cling film box, pretty harmless... until you realise you hit him over the head with the tooth-side of the box...right after he presented you with a yummy caramel shortbread dessert from Marks and Spencer. Oops. Sorry pops!
  • Accidentally knocking Joe's PlayStation 3 controller into water. In my defense I wasn't alone, the cat helped, but she gets away with it as she is cute.

20 October 2014

Matte Lips & Shimmery Eyes | Simple Autumn Make Up

Monday is here once again and in this video I am experimenting with my new eye-shadow stick from Gosh (I love it by the way!). As it is so very shimmery I thought I would team it together with a matte red lip and I really like the result, so much so I have kind of been wearing nothing else but that look since! 

The eye-shadow stick in question you can buy in Superdrug and it comes in some pretty fancy colours - I will be buying a couple more for sure. They last really well on the eyes and even lasted me through a very intense training session (I know, I know, I wore make up through exercise but in my defence I was at home and I had to do it before I fell asleep, which I almost certainly would've done had I put warm water on my face!).

Check out the box under my video on YouTube for all the links - enjoy!


18 October 2014

Loving, Needing, Meh! #67

Sorry this is one day later than usual ladies and gents... Happy Saturday! I hope you have had a great week and that your weekend has kicked off well. Let me know what you have planned for this weekend as well as what has been your highlight this week!

 photo fromlucywithlovepumpkins_zps0d68df04.png
{Image sourced from Pinterest | Original source unavailable}

This week I have been LOVING:
  • Starting the week with a work quiz night on Monday evening. Despite being pretty rubbish with most of the questions involving geography and sport I did ok. Although my other team members were amazing! Watch out Mastermind! It was nice to get out again as I am starting to feel like a bit of a hermit.
  • 'Trialing' my work buddies raspberry and amaretto cake - someone had to do it! It was delicious.
  • An evening catch up with my bestie. Nothing beats a cup of tea and a good natter does it.
  • Singing 80's songs at the top of my voice whilst cooking dinner. I didn't realise how amazing Absolute Radio 80's is :-)
  • Looking at beauty related advent calenders online. Probably can't afford one but loving window shopping none-the-less! My current favourite is the You Beauty Discovery one - heaven! On the advent calender note - mum has already got us some choccie ones (thanks mum!)
  • Planning a mini fire-work night dinner at our place, with sparklers and everything...sometimes it has just got to be done.
  • American Horror Story. I needed a new Netflix series any boy, have I found a strange one! I heard everyone talking about this show and thought I would check it out. I am strangely glued to it. Have you seen it? Thoughts?
This week I have been NEEDING:
  • To find trousers for work which cover my (cold) ankles! I am currently still wearing my ankle-grazers and am just about getting away with it. I just can't find a good fitting pair of trousers for work. It is starting to prove impossible. They are either super baggy around my backside or too long; it's like Goldilocks and the three pairs of trousers!
This weeks 'MEH!':
  • I can't think of any - yay! 

17 October 2014

Thoughts of now.

I shared a little insight with you on the blog last week through this post, so thought I would also share one more thought with you today, because it is Friday and, well, why not?! (If you are looking for my regular Friday post then it will be up first thing tomorrow, I promise).

 photo just-enjoy-today_zps26d9042e.png
{Image sourced from Pinterest | Originally from this lovely Etsy shop}

In last weeks post I mentioned a few things that help me cope when the chips are down (actually, chips help quite a lot!). One thing that I wanted to talk about, that really helps me, is teaching yourself to stay in the present (as much as possible anyway!). Obviously this is nothing new to the world, just something I am trying to drag into my head-space, kicking and screaming, as a way of helping me to cope when I start over thinking and worrying about every darn thing on the planet.

Last year I downloaded the audio book 'The Power of Now' and it was like a light switch popped on in my mind as I listened to it. The main message of it is this: all we have is 'the now' so worrying constantly about the past or the future is pointless. The author states that to a point we cannot totally dismiss the past, the human condition means that we do dwell on past experiences and memories are always there, likewise we cannot ignore the future, after all we all have bills to pay and have to make plans for daily life, but as a whole becoming anxious about what may happen is pointless.

I know this is not easy to get your head around and I am the worlds worst at trying not to worry but I can honestly say that re-focusing on the present, in times of stress, really has helped. The statement 'now is all we really have' is what slapped me around the face and made me evaluate how much I live in the current moment. The answer? Not very often. That is something I am trying to change and I believe it will help my overall mind-set.

