29 September 2014

September Favourites (plus a sneaky appearance from Gizmo)

With only today and tomorrow left of this month I thought I would make todays video a favourites for September. It has been one of the busiest months I have ever known and I am kind of pleased to see the back of it!

I hope you have all had a good month. Why not let me know your favourite things from the month  in the comments (food, clothes, place, person etc).

I have linked all the things I have mentioned in the down-bar of the video you can find on YouTube, so click here for the original with links!


28 September 2014

Taking Stock 'Man Style' | September

Joe is back for his 'Taking Stock' monthly post. Enjoy! (PS: try getting your other half to do this...sometimes it is quite an insight!).

 photo coffee_zpsb0516521.png
{Image sourced from Pinterest | Original found here}

Making | lots of cups of tea
Cooking | steak
Drinking | all that tea
Reading | about music mixing techniques
Wanting | to finish our EP
Looking | forward to weekends
Playing | Portal 2 on PS3
Deciding | that I can't wait for Christmas
Wishing | I could find some jeans
Enjoying | having Gizmo the cat
Waiting | for the electricity to come on
Liking | watching the Bake Off
Wondering | when all the bloody spiders will go away
Loving | Lucy
Hoping | we can win the lottery
Marveling | at the stars of the universe and at moronic idiots!
Needing | a holiday again
Smelling | fresh coffee
Wearing | warmer clothes
Following | the INSANITY programme
Noticing | there's already Christmas stuff in the shops
Knowing | I want to live by the sea
Feeling | better inside
Opening | a tax rebate! (a masive £20)
Giggling | about toothpaste

27 September 2014

Taking Stock | September

 photo peonies_zps5057ba67.png

Making | the most of an impromptu dog walk with L and A's collie, Casper. I miss having a hound. 
Cooking | homemade meatballs again. It has been a while but they are tasty! 
Drinking | my first hot chocolate of autumn, and loving every sip.
Reading | a five year old work diary. Aren't old diaries so interesting? Even work ones it turns out!
Wanting | some woolly tights. Simples.
Looking | at the stars on a clear night this week at 2.30am. Beyond beautiful.
Playing | very old computer games on some website that Joe found. Hello 80's!
Deciding | what to do with my hair colour, aside from getting rid of the grey obviously.
Wishing | I had a reason for buying a pair of colourful wellies.
Enjoying | plugging in my old iPod and hitting 'random'. I didn't know I owned mostly cheesy music but I am going with it!
Waiting | patiently for October half term to come around.
Liking | custard pastry treats. 
Wondering | how a radio can turn on by itself, on command. A little spooky to say the least.
Loving | this gold squirrel necklace by Joules, so darn cute!
Hoping | for more time at home soon. I think I say this every month. Life is very, very busy.
Marveling | at some peoples strength during their hardest moments. We are stronger than we think sometimes.
Needing | a really good massage and a hot bath. Not at the same time...maybe at the same time!
Smelling | perfume testers in Boots. I am running out of my favourite perfume but am struggling to find something I like. I hate anything too girly and strong. Recommendations accepted!
Wearing | Slightly more layers.
Following | a new blog (to me) called Superlatively Rude, by the lovely Laura. I adore her honest writing style. I discovered her when she made this YouTube video with Meg from Wonderful You.
Noticing | gorgeous coloured leaves already on the ground.
Knowing | that all things are temporary and to keep pushing on.
Thinking | about all the things that have been going on in the world recently.
Feeling | protective over the people I care about.
Opening | a recent delivery of New Look boots! Love them <3
Giggling | at Joes impressions of me on YouTube.

