15 August 2014

Loving, Needing, Meh! #59

Happy Friday once again lovely people! I hope this week has been a great one for you all. 

I have been having all sorts of blogging melt downs this end due to my site failing to load up on numerous occasions - to add insult to injury it seems to only happen at home...coincidence? Not sure, but if you are trying to get on here and it fails please rest assured that it usually comes back to life if you keep refreshing the page and I am working on trying to fix it (when I say 'I', I mean Joe...and the blogger forum people who know many, many more things about the life of websites than I do!). Please do bear with me - I would hate it if you gave up on me :-(

 photo D6CC71F7-BC1E-4BD2-AFC1-4E9FDC22E947_zpsfxxz4b1f.jpg

This week I have been LOVING:
  • Having time off work to actually sleep and rest (a little!).
  • Formally registering our intent to marry at our local registry office. Very grown up! We are officially good to go for our wedding in April now. I can't quite believe it, but it's true! It has all come together very fast but feels great. I must admit to googling what questions they ask you when they take you into the room to register. I had visions of 'favourite film/colour/animal/exotic fruit' etc, but none of that happened, thank goodness! 
  • Joes band, Minus Cube, being played on a radio station in the US of A! How ruddy cool! We set our alarms for 2am to listen to it and it was truly fab! A great introduction and lovely words from the DJ too. Plus it was sandwiched in-between some of rock musics royalty... a-mazing! For more information you can check out the bands Facebook Page here!
  • Treat day. I have been eating super healthy recently (I know I have mentioned it a lot! It's called self motivation and if I tell you guys then I have to keep it up!). But this week we had a curry with friends on Monday and a little late birthday dinner with my parents yesterday for Joe. Cake was eaten, pudding was also eaten (separate to cake!). Back on the wagon today though with enough food inside me to last me a week!
  • Estee and Aslans 'Nordic Vlogs'. My favourite beauty YouTuber is travelling at the moment and we are both enjoying their daily vlogs on their vlog channel
  • The Inbetweeners. Being at home a little more has resulted in us venturing back to this series on Netflix. It makes me laugh so much this programme. We may venture to see the new film next week but are currently working our way through some of our faves from the various episodes online!
  • My new book. You know sometimes you see a book review, get a couple of lines into it and realise you are going to need that! Luckily for me I still had some money left on a book voucher so said book was ordered and, although I am only a few pages in, I already know I love it. The book is called 'Surf Mama' and is a true story about a 40 something who decided she wanted to 'seize the day', move her family abroad and learn to surf. These stories of inspiration really motivate me, maybe I am hitting a mid life crisis... hang on in there Joe!
This week I have been NEEDING:
  • Gardening time. I have not done any of my 'tidy the garden' to-do list yet and am planning on heading out there immediately I publish this post to plant my gorgeous new violas and rescue a tree that is a victim of the strong winds and is now resembling the leaning tower of Pisa. Wish me luck! (Just looked out the window and it is mighty grey outside... I'll brave it anyway, I'm such a trooper, I know!)
  • To call the osteopath. I am surrendering to the gammy hip I have been suffering with for months because it is getting crazy-painful. I have tried stretching, foam rollering, icing, heat, anti-inflammatories in tablet and gel form, painkillers and sleep (!) but nothing is working so I give up.
This weeks 'MEH!':
  • Other than the rubbish hip and the moody blog/internet issues...I had an experience in a certain bookstore yesterday that I wanted to mention, just to get it off my chest. So, it's 9am, you know, the beginning of the day when you are feeling fresh and ready for the hours ahead... I wander in to said bookstore to collect the above mentioned read, approach the counter and say to the grumpy man behind the till 'hi' (no response) 'I have a quick question!' (still no response, so I continue on my merry way with what I want to ask) 'I ordered a book online to collect in here, where do I go to pick it up?'. His first reaction was a classic 'that wasn't a quick question'. Great. At first I thought he was being dry, in a Jack Dee kinda way, nope, just rude as it turns out. Then I say 'er, ok. So where do I collect it please?' and he says 'well, I guess you just need to ask anyone who's around'. Now, I can't get over on a blog the attitude in his voice, just take my word for it that he was Grumpy Cat personified! He heads off to get my book, passes it to me and we leave. Half an hour later I was still wanting to go back and have it out with him about being miserable but Joe convinced me otherwise. Until next time Grumpy Man (which, FYI, will be next week, when I am collecting another book...buck up or face the music because being nice costs zilch).


  1. Rudeness bugs the hell out of me, just no need whatsoever.
    Will you teach me to garden through the medium of blogging?? I am RUBBISH but now I have a garden.
    Sorry about your hip too, go do surfing...that'll help.
    M x

    1. What makes you think I know how to garden? I know how to buy pretty plants!! Then I take half an hour to check about for spiders, having heart attacks whenever something so much as moves - usually a leaf! I have just got home from the osteopath... I will be cured soon! I want to learn how to surf SO bad! Do you surf? Can you teach me?!! :-)


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