28 September 2014

Taking Stock 'Man Style' | September

Joe is back for his 'Taking Stock' monthly post. Enjoy! (PS: try getting your other half to do this...sometimes it is quite an insight!).

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{Image sourced from Pinterest | Original found here}

Making | lots of cups of tea
Cooking | steak
Drinking | all that tea
Reading | about music mixing techniques
Wanting | to finish our EP
Looking | forward to weekends
Playing | Portal 2 on PS3
Deciding | that I can't wait for Christmas
Wishing | I could find some jeans
Enjoying | having Gizmo the cat
Waiting | for the electricity to come on
Liking | watching the Bake Off
Wondering | when all the bloody spiders will go away
Loving | Lucy
Hoping | we can win the lottery
Marveling | at the stars of the universe and at moronic idiots!
Needing | a holiday again
Smelling | fresh coffee
Wearing | warmer clothes
Following | the INSANITY programme
Noticing | there's already Christmas stuff in the shops
Knowing | I want to live by the sea
Feeling | better inside
Opening | a tax rebate! (a masive £20)
Giggling | about toothpaste

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