To sum up, just try focusing on...

:: that yummy slice of cake you are eating rather than worrying about how many calories you are consuming the whole time (if you are going to have it anyway, at least enjoy each mouthful!).

:: the way the air smells this time of year when you step outside the door for work at 6.30am instead of feeling low because it is cold and dark, there is nothing that can change the seasons so try and work out ways to enjoy it! For me it is listening to upbeat music on the way to work :-)

:: the fun you are having with your group of friends on a Saturday night; rather than smiling on the outside but worrying about work on the inside - give that moment all of your time and leave work for Monday.

These are just a few silly examples but you know what I am saying. It takes time but it can help a whole lot :-)

13 October 2014

Autumn Clothing Haul (& some beauty too!) | New YouTube Video

With a bit of a Zara order under my belt and a couple of other things from over the last few weeks I thought I would put together a little haul video for you this Monday. I have linked all the products and clothing I mention underneath the original YouTube video so certainly check that out if you wish to get the items yourself!

Have you bought any new autumn pieces recently? Let me know what your favourite things to wear this time of year are in the comments!

11 October 2014

That's Love That Is

 photo thatslovethatis_zps69ec54b6.png

Joe and I have always had these little moments where one will say to the other 'that's love that is!' over something quite run-of-the-mill. For example, when we first met, Joe's butter container was full of crumbs, which is something that freaks me out for some reason (hands up if you are with me here!). Now, you know what it is like when you are first together, you don't want to complain, let alone over a few crumbs, but over time I finally mentioned it. The next time I went to get some butter there were zero crumbs present. I said something along the lines of 'wow, no crumbs!' and Joe said 'yeah, I know, that's love that is!'. 

That's love that is...
:: pulling out grey hairs as they appear on my head (thanks a lot! although my hair-dresser recently informed me that by doing this the cuticle will become damaged and the next grey monster will be growing at a wacky angle, doh!)
:: wiping tears away, one by one, on one of those days.
:: having the soggy fajita wrap at the bottom of the pile and not complaining one single bit.
:: washing my hair and drying it when I was recovering from my operation back in January.
:: making a cup of tea to cheer me up and forgetting to make his, all because he wanted to sort mine first.
:: still saying nice things even when I am wearing my onesie, spotty socks and my hair looks like something out of a horror movie.
:: buying me bottles of my favourite iced tea in Tescos every week.
:: taking hold of my hand in the middle of the night.
:: having the toast that I have burnt by accident (Joe secretly loves burnt toast - it's true!).
:: pretending the last Malteaser is mine despite him knowing I scoffed most of the pack.

Love that man. Heaps.

10 October 2014

Loving, Needing, Meh! #66

I feel like I should make an apology for being a tad post-absent this week. I hope you will understand that sometimes things happen and you need to focus on other things. That aside, I hope you have had a great week, what have you all been up to? Why not share a 'Loving, Needing, Meh!' of your own in the comments or via Twitter?

 photo reading_zpsa14c1243.png
{Imaged sourced from Pinterest | Original destination unavailble}

This week I have been LOVING:
  • Late night shopping trips. Mum and I hit up Marks and Spencer and Next for a bit of mid-week meandering around. I was super happy to see some Christmas things in the shops - you can't beat a sniff of a good Christmas candle can you? There were some rather lovely dresses about too, just not sure on the work Christmas party situation yet! It seems strange thinking about festivities but they come around so fast don't they?
  • 'Let It Go' by James Bay (thankfully not the Frozen version!). I think I learned about this guy on YouTube, you can check out more of his stuff on his channel too if you like what you hear.
  • Dark blue nails. I 'accidentally' purchased two new nail varnishes whilst shopping this week. I have only worn one so far but I love it. It is a really deep, inky blue tone which looks awesome in the autumn I think. I also got the purple shade too - both are from Marks and Spencer Autograph range. So far, great wear and no chips - fab!
  • (This was kind of last week but too late to appear in last weeks LNM! post): Sitting in the car, post food shop sharing a snickers bar with Joe. We never buy chocolate really but we were both so hungry and tired that we caved and shared a bar, why not! It was so yummy.