26 September 2014

Loving, Needing, Meh! #64

 photo fromlucywithlove26sept_zpsa58f31ab.png

This week I have been LOVING:
  • Zero number of gigantic spiders seen in the house.
  • The fab little present given to me by the lovely ladies at work. It was the end of an era this week for one of my roles and they gave me a lovely little pot and some purple tulip bulbs to plant. That job will be on this weekends 'to do' list :-)
  • Cuddling up on the sofa with a hot plate of homemade meat balls and The Great British Bake-off. I was routing for Martha, bless her socks! I have never been a fan of cooking shows but this one is so comforting to watch and the set is so pretty.
  • Darker nails. I have been rocking the deep berry shades this week and loving it. Although, I am currently so pale that I probably look more vampire than Hollywood glamour. Oh well, it's Halloween soon anyway!
  • Gizmo's early morning stretches! When we get up at 5am she is usually still on her bed and she usually gets up, immediately lays down at our feet and has a huge stretch. It is so cute. Then she usually tries the whole 'I'm so fluffy and sleepy...please carry me to my bowl and feed me by hand right away human' thing...
This week I have been NEEDING:
  • A hair cut. This inevitably pops up now and then. But this time round it is code red people. I am in need of some serious hairdresser time. I haven't had my hair coloured for almost a year (shocking) and have been in need of a trim for weeks. I don't know about you but it seems to cost a small fortune to have anything done these days. I will have to take the plunge with the root and grey hair situation next month though. The good news? Hair cut is one week away!
  • Exercise. You know by now that my sanity depends on this. I have been ill for just over a week but am going to attempt a workout tonight. Wish me luck.
  • A roast. It's been yonks.
  • To investigate the cost of dry cleaning my favourite winter coat. Did I say favourite? I meant only.
This weeks 'MEH!':
  • Just before I typed this section of the post I was trying to think if there had been a downside to this week worth moaning about. That was taken out of my hands as the power went out and we learnt that there was a planned outage until 4.30pm - only problem is that we were the only house the electric company hadn't written too. Thanks a lot! So now we are sitting in a friends kitchen (thank heavens for the spare key). Thanks A and L for letting us 'borrow' your wi-fi (although, technically, L doesn't know we are here yet...surprise!).

24 September 2014

Welcome Autumn, You've Been Missed.

I had no idea that yesterday was the first day of autumn until I saw Googles very cute little animation welcoming in the new season, did you see it? Given that it is my all time favourite time of year I felt disappointed in myself for not knowing it was upon us already, shame upon all my houses! (I have no houses that are mine).

For some reason this time of year is the most nostalgic for me. Maybe it is to do with the smell in the air, you know the one, bonfires and that damp, cool air smell that chills your nostrils and lungs when you first step into it from a centrally heated home. They say smell is the sense that evokes the most memories don't they? (whoever they are!). 

 photo conkers_zpse4642e8d.png
{Image sourced from Pinterest | Originally from here}

Memories Past
:: wellies on, jumping in puddles and on crispy leaves
:: collecting rich, glossy conkers from the woods
:: watching dad lighting fireworks in the back garden and taking shelter behind umbrellas whilst they shoot everywhere but up (that time was the last time! Never mind dad!)
:: long dog walks, throwing sticks and giggling as the dog, Bobby, or 'Bobble' to me, sunk proudly into the muddiest of all puddles (miss you boy xx)
:: mum dressing up in a witches hat and putting up pretend cobwebs for the children round the corner (and once being caught out by me dressed up as a ghost, with a sheet over my head, knocking on the front door...'trick or treat'!)

 photo collie_zpsb6145b19.png
{Imaged sourced from Pinterest | Originally from here}

Memories Yet To Come
:: wrapping up in scarves and gloves whilst walking around town looking for early Christmas present inspiration
:: sitting outside a cafe in the sunlight, sipping hot chocolate and watching the steam rise from the cup in the crisp air
:: numb fingers whilst planting spring bulbs, a job well worth the cold!
:: walks just before the sun starts to set after a hearty Sunday dinner
:: firework displays with friends
:: cosy nights at home under blankets, with favourite films and treats
:: days spent in Cornwall watching the sea and sky change as the weather comes in
:: cold but clear nights of star-gazing

 photo puddles_zps79c2b1c8.png
{Image sourced from Pinterest | Originally from here}
What are you looking forward to about this season and what is your favourite memory from childhood surrounding it? Let me know in the comments!

