18 August 2014

Sunday Snaps (on a Monday...oops!)

Welcome to the Monday of two posts! This one which, as you can tell from the title, should have gone up yesterday... and, later on, my regular beauty video will be up too! But for now, here is a little round up of what has been happening over the last couple of weeks, in pictures...
 photo From-Lucy-With-Love-17th-August_zpsf8f455e3.png
1. I enjoyed a little 'girls outing' to the garden centre for a catch up with the bestie and the 'small' this week; oh the perks of being off work and able to take a mid-week jaunt out and about! / 2. Wearing my new H & M blue shirt and pottering about at home post filming. / 3. We had a slightly belated birthday dinner for Joe this week too.The cake he is holding on the right is a very strange singing and dancing number, the one on the left is a whole lot more delicious! / 4. This was taken at a local shopping village. It had this central part which was filled with bunting and gorgeous buildings. I am also slightly obsessed with stairways that have flowers and pots on, so cute. / 5. I get 'Reloved' magazine delivered every month as it is a great source of inspiration. Yesterday I sat down to read it only to see my very own blog featured under the 'blogs we love' section. It was a fab surprise! / 6. I may have mentioned (once or twice) that Joe and I are planning our wedding at the moment. On Thursday we officially registered our intent to marry. It feels good to have done that now (and ever-so-slightly grown up too). 7. There have been a few lazy breakfasts since being off work. This was a particularly good one too. / 8.  The garden centre forced me to buy these flowers - aren't they lovely? / 9. I had to include this photo because Joe looks so cheeky in it. It made me laugh! 


  1. I've never seen Reloved magazine before - might have to check it out now! Loving the blue shirt too.

    1. My friend brought it for me when I was off work after an op and I've subscribed to it since then. Some months are not quite as good but usually it is pretty inspirational! :-)

  2. Check you out in a magazine and everything - was it the pastel jars?? They were a triumph!
    M x

    1. Ha ha! Heaven knows how that happened! I saw the picture of my blog and initially thought that someone had the same banner as me and got all upset - then I saw it was my blog and was all happy again! Super cool! Not sure if it was the jars!x


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