This week I have been NEEDING:
  • To sort out the fallen sweet-peas. That is tomorrows job I think. They got so tall and then died and now they have fallen over in the wind we had the other day and won't stand up at all. Bye, bye sweet-peas, see you next year!
  • Tea and cake. I just fancy it. Probably shouldn't have it. No, I won't have it. A girl can dream though right?
  • A hot bath and Netflix. Can you tell that I am feeling the need for home comforts?
This weeks 'MEH!':
  • A silly delivery person wedging the box in Gizmos little rain shelter. Well, it is more of a mini house to be honest and it is where we keep her biscuits for when we are at work and it is somewhere for her to shelter. I received a text to say the delivery had been left at 9.30am, so she went all day with no biscuits or access to her little pad, thanks a lot delivery donut.

The importance of understanding.

Prepare yourself for a longer than normal post. Sorry people, this is important (to me anyway!).

Yesterday was World Mental Health Day. If you visit the Mental Health Foundations website you will notice that each year there is a particular focus and this year it is on Schizophrenia, however the site has a lot of interesting, insightful and educational material about all aspects of mental health. Today I have decided to tell you my experiences (very briefly). This is not something I have chosen to do lightly but I honestly feel it is important (and helpful to others) to share thoughts ans experiences and coping mechanisms. 

 photo worldmentalhealthday_zps1fdb0e9a.png
{Image sourced from Pinterest | Originally from here}

Since the age of about 14/15 years old I have been on a roller-coaster of mental health problems, that is pretty much 20 years of my life. I have my extreme highs and lows and it is always in the background. As a teenager I think it was possibly looked upon as a phase but as I grew older I believed it was a part of who I am and that I had to learn to live with the shadows that frequently appear in my mind.

What happens and why?

Well, this has no pattern. Sometimes I can be on top of the world before crashing down. Other days it can be very evident why I have taken a downward turn. Either way it amounts to the following symptoms:
- low mood
- feeling tearful
- easily overwhelmed by simple tasks or situations
- panic attacks
- lack of sleep or wanting to sleep all the time
- quick temper
- lethargic
- inability to cope
- loss of concentration
- irritability
- feeling scared
- high level of anxiety
- agoraphobia

I have other symptoms that I would rather not discuss as they are very personal and, sometimes, more severe,  but I believe these are the more frequent ones experienced by most people.

My most recent assessment diagnosed me with depression, not bipolar, which is what it is, but I am generally a happy bunny, not someone (I hope) that you would look at and think 'wow, she is miserable!'. I would just rather think that my head is poorly and get on with it. I like to think that most people, unless I open up to them, would never know that this is part of my life. I work bloody hard to not show the struggle for a couple of reasons. The first is because I still believe that there is a huge stigma associated with mental health, I wish with all of my heart that there wasn't and it is something I am very passionate about, but there is. The other reason is to trick my very own brain in to a different mood. This works. More on this later.

As I have got older the darker days have got less, mostly due to my determination not to let it get the better of me but it can still hit me hard sometimes. More amazingly I have had absolutely no time off work with this stupid thing in well over 5 years. I put that down to working with some pretty awesome folk who regularly make me laugh and having a very supportive network of friends and family.

My other coping strategies.

Let It Be.
Sometimes there is no getting out of it, so let it happen, feel it and then let it go. One of my worst habits is (and I quote my mum here) snowballing it all together. I can't tell you how often she has said 'stop snowballing it all', but it just happens this way when you are feeling low. Acceptance of that moment is key. That and having an almighty cry. Always a good thing!

Brain Trickery
My way of getting the hell on with things. On the worst days, the days where I want to cover up my head with the duvet and stay there (forever) I see things in minute chunks. I say to myself 'right Lucy, all you need to do is get up and sit on the edge of the bed, that's all...can you do that?', then 'well done you (go team!), why not have a little shower and wash your hair, everything feels better then, you know I am right'... etc etc. When I get to work I plant a smile on my face and fake it until I feel happier. Simples. Brain trick complete. On days where this doesn't work (rare but it happens) refer to above  and let it be.

A game changer. Feeling depressed? Exercise. I find it hard to go out when I feel low so I have a way round that, exercise DVDs (is it ironic that I am doing INSANITY?).

Another no-brainer. Eat right. Don't allow junk food and excess sugar to mess up your mood on top of what is already going on.

Don't Drink Alcohol.
I am basically a non-drinker 90% of the year. Alcohol lowers my mood. If it does the same to you just quit! Have treats in the form of other things and keep an eye on what makes it worse for you. Do your body as many favours as you can. Be nice to it and it will help. Trust me on this.

