7 July 2014

You Beauty Discovery Box - July | New YouTube Video

Whenever this little box arrives it always startles me and serves as a reminder of how fast time is passing... July, already? Yep!

If you have never heard of the 'You Beauty Discovery Box' then it is one of the popular monthly subscription boxes but the difference is you can actually choose what products get posted to you (or you can leave it to chance if you like the element of surprise!). I like doing it this way because it means I will actually use everything I get and not waste money or products! Every month I actually save money as the value of the products inside the box certainly out weighs the price of the subscription (£6.95). On to this months products...

Tanorganic Self Tan Original (100ml)
I have not been overly successful at finding this particular size online but found something similar by the brand priced at £19.99. Tanorganic market themselves as one of the only totally organic self tan companies out there. Because of this is can take the tan a little while to dry on the skin and longer to develop although this is not something that bothers me at all and I found it didn't take too much longer than other tanners I have tried. The consistency is very liquid and you only need a few drops on a tanning mitt before rubbing it in large circular motions around your body. It spreads well and is easy to work with, even for me (I am not the best fake tanner!).

You are meant to leave it for 6 to 8 hours but seeing as I put mine on at 6pm (I didn't really think the time through!) and was falling asleep by 10.30pm, I only left mine on for nearly 5 hours...almost there I guess! If I was confident that I wouldn't wake up in the morning with tango stains on the white bed sheets I would've slept in it... anyone tried this yet? Does it come off while you sleep? Anyway, the results this morning are ok. Not the best I have tried (but let's remember I didn't leave it on for the full time). I will see how it wears on my skin and let you know.

PS: It is one of the better smelling tans!

L'Oreal Miss Manga Mascara
This has been out for a while so I won't waffle on about it because I am sure you have heard of it! Like all the other reviews before this one I would say it is spidery and cloggy but it is meant to be! That is the point and I don't mind it at all. My eyelashes are horribly short and have no impact on their own so I am happy to let something help them out! It is not the greatest mascara I have tried and didn't knock me over sideways when I applied it but it is good!

If you get a beauty box then let me know what products you received too!

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