22 September 2014

Long Lasting Autumn Make Up

Monday to Friday I am someone who is always rushing about, with little time to stop to reapply my make up or put a brush through my hair...those days are long gone! So as I looked through my make up the other day, trying to find all the things from the high-street I know are reliable enough to pop on my face to last me most of the day without caking or melting, I figured it would be nice to share some of my favourites with you. 

What are your favourite long-lasting products? Please let me know in the comments because I am always on the look out and love getting your recommendations.


19 September 2014

Loving, Needing, Meh! #63

It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday... (grrr, hate that song!). Here we are again then people, the weekend is almost upon us, can you see it approaching? Have you all had a good week? I hope so :-)

 photo gizmo_zps3208b09b.png

This week I have been LOVING:
  • Humid weather. It's not so much the humidity I like, it is the storm that follows and seeing the dark grey clouds chasing me home. I am a stormy weather kinda girl - psychoanalyze that!
  • Sanctuary Moisture Boosting Mask. I haven't been very well pretty much all of this week and have gone all dry-skinned and sallow looking (painting quite the picture here aren't I?!). I bought two sachets of the Sanctuary face mask last weekend on a whim and have been so glad I did. One sachet lasts two masks, three if you were applying a thinner layer, and it has help my skin so much, It absorbs right in there and leaves your face looking all glowy! Heaven.
  • Royal Blood's album. Really loving this at the moment actually. I was so in need of something new to listen to. I really like track ten, 'Better Strangers', that has been the most played this week!
  • Getting all of Gizmo's official paperwork through and actually being able to put a collar on her. Bless her, she looks like she belongs now!
  • This funny post by Michelle from Life Outside London. You guys know by now that I heart this lady, she makes me laugh out loud and this post really made me giggle, I feel her pain on so many levels.
This week I have been NEEDING:
  • To stop eating cereal bars. This weeks food has gone totally out of the window and I have felt guilty every day. Don't get me wrong, I have not been stuffing my face with lots of junk, just cereal bars (ok, they are sort of disguised junk aren't they). This has happened for two reasons. Reason 1: I have been so darn busy that I have been eating and frantically working or walking somewhere and 2: I have been poorly and felt sick at the thought of most other things. And, before anyone asks, no, I am not pregnant. 
This weeks 'MEH!':
  • The little ba*&%^ds who stole the tree from the pot outside our front door during the early hours of Thursday morning. Yep, they took my poor little tree out of it's pot (too heavy for them clearly) and ran off with it. I hope it poisons their skin and their nails fall off. Off to by something very thorny now...

17 September 2014

Things that I have learnt in my 30's

Other than the fact that I hear myself saying things to kids at school that my mum once said to me when I was their age (oh dear), my 30's have, so far, been the greatest period of time in my life. I am quite a positive person and believe that there is no point in thinking 'I wish I could be in my 20's again'. Instead, I'd rather believe that as I progress through my life I am constantly picking up more experience, more skills and generally learning more about myself, equaling a happier, more fulfilled existence. It is for that reason that adding one number to my age every 365 days doesn't really bother me at all (let's re-visit this in another 30 years though!).

 photo collect-moments_zps59b48587.png

I decided to write this post after over-hearing some older students in the school I work in talking about all their problems. I wanted to swoop in and be all 'mum' about their situations but resisted the urge for fear of her appearing in front of me, wagging her finger and saying 'I told you that one day you'd be saying the same thing!'. I hate it when she is right.

I am not claiming to be some wise Yoda figure here (although I do think I may have Yodas actual figure), I am just sharing some thoughts and observations!

:: No amount of worrying will magically change a situation 
S**t happens. If you can do something to make it better or to change it then do it. If it is out of your control, no amount of fretting will change it. Don't miss the now because you are elsewhere in your mind. Now, please don't get me wrong here, this point is something I am very much working on as I am a huge worrier, but it is getting easier. Slowly but surely. Just try not to worry (as much).