My decision is to stay away from medications also. Now, please don't take this to mean that I think they don't work. It is all very personal, depends on the severity of the issue and the condition you have, but for me they just do not work. I cannot handle the weight gain and sickness involved but I know some people who have had their lives changed through taking medications. Listen to the advice of the professionals but remember it is your body. Remember that there is nothing wrong with you for feeling bad for no reason, it is an illness so get help and, more importantly, talk about it. Fill your life with things that make you happy and surround yourself with positive people, this will also help.

Sorry if this post has been a bit of a mind dump but I am extremely passionate about this issue. I have also never discussed it in this way before but hope it will help at least one person.

If you want to get in touch please do. You can email me on fromlucywithlove@outlook.com or via any number of social media platforms!

6 October 2014

You Beauty Discovery Box | New YouTube Video

 photo beauty-box_zps71329cb7.png

I enjoy the autumn/winter beauty boxes the most and when I saw this gorgeous nail colour on offer by Crabtree and Evelyn I knew autumn was here! There was some fab choice for Octobers box but I chose a couple of safe bets because I needed a new cleanser and, quite frankly, can never have enough nail polish! 

Murad's exfoliating cleanser is advised to be used occasionally, due its ingredients (something I should have read before using it two days running - not that anything bad happened!). I adore the really fine exfoliating beads within this cleanser and noticed that my skin appeared more radiant and glowy after use. The full sized product comes in at a pricey £34.00 which, for me, is way out of budget, but it is certainly a good one to try if you like your high end products. 

I am wearing the nail varnish I got sent in the video itself and I adore it! The price is a mere £6.00 which I am impressed with as I thought Crabtree and Evelyn products were more pricey. Apparently not! This shade of red has a slightly pearly finish which is not something I usually like but it is not over powering at all. I would recommend this product 100%.

Check out my video for a more in-depth review plus see the samples I was sent too! Comment below to let me know what you received this month or what other beauty products you are using for autumn.


3 October 2014

Loving, Needing, Meh! #65

This week has been one of those weeks. It doesn't appear to have been just me either. Lots of colleagues have been huffing and puffing and there have been many a collective rolling of eyes and mutual exhaling as people pass in the corridor at school. I even looked up whether the worst day of the week was due to have a full moon as I honestly thought everyone was on edge that day. Whatever the reason (and my manager thinks it is the weather) I hope you have had a lovely week.

 photo friday_zpsbba0669e.png
{Image sourced from Pinterest | Originally from here}

This week I have been LOVING:
  • Mid week fajitas. Need I say more? They are my ultimate food at the moment and go down well after a hard day at work.
  • Nice colleagues making nice cups of tea when I need it most. Very much appreciated.
  • Foggy autumn mornings. Not the greatest to drive in at 6.30am but there is something magical about them, maybe that is just me.
  • Coming home to my Red magazine subscription stuffed full of little clothing brochures to explore and some Christmas adverts already - I love all the sparkly Christmas make up and dresses. You can't take the magpie out of me.
  • A sample of the new Dior Star foundation. I think I may like it a whole lot. Damn.
  • Watching YouTube videos to teach myself more about what Photoshop can do. I use it all the time but have a little business idea I want to work on and need to expand my knowledge somewhat. I have literally taught myself everything I currently know about Photoshop by watching YouTube - fab resource!
  • A bath. This probably sounds strange but I finally managed to get time for a bath. It was only about 5 minutes, 8 at tops but it happened, and it was fabulous.
This week I have been NEEDING:
  • To try and figure out how to worry less. A constant battle for me. I am sometimes just an over sensitive moron.
  • New skinny jeans. I have discovered a hole. Why? Why now? Shall I sew a patch in?
  • A big, fat burger. Ok, I can hear my tummy rumbling whilst I type this post which is not helping because it is making me want to just list all the foods I am currently craving under this section of the post!
  • New skincare. Everything is running out. I need to magic some skincare funds out of somewhere before I am forced in to adopting Joe's skincare routine of quickly-wash-your-face-with-the-anti-bacterial-hand-soap-and-go! (don't get me started!).
This weeks 'MEH!':
  • Maybe someone can tell me why, now we have adopted Gizmo, she has started catching birds and mice - is it really a 'present'? She caught a poor little wag tail last night :-( This is not something she has ever done until we provided bed and board. Advice from you lovely cat owners please!
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