2 September 2014

Night Dreaming...

I am pretty sure I am not alone in laying in bed at night, during a particularly stressful time, closing my eyes and imagining an idyllic life...am I? I am a believer that most things are totally achievable and that we all have it within us to create the life we desire, but whilst that is in construction we can all dream can't we! Come with me as I take you through a day (or two or three) in my dream life...just for fun...

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{Images: Left / Right - both sourced from Pinterest}

Let me set the scene here; Joe and I are living in Cornwall, right at the western most point, where the landscape is rugged and the skies are widescreen and ever changing. Even on rainy days your eyes are drawn to the windows to watch the sea turn from a sludgy brown to a moody blue and then back to a bright turquoise as the weather clears again. The beach is a mere walk away and we enjoy nothing more than to end our working day with a stroll along the sand and, in summer, take off our shoes and feel the bite of the ocean on our skin.

We start our day slower, there is no long commute because work is either at home or not too far down a beautiful country lane, past fields, cows and hedgerows that tilt away from the wind. We sit and read the local paper over breakfast, chatting about local farmers markets and upcoming car-boot sales. I am excited to visit one to pick up some second hand furniture to make-over in our small and cosy outdoor space.

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{Images: Left / Right - both sourced from Pinterest}

When not at work I am attempting to learn how to surf and kite board and Joe is in his room making new music with fresh inspiration and renewed creativity. Gizmo the cat is soaking up the sea air, laying out on the patio or jumping about after bugs and twigs.

When the weather turns we wrap up against the elements in layers of warm knits and wellies and go for long walks that make our leg muscles tingle and our faces red. We arrive home to a hot bath and something fresh for dinner and snuggle up on the sofa under a blanket to watch a film and sip hot tea.

In warmer weather we read on the beach or enjoy cold drinks with friends in local cafes. I bring home locally grown blooms and place them in jars all  around our house. We spend hours in our garden, laughing and relaxing, watching the world go by...

It's strange isn't it. When you put it down in front of you it is not always things that you want or need, well for me anyway, it is just a different pace. When I sat and read this out loud I realised that these things are achievable, they don't really cost money, they just involve effort and patience to achieve.

What would your 'ideal' be? Are you already living it? If you blog, why not write a similar post and leave the link for me in the comments or Tweet me so I can go and read it!


  1. What a lovely post and what an idyllic lifestyle you dream of- sounds perfect! I love these posts, so inventive and refreshing :-) xx

  2. Replies
    1. It doesn't sound too bad huh? It is my happy place (...maybe a really place someday if I am very lucky!)x


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