:: Screw popular opinion and wear what you want!
This is something I have probably wasted half my life worrying about. As a teen I used to admire the girls that were wearing the clothes in the window of New Look, or whatever shop was fashionable at the time! I was so busy worrying about what other people would think that I lost the sense of who I wanted to be. These days I am most commonly found in jeans and a baggy t-shirt but so what? If I want to throw on a hoodie and joggers and pop to the supermarket for milk who actually cares? Find you in your clothes and embrace it.

:: Nesting, early nights and hot drinks rock!
In my 20's I was always dreaming about going out to different places every night but these days I am a content little bean (?!) just pottering about at home, making our living space nice, cooking lovely food to eat and snuggling up with tea and my man. There is something about feeling safe and secure in your life that changes everything around. This also means that when an opportunity does come along to have a bit of a 'wild one' that it is thoroughly appreciated. Definition of 'wild one': a couple of friends over, a couple of whiskies and a board game - woo-hoo!

:: Materialism is not life
I like things, I do, but events over the last few years have made me reassess. I recently asked myself (not out loud, just in-case you wondered) what I will look back on in my life and remember. Let me tell you that the first thing in my mind was not the new top I bought or the stupid amount of mascaras I own. My thoughts were about things I had done with the people I love; adventures, trips, evenings of laughing with friends, family birthdays etc. Spend more time outside. Collect moments, not things.

:: It's alright to not be alright
This is something I have learnt recently. It is okay to have emotional moments. It is okay to reach out and ask for help. Just do it. You are the most important person in your life.

:: Try faking it
(not that kind of faking it - stop it!)
Nobody is perfect. Fact. We all have bad days, we all feel like getting back into bed and staying put sometimes. The difference, for me anyway, between my 20's and 30's is how I manage myself when I am in the middle of my black cloud. In my 20's I would have stayed in bed, called in sick and created a cycle of destruction. Now I get up with my alarm, shower, put on my make-up, brush my hair and drive to work with some uplifting music on or a positive audiobook for company. If that doesn't do the trick I will put a smile on my miserable face until I have fooled myself happy. Try it, it works.

What do you do differently now to when you were younger? Let me know in the comments!

15 September 2014

Tag, you're it!

It has been a rough old couple of weeks work-wise, more because I haven't been at home very much at all, so I thought I would do a bit of a different video for you guys today to get the week started on a slightly lighter note! Because I haven't seen much of Joe I figured I would involve him too, so decided to attempt The Couples Tag on YouTube...it's only a bit of fun plus it entertained us for half an hour anyway! I hope you enjoy!

If you fancy having a go at this you can find all the questions in the downbar of the main video (here).

Have a great week guys and girls!

12 September 2014

Loving, Needing, Meh! #62

 photo sunflowers_zps780d276b.png

The weeks are going by so fast that I feel like I am doing this post every other day! I hope you have all had a great week so far (weekend is up next - hurrah!).

This week I have been LOVING:

  • Getting the beautiful sunflowers above from Joe as he came home yesterday. They are up there with daffodils for being able to pick up my mood very fast, which is just as well because I had got into a panic about Gizmo's whereabouts last night and was all upset. She turned up of course. It was just me being an over emotional idiot.
  • Coming home more nights than I stayed away! At last.
  • Dreaming about winter foods (that I probably shouldn't eat anyway). You know the ones...mash potatoes, roast dinners with the works, pre-Christmas 'testing' of the treats on offer...
  • My new Herbal Essences minty shampoo and conditioner. They are part of the new 'clearly naked' collection and are super moisturising but light too and contain no rubbish whatsoever so are really soften and beautiful on the hair. Plus I am obsessed with washing my hair in mint scented shampoo, it is refreshing and I can smell it all day long! 
This week I have been NEEDING:
  • Lunch. It has been a non-stop week and I have been often seen carry a full tupperware box of uneaten salad back into the house. Poor, warm salad. 
  • Lots more layers in the evenings. Is it me or is it getting mighty chilly at night now? I have dragged out some warmer jumpers now to try and prevent late night sofa shivering!
This weeks 'MEH!':
  • To be totally honest there have been no time for anything other than work this week really and, although there have been plenty of work related hoo-ha's, I think I won't bore you with those! 
Why not give me one from each category of your own in the comments! Let's compare :-)

