30 August 2014

Taking Stock | August 2014

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Making | fabulous new friends in the shape of bloggers.
Cooking | much healthier dinners and feeling better for it (turkey curry anyone? Yum!).
Drinking | hot drinks in the evenings again (hello autumn!).
Reading | 'Surf Mama' - I know I have mentioned this before but I love it, watch this for my review!
Wanting | new stationary for my home office and some mid-heel ankle boots for next season.
Looking | rather tired recently (according to a whole bunch of people this week anyway!). 
Playing | 'Cranium' with friends. What I learnt when we played this is that I cannot whistle Queens 'Bohemian Rhapsody' without half spitting in someones face with laughter (whilst the other team of great whistlers win) :-)  
Deciding | how I want my office to look before commencing 'Project Make Over'!
Wishing | I had some spare cash to buy some Mac make-up (I have none, surely a crime?).
Enjoying | my blogs five minutes of fame in 'Reloved' magazines 'Blogs We Love' section!
Waiting | for my two new Avon lippies to arrive (I can't resist an offer on a new range!). I will report more on a video soon!
Liking | being able to wear layers again... I love layering.
Wondering | how many sessions with the osteopath I will need to fix my hip.
Loving | hearing Joes band on US radio... three times! 
Hoping | to send off our ceremony pack very soon now we have read over our vows.
Marveling | at how fast Joe has adapted to having a pet. He never wanted one and is now a fab dad to our little Gizmo (and she adores him).
Needing | new gym trainers rather desperately. 
Smelling | Christmas candles in the shops; they smell so good! 
Wearing | my H & M over-sized shirt and skinny jeans.
Following | new blogging opportunities as they have come my way.
Noticing | how much darker it is at 5am now.
Knowing | this year is flying by ridiculously fast.
Thinking | that gigantic, monster-spider is probably still alive in our hoover.
Feeling | hungry way too much and craving hot fudge cake and ice-cream (I'm not allowed it though...).
Giggling | at the Inbetweeners on Netflix (although not so much at the new movie...I wasn't a huge fan of that).


  1. I was sniffing all the Christmas candles in the shops yesterday - they smell so amazing! I think I'd have my house smelling like cinnamon all year round if my other half agreed...

  2. As soon as September comes around I am so excited...bonfire night (I adore the smell of bonfires), all the Christmas things in the shops...I think I enjoy the build up more than the day, it is so magical. We still have a Christmas room spray left over from last year. When Joe popped out yesterday I sprayed it everywhere downstairs, when he walked in the front door he said 'It's Christmas in here!' :-)


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