18 August 2014

Soft Pink Make Up | New YouTube Video

It's Monday so that can only mean one thing (other than the weekend has already shot by!) - a new YouTube video on my channel! This week it is a bit of a longer one as I decided to chat the entire way through (sometimes you guys ask me to drop the voice overs and talk to you - you may want to switch back after today!).

I have gone for something a bit out of my comfort zone today as it is very girly and pink but I actually really like it! If you enjoy my weekly video why not subscribe to my channel to be the first to hear about new stuff as it arrives?!



  1. I thought I'd commented...evidently I had not!
    Your talking about 'young people' made me titter.
    And I like this look, it is super girly but you're rocking it.
    M x Life Outside London

    1. You are the best motivation! Thanks for always being so positive :-)


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