31 August 2014

Taking Stock | Man Style #4

Joe is back for his turn at taking over my blog, otherwise titled as 'Taking Stock' (man style!). I thought I would keep this little series running because I actually like a little insight into his brain too, I only hope you guys are also enjoying this monthly instalment! If you have a blog and also write a 'Taking Stock' style post once a month please link to your blog in the comments because I love reading these posts, they are one of my favourites in-fact! (Try getting your other-half to join in too!).

Over to Joe now for his August round up...

 photo takingstock_zps7a1b4f2b.png
{Image sourced from Pinterest | Original found here}

Making | Lucy hiccup from laughing.
Cooking | and subsequently burning popcorn.
Drinking | Shandy (so rock and roll).
Reading | about cats.
Wanting | the new Royal Blood album.
Looking | forward to Christmas.
Playing | Olympics on the PS3 with Lucy.
Deciding | to adopt Gizmo the cat.
Wishing | Big Bang Theory was on Netflix.
Enjoying | the cooler evenings.
Waiting | in line at the barbers for 30 seconds.
Liking | having a proper haircut.
Wondering | if I'll ever find some jeans that fit properly.
Loving | our new Hoover.
Hoping | we can give Gizmo the cat a happy home.
Marvelling | at hearing our songs on US radio.
Needing | steak.
Smelling | the bin.
Wearing | some new clothes.
Following | people on twitter.
Noticing | our patio is slowly being demolished by tree roots.
Knowing | we've registered to be married feels good!
Thinking | too much.. As usual.
Feeling | tired from doing INSANITY.
Opening | presents for the birthday.
Giggling | at Sheldon Cooper.

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