28 August 2014

Ways I Unwind...

A couple of weeks ago I started drafting a post about how I was working on new ways to find balance in my life and the small, everyday things I try to do to help me relax and unwind after a particularly stressful week. Having almost finished putting the post together I was contacted by the lovely people over at Wellbeing Escapes who were talking with me about their upcoming workshop, ‘Stress Less; Creating New Habits for Health and Happiness’, and asking whether I would like to put up a post about how I de-stress and unwind in conjunction with their workshop (they also want to offer you guys a discount too!).

So, here we go, my top five, low cost, ways to unwind…

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^^You can't beat getting out in nature^^

1 :: Get Outside
Nothing puts me in a better mood faster than getting outside in the fresh air. It’s an oldie but a goody in my humble opinion. Whether you are the sort of person who enjoys a long, rambling walk or someone of the more green-fingered disposition, getting out of the house/office is guaranteed to lift your spirits. One of my favourite things to do, weather permitting, is to take my book outside with a hot cup of tea (of course!) and sit and read, it really relaxes the mind and body just to step out for a while. 

2 :: Put the gadgets down and visit a friend (and laugh a little too!)
I’m sure I don’t have to state the obvious about how stressful being constantly attached to a gadget can be? I recently had a couple of weeks off of work and used that time to catch up with people…in person! Visiting my family and my best friend (not to mention her gorgeous little girl) and catching up face to face was an amazing way to de-clutter the mind and bring my focus back to the important things in life. When Joe and I put our phones down in the evening and talk to each other and make each other laugh I can feel my body relax immediately. 

 photo tea-and-snack_zps86d9cf6d.png
^^If in doubt gather friends, drink tea and chat the morning away^^

3 :: Get Active
I guess this could come under the ‘Get Outside’ section too but either way getting a bit of a sweat on can work miracles for me. My first reason for loving exercise has always been the mental health benefits, with the physical benefits coming a close second. Even on those days where I pretty much crawl home from work, feeling like all I want to do it slump on the bed and power nap my life away, I try to do something. Seriously, even a stretch can lift your mood and help clear your mind of the day. I find that after exercise I always have a better nights sleep too – an added bonus!

4 :: Have a Pamper Session
I feel most at ease when I am taking care of myself. On a Friday evening I like to take my make up off and give my face a really good cleanse before applying a mud mask and some rich moisturiser to feed my poor, tired skin. One of my other favourite things to do is to fill a bowl with warm water and soak my feet in front of one of my favourite shows on Netflix, once they are all warm and soft (trying not to put the image of me with a pumice stone in your head right now) I slather them in foot lotion and put a pair of socks on – heaven!

 photo strawbs_zps683afd37.png
^^Try a new recipe or create something to be proud of!^^

5 :: Get Creative
Distraction techniques are one of the best ways to switch off and un-wind a tired mind, for me anyway! I love making things or trying new recipes. You can’t beat switching on the radio (I usually turn it up nice and loud) and creating something new or a yummy treat. Creativity is a wonderful way to take your mind away from daily tasks and often gives you something rewarding at the end of it too. For something ultra-creative and relaxing why not learn to knit? (It’s trendy now you know!). 

They are my top ways to de-stress and unwind, what are yours? Why not let me know in the comments below!

If you want to find much more inspiration and learn some great techniques to readdress the balance in your life, from a professional Life Coach, why not check out Wellbeing Escapes workshop, ‘Stress Less; Creating New Habits for Health and Happiness’, taking place on 30th August in London, and receive a fab 15% discount too, by entering the code ‘WORKSHOP15’ at the checkout!

As a little after note I just wanted to say that having worked in the fitness industry for several years I am a big fan of life coaches and the unique ways they can help you see ‘outside the box’ and have personally experienced the benefits from attending sessions in the past! 

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