22 August 2014

Loving, Needing, Meh! #60

How is it that I have been doing this regular Friday post for 60 weeks? That is beyond insane to me! Yet here we are again friends. How has your week been? Mine has been a little all over the shop but a good'un nonetheless! Let's round it up shall we?

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This week I have been LOVING:
  • Finally discovering the little story behind the cat we have been semi looking after since we moved in. We are now in the process of becoming her mummy and daddy for real! For more on little Gizmo just head on over to my Facebook page where I update regularly about all manner of things!
  • Getting pancakes at Bills restaurant in town, on a school day! Okay, I know it's the holidays, but it still felt like I was bunking off work! Seriously though, you can't not get pancakes for breakfast in that place, they are such a treat and very, very tasty.
  • Sitting down and planning blog posts and videos for the autumn time. I am trying to bring some organisation to my life because as soon as I finish my two weeks off the schedule will be mental again.
  • Spending quality time with Joe. To have two whole weeks off together has been beyond amazing. We never do that and so it has been wonderful having breakfast together, going for walks around the garden centre and generally just being together.
  • Lasagne. Do I need to say more? We have both been on a health kick and as a treat I made lasagne - so good (well, it may not have been, but I haven't had pasta in an age so ignorance is bliss!).
  • Having an impromptu lunch with my bestie and baby. I am learning how fast littlies grow up and it is quite amazing how much changes in between visits. Having little Janie crawl up my legs and hold my hand to steady herself is quite something.
This week I have been NEEDING:
  • Chocolate. Don't ask. I am not allowed it but I want it, God how I want it.
  • Moisture. My skin is dry. Why? I can only imagine it is lack of chocolate! :-)
  • The osteopath. My hips and back have finally driven me insane enough to visit one. Verdict? I am not beyond repair but in need of a fair amount it would seem!
This weeks 'MEH!':
  • Putting the 'wrong' kind of moisturiser on my face before a certain foundation and then watching in dismay (and with only 15 minutes to spare before I really needed to get moving) as it flaked off my face, leaving me looking like a patchy moron. 



  1. School day shenanigans are always the best, why does it always feel a bit naughty? I have no idea but I love it!
    Did I miss more about Gizmo somewhere?? Tell me more!!!
    M x

    1. I always feel like I'm bunking off when I do anything on a weekday but maybe it's worse because I work in a school too!! There will be a Gizmo update on here soon...you shall be updated! :-) x

  2. Oh dear, the foundation moisturiser scenario sounds like a nightmare! However pancakes sound so goooood. I'm on a health kick at the mo so banana pancakes are my favourite! They feel naughty when infact they're not! xx

  3. How gorgeous that you're adopting a cat! I love my 17 year old screaming cat to bits (even though she's having a vacation at her grandparents at the moment). You will get heaps of joy from her and she will give you heaps of cuddles in return.

  4. Thank you honey. It's been a long time coming but to know that she is safe indoors at night now and looking happier already is so lovely! I love how you describe your cat as 'screaming'!! I had an old cat once who was so noisy and I am sure that is because he was deaf and couldn't hear himself! :-)


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