29 August 2014

Loving, Needing, Meh! #61

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This week I have been LOVING: 
  • Seeing Gizmo getting in her special outdoor house (by herself!). We brought her an outside box to hold a heated pad and blanket in the winter as we don't have a cat-flap (and I will worry myself half to death about her being outdoors all day). When we got it I tried to coax her into it but she wasn't having any of it, despite wanting to get into every nook and cranny in the house (typical cat behavior!). At 6am on Tuesday, after Joe had left for work, and I was about to leave, I opened the back door to try and get her to go in there as it was absolutely falling down with rain outside but she was just sat, like a little furry statue, in the middle of the garden. I gave up and shut the back door and went to wash my hands at the sink... when I looked again she was in the box! I felt like a mum watching her baby walk for the first time - I wanted to call Joe and say 'she did it, she did it!'. This probably sounds a bit dramatic but we had been trying to get her little paws in the darn thing for days!
  • Planning how I want to re-vamp my office. It is my next little home project because I want to make the space more workable so I have been on Pinterest and looking for another small desk online to get things started!
  • Insanity workouts. I have switched routines for a while just to mix things up and am loving it. I am also enjoying the fact that Joe is doing it too (good work!).
  • This very uplifting and motivational YouTube video sent to me by a work colleague. Maybe not everyones cup of tea but it was right up my street.
  • Reading our ceremony pack that we received from our registrar. It is strange, but very lovely, to read your potential vows :-)
This week I have been NEEDING:
  • To tackle my sweet pea project. For some crazy reason I have decided to let the seed pods form on my sweet peas so I can have my very own seeds to sow ready for next year. I have even researched and learnt what colour pod is good to pick off and what I need to do to get the seeds out (get me!).
  • To get Gizmos chip re-registered and make her all official! 
This weeks 'MEH!':
  • Spiders, spiders everywhere. I ruddy hate this time of year...

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