10 September 2014

I am , I am trying to be, I am not

This is a post that I read only this week on one of my favourite blogs, Life Outside London. When I read the gorgeous Michelle's version of 'I am, I am trying to be, I am not' I had to leave her a comment, to which she responded telling me I should do it too, so here we go. A short, somewhat (maybe overly) informative 'get to know me' post!

 photo fromlucywithlovegizmoandme_zpsd481b2d6.png
I am...
:: Considerate (personal experience has definitely taught me to never judge a book by its cover).
:: A whole lot more self-conscious then I come across.
:: Into loud rock music.
:: A deep thinker (and way too sensitive for my own good!).
:: Fiercely loyal.
:: Quick witted (so I'm told!).
:: Too sarcastic for most humans.
:: Socially awkward.

I am trying to be...
:: Less fiery.
:: More at ease with who I am.
:: Less of a hermit when left to my own devices.
:: More forgiving.
:: Better at asking for help (and also trying to learn that it is not a sign of weakness).
:: One dress size smaller (please!).
:: Less of a moody idiot when I am woken up from a doze!
:: Less stubborn!

I am not...
:: As silly as I make out sometimes!
:: Comfortable in busy places.
:: As good at watching scary movies these days.
:: A fashion expert. I am more comfy in sportswear. 
:: Where I thought I would be at my age.
:: Easily shocked.
:: A fan of self-centered people. I have no time for it. None, zilch.
:: An astronaut. I wish I was. Think I am too late to try now!

So, did you learn anything new about me? My turn now - put a couple of yours in the comments! :-)

8 September 2014

Septembers You Beauty Box & Mini Body Shop Haul | New YouTube Video

Another Monday, another YouTube video up on my channel, and this week it is time for my view on this months 'You Beauty Discovery Box'. As an added extra I threw in a mini Body Shop haul too! Why not?!

Scroll down this post for a quick review of the products in the video as well as The Body Shop goodies too! Don't forget to 'Like' and 'Subscribe' to my video and my channel too, it'd mean a great deal, plus you will then be first to know when I release a new video (I don't always put videos on my blog so you will get bonus videos by subscribing, such as this!)

What was in this months You Beauty Discovery Box - September
This month the box was an anniversary issue and came with a few extra treats, including a couple of samples of tea from Crabtree & Evelyn and a make up sponge. Most exciting freebie of all was a full size tub of Tony & Guys Volume Plumping Whip. This claims to add bounce and lift to the roots when applied to towel dried hair and blow dried with a large round brush. I applied a skeptical small amount (not the walnut sized amount they recommend due to my hair going greasy at the sight of a product that needs to be applied to the roots!) and dried my hair upside down. The result? Lift, thickness and volume. Any grease I hear you cry?! Nope. I'm impressed.

The two products I ordered in this months box were as followed:

Perricone MD's 'No Foundation Foundation'
If you have watched the video you will know my beef with this product and I still haven't tried it. bear with me! (Watch the video if you have zero idea what I am waffling about!). Full price (30mls) this retails at £48.00 - ouch!

Germaine De Capuccini's 'Multi Regenerating Rose Hip Oil' (£34.95) & 'Continuous Defense Cream' (£78.30)
I have now used both products and find them really hydrating and comfortable to use. At night I have used the Rose Hip Oil underneath the moisturiser and wake to glowing, smooth skin that doesn't look thirsty or dull. These are pricey products so I won't be purchasing them but they were nice to try out!

 photo fromlucywithlovebodyshop_zpsf6254f28.png

The Body Shop
I am a massive fan of The Body Shop. They do fantastic variety and their products are all gorgeous and smell and feel like a real treat (not only that but they 40% off very frequently, meaning I can treat myself without feeling too guilty about it!). Here is my latest little collection of products:

Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil (£10.00)
This is a re-purchase so that means I love it. I don't think I could live without this stuff now. It's great for the first cleanse in the evening (I usually double cleanse these days). It melts all your make up off and doesn't leave your skin tight or feeling greasy at all. It just feels luxurious and very comforting and smells great too!

Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter (£12.00)
I will basically ditto the comments above for this product. I like to use butters and oils to remove make up and this is fantastic too. It turns to an oil as you warm it between your hands and when you massage it into your dry face the make up just comes away easily. I remove both the cleansers mentioned with a muslin cloth to add a bit of exfoliation into the mix too.

Blue Corn Deep Cleansing Scrub Mask (£10.00)
This mask has been a favourite of mine for years and years. If you are looking for a deep cleanse then this is the guy (be slightly aware if you don't like masks to really feel like they are doing something - this one tingles a far bit). My skin always feels clean after this and the exfoliating beads help to smooth it out and give it a illuminated look.

Vitamin E Illuminating Moisture Cream (£11.00)
Having used the regular Vitamin E cream before I thought I would give this a shot as every girl needs a bit of a skin boost some times and with autumn hot on our heels here in the UK I figured anything that can give me a glow on a foggy morning in September is worth a shot. This cream sinks in really well and make up applies like a dream over the top, with the illuminating glow shining through subtly too. All round good egg!

This product is a new one for me as I have never used it before but so far so good actually. It helps keep my t-zone under control throughout the day and really feels like it has created a protective (spot fighting) barrier between my skin and my foundation. Loving this one too!

What are your favourite Body Shop products? Let me know in the comments below!

6 September 2014

Loving, Needing, Meh! #61

 photo bee_zpsf15647d5.png

This week I have been LOVING:
  • Driving home, minding my own business listening to the local radio and discovering that President Obama was about to land in the air-field right next door to our house. What ever your political opinion on the man it is still pretty cool to see a huge number of rather impressive helicopters (like this) and 'Marine 1' landing right on your doorstep!
  • Taking a well earned bath after a long day at work. I never have time for baths but for several nights this week I was staying away from home so took to the tub to relax for a while, with YouTube for company (obviously!).
  • Finally coming home on Friday evening and seeing my lovely man and beautiful little Gizmo the cat. It sucks being away from these guys during the week.
  • A Body Shop delivery. Who can resist 40% off? Me either. Little haul will be up on my YouTube channel soon no doubt!
  • New month magazines (the usual: Red / Psychologies / Glamour). Will I get time to read them? Possible not. Do I still buy them anyway? Of course. 
  • 'Educating the East End' on Channel 4. I think you appreciate this sort of programme a whole lot more when you work in a school. I love it!
This week I have been NEEDING:
  • To start thinking about my autumn wardrobe. I don't think I have that much to wear at all... slightly worried! I am feeling a little shopping coming on.
  • More motivation. I have hit the ground running at work and have been walking through the door beyond exhausted. The repercussions have been that I have only trained once so far and my nutrition hasn't been fantastic. The wedding dress is not going to get bigger is it!
This weeks 'MEH':
  •  Glass breaking, nail chewing, knee aching, random dozing, crap eating, toe stubbing.

2 September 2014

Night Dreaming...

I am pretty sure I am not alone in laying in bed at night, during a particularly stressful time, closing my eyes and imagining an idyllic life...am I? I am a believer that most things are totally achievable and that we all have it within us to create the life we desire, but whilst that is in construction we can all dream can't we! Come with me as I take you through a day (or two or three) in my dream life...just for fun...

 photo cottage-and-bedroom_zps103e7969.png
{Images: Left / Right - both sourced from Pinterest}

Let me set the scene here; Joe and I are living in Cornwall, right at the western most point, where the landscape is rugged and the skies are widescreen and ever changing. Even on rainy days your eyes are drawn to the windows to watch the sea turn from a sludgy brown to a moody blue and then back to a bright turquoise as the weather clears again. The beach is a mere walk away and we enjoy nothing more than to end our working day with a stroll along the sand and, in summer, take off our shoes and feel the bite of the ocean on our skin.

