10 September 2014

I am , I am trying to be, I am not

This is a post that I read only this week on one of my favourite blogs, Life Outside London. When I read the gorgeous Michelle's version of 'I am, I am trying to be, I am not' I had to leave her a comment, to which she responded telling me I should do it too, so here we go. A short, somewhat (maybe overly) informative 'get to know me' post!

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I am...
:: Considerate (personal experience has definitely taught me to never judge a book by its cover).
:: A whole lot more self-conscious then I come across.
:: Into loud rock music.
:: A deep thinker (and way too sensitive for my own good!).
:: Fiercely loyal.
:: Quick witted (so I'm told!).
:: Too sarcastic for most humans.
:: Socially awkward.

I am trying to be...
:: Less fiery.
:: More at ease with who I am.
:: Less of a hermit when left to my own devices.
:: More forgiving.
:: Better at asking for help (and also trying to learn that it is not a sign of weakness).
:: One dress size smaller (please!).
:: Less of a moody idiot when I am woken up from a doze!
:: Less stubborn!

I am not...
:: As silly as I make out sometimes!
:: Comfortable in busy places.
:: As good at watching scary movies these days.
:: A fashion expert. I am more comfy in sportswear. 
:: Where I thought I would be at my age.
:: Easily shocked.
:: A fan of self-centered people. I have no time for it. None, zilch.
:: An astronaut. I wish I was. Think I am too late to try now!

So, did you learn anything new about me? My turn now - put a couple of yours in the comments! :-)


  1. Never heard of this before but I like it! I like Life Outside London's answers too :-). My one is I am trying to be: more confident about being myself around people I don't know too well. xx

    1. I love doing short snappy posts like this! They are a nice way of getting to know people fairly fast :-)

  2. Yay my commands are being obeyed!
    So as I've already done it here's an update for today:
    I am pooped
    I am trying to be more confident in front of clients and the big cheese boss who's around.
    I am not an astronaut either and I'm pretty cut up about it now I've been reminded.
    M x

    1. This should be a daily update shouldn't it! I hope it's all going ok with the big boss! I always get all nervous, which is crazy but true! x (PS: It sucks not being an astronaut)

  3. I loved Michelle's answers and I love yours too! They say it's never too late to do anything but yup, I think the astronaut boat has definitely passed :-( xx

    1. Yeah maybe it is a little too late for space exploration at this point! Shame though :-) xx


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