11 August 2014

Augusts 'You Beauty Discovery Box' | New YouTube Video

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Another month, another You Beauty Discovery box to open, it's a hard life! I love the arrival of these boxes and always look forward to the email with the menu on. This month I chose a hair masque by Louise Galvin and a little set for the face, by the brand Gazelli, which included a serum and cream. Why not watch the YouTube video below to see what I thought of this months box and see what little added extras got thrown in? Please click here to subscribe to my channel to stay up to date my videos (new ones every Monday!).

As always, the box was great value for money. The Louise Galvin 'Sacred Locks' hair masque was a 100ml sample (should last about 4-5 treatments in my estimation). The full size would be 300ml, priced at £26.00, so definitely value for money with this one. I have used the treatment just once so far and it was fairly good. It may not be the one for you if, like me, free time is rare and sacred! The tube recommended a minimum 10 minute wait once the masque was applied, stating that it would be ideal to leave for 'as long as possible'... about two minutes for me then! If I am being completely honest I wasn't all that blown away when I washed it out. For me it was lacking the silky feeling you get from washing out a hair treatment that you have left in for a while (you know what I mean!). I could be made to eat my words here. Maybe that feeling comes from many chemicals and horrible things one should avoid putting on their scalp... Personally I still prefer the Aussie, Treseme and Dove treatments, sorry Ms Galvin. On the plus side it didn't leave my hair greasy or weighed down and that's always a bonus!

My second sample was in the form of a set by the brand 'Gazelli'. It was from their Triple Youth range, designed with organic compounds and rich in antioxidants. I received a 5ml sample of the Ultimate Firming Serum (full size 30ml and priced at a rather breath taking £75.00). The serum is meant to improve the skins ability to regenerate itself and is also anti-aging and has plumping effects to improve appearance. I enjoyed this serum as it was light and quick to absorb. It left me wanting to touch my skin a lot afterwards (stop it!) and my face felt quite nourished. The next step was to apply some of the little sample of Intensive Age Repair Cream (full size 50ml, priced at £70.00). This went on fairly heavy and felt sticky once applied. I could still feel the residue in the morning, although my skin did look quite radiant. I didn't love the cream at all and I guess I expect to be wowed given the full asking price of this product. Still, it is fabulous to be able to try these things and also it is good to bear in mind that this is only my humble opinion based on my skin type and everyone will be different!

If you want to try a beauty box I highly recommend these! 

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