We start our day slower, there is no long commute because work is either at home or not too far down a beautiful country lane, past fields, cows and hedgerows that tilt away from the wind. We sit and read the local paper over breakfast, chatting about local farmers markets and upcoming car-boot sales. I am excited to visit one to pick up some second hand furniture to make-over in our small and cosy outdoor space.

 photo flowers-and-pastries_zps85751839.png
{Images: Left / Right - both sourced from Pinterest}

When not at work I am attempting to learn how to surf and kite board and Joe is in his room making new music with fresh inspiration and renewed creativity. Gizmo the cat is soaking up the sea air, laying out on the patio or jumping about after bugs and twigs.

When the weather turns we wrap up against the elements in layers of warm knits and wellies and go for long walks that make our leg muscles tingle and our faces red. We arrive home to a hot bath and something fresh for dinner and snuggle up on the sofa under a blanket to watch a film and sip hot tea.

In warmer weather we read on the beach or enjoy cold drinks with friends in local cafes. I bring home locally grown blooms and place them in jars all  around our house. We spend hours in our garden, laughing and relaxing, watching the world go by...

It's strange isn't it. When you put it down in front of you it is not always things that you want or need, well for me anyway, it is just a different pace. When I sat and read this out loud I realised that these things are achievable, they don't really cost money, they just involve effort and patience to achieve.

What would your 'ideal' be? Are you already living it? If you blog, why not write a similar post and leave the link for me in the comments or Tweet me so I can go and read it!

1 September 2014

First Impressions / Get Ready With Me | New YouTube Video

This weeks beauty post/YouTube video is a 'Get Ready With Me' with a slight difference! I ordered a couple of new products from Avon, including two of their new release lipsticks, which I am super happy with, so I thought I would try them out on camera so I can give you my honest review and opinion straight away!

If you want a bit more information, as well as links to the products I bought then please scroll down past the video, otherwise sit back and relax and enjoy!

Here's a bit more information about the products I purchased from Avon:

:: Avon Ultra Colour Bold Lipstick
I saw these advertised in a magazine and heard great things about the quality, longevity of wear and colour pay-off so thought I would grab a couple whilst they were on offer (always one for a bargain!). They claim to be a rich and hydrating formula, so great for autumn/winter too. I picked up two pinky shades: 'Pink Punch' and 'Rapid Rose', as I thought they would go with most things, and I am not disappointed. Pink Punch is a brighter tone which will be great to brighten up an autumn outfit and will look stunning with more played-down eye make up and Rapid Rose is more of a creamy pink (and is the one I used in the video too!). The formula applies really nicely, even over dry patches of skin, and feels comfortable on your lips. The first time I wore the lipstick Joe and I were heading out for dinner and there was only slight wear, as I think you would expect, but overall I think these are fab!

:: Avon Luxe Eye Shadow Palette - Glamorous Roses
I have had my eye on this palette for a little while having been desperate for some more plum toned eye shadows for autumn. I finally bit the bullet and order the 'Glamorous Roses' palette as I thought all the shades would be wearable (they do six shade varieties in all). In the palette there are two matte shades, one highlight and two more shimmery shades, but, as I describe in the video above, I feel that the shimmer is more 'grown up' and easy to wear, rather than overly glittery and sparkly. The consistency is beautiful and allows you to really layer up and build colour on your lids, the shadows also blend really well. As you will see in the video I decided on quite a smoky eye look but you would have no trouble achieving a more 'every day' look with the shades in this selection too; the taupe brown is very wearable and would look lovely during the day with a tiny bit of the lighter plum through the socket. Great palette!

:: Avon Glimmerstick Brow Definer - Blonde
I got a glimmerstick for brows free in a magazine once in the shade 'Dark Brown' and loved the formula, although the shade was way too dark for me, so thought I would try the blonde shade, which seems perfect. The consistency is waxy, which lasts well on my brown, and it applies well. I am very impressed with this product considering the price point is under £5.00. I would recommend giving it a go - just be aware that if your brows are very light there may be a shade issue as even the blonde is more of a lighter brown.

Have you got any Avon products that you would recommend? Let me know in the comments!
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