27 September 2014

Taking Stock | September

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Making | the most of an impromptu dog walk with L and A's collie, Casper. I miss having a hound. 
Cooking | homemade meatballs again. It has been a while but they are tasty! 
Drinking | my first hot chocolate of autumn, and loving every sip.
Reading | a five year old work diary. Aren't old diaries so interesting? Even work ones it turns out!
Wanting | some woolly tights. Simples.
Looking | at the stars on a clear night this week at 2.30am. Beyond beautiful.
Playing | very old computer games on some website that Joe found. Hello 80's!
Deciding | what to do with my hair colour, aside from getting rid of the grey obviously.
Wishing | I had a reason for buying a pair of colourful wellies.
Enjoying | plugging in my old iPod and hitting 'random'. I didn't know I owned mostly cheesy music but I am going with it!
Waiting | patiently for October half term to come around.
Liking | custard pastry treats. 
Wondering | how a radio can turn on by itself, on command. A little spooky to say the least.
Loving | this gold squirrel necklace by Joules, so darn cute!
Hoping | for more time at home soon. I think I say this every month. Life is very, very busy.
Marveling | at some peoples strength during their hardest moments. We are stronger than we think sometimes.
Needing | a really good massage and a hot bath. Not at the same time...maybe at the same time!
Smelling | perfume testers in Boots. I am running out of my favourite perfume but am struggling to find something I like. I hate anything too girly and strong. Recommendations accepted!
Wearing | Slightly more layers.
Following | a new blog (to me) called Superlatively Rude, by the lovely Laura. I adore her honest writing style. I discovered her when she made this YouTube video with Meg from Wonderful You.
Noticing | gorgeous coloured leaves already on the ground.
Knowing | that all things are temporary and to keep pushing on.
Thinking | about all the things that have been going on in the world recently.
Feeling | protective over the people I care about.
Opening | a recent delivery of New Look boots! Love them <3
Giggling | at Joes impressions of me on YouTube.

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