24 September 2014

Welcome Autumn, You've Been Missed.

I had no idea that yesterday was the first day of autumn until I saw Googles very cute little animation welcoming in the new season, did you see it? Given that it is my all time favourite time of year I felt disappointed in myself for not knowing it was upon us already, shame upon all my houses! (I have no houses that are mine).

For some reason this time of year is the most nostalgic for me. Maybe it is to do with the smell in the air, you know the one, bonfires and that damp, cool air smell that chills your nostrils and lungs when you first step into it from a centrally heated home. They say smell is the sense that evokes the most memories don't they? (whoever they are!). 

 photo conkers_zpse4642e8d.png
{Image sourced from Pinterest | Originally from here}

Memories Past
:: wellies on, jumping in puddles and on crispy leaves
:: collecting rich, glossy conkers from the woods
:: watching dad lighting fireworks in the back garden and taking shelter behind umbrellas whilst they shoot everywhere but up (that time was the last time! Never mind dad!)
:: long dog walks, throwing sticks and giggling as the dog, Bobby, or 'Bobble' to me, sunk proudly into the muddiest of all puddles (miss you boy xx)
:: mum dressing up in a witches hat and putting up pretend cobwebs for the children round the corner (and once being caught out by me dressed up as a ghost, with a sheet over my head, knocking on the front door...'trick or treat'!)

 photo collie_zpsb6145b19.png
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Memories Yet To Come
:: wrapping up in scarves and gloves whilst walking around town looking for early Christmas present inspiration
:: sitting outside a cafe in the sunlight, sipping hot chocolate and watching the steam rise from the cup in the crisp air
:: numb fingers whilst planting spring bulbs, a job well worth the cold!
:: walks just before the sun starts to set after a hearty Sunday dinner
:: firework displays with friends
:: cosy nights at home under blankets, with favourite films and treats
:: days spent in Cornwall watching the sea and sky change as the weather comes in
:: cold but clear nights of star-gazing

 photo puddles_zps79c2b1c8.png
{Image sourced from Pinterest | Originally from here}
What are you looking forward to about this season and what is your favourite memory from childhood surrounding it? Let me know in the comments!


  1. This is so sweet!
    Now I've FINALLY accepted the arrival of Autumn the thing I'm most looking forward to is crunching through the piles of frosty leaves on the sunny but freezing Autumny dog walks - they're the best. And also buying Betty a winter coat*. Oh it's on my friend.
    M x
    *I realised at the last minute I was happy about buying Betty a 'winter goat'. She's not so into those.

    1. A winter goat!! Amazing :-) Betty would be saying 'hey there mum...what is this thing that screams at me and eats my blanket? I thought you said coat, not goat!' (shiver, shiver)


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