17 July 2014

Top Pins | Wedding Day Dreams

Weddings have never really been my thing. That is not to say that I don't enjoy other peoples, I love a good wedding, but I have never dreamed of a big fuss, a hundred or more people staring in my direction (this fills me with huge fear more than excitement). However, I now have to think about it, Joe and I are upping the wedding planning effort and yesterday I actually emailed some suggested dates off to our chosen venue. I will share more on where it is once it is all confirmed.

We have decided, for many reasons, that we would like to marry alone. This is not because we don't want to share our 'big day' with our nearest and dearest but because it is just the way we are and what we want (there is also the financial reason too of course). Choosing to do things this way means that I/we don't have as much to organise but there is still quite a bit. We have been talking about it for a while and never really moved forward on it but time seems to slip away, so now we are trying to get sorted. 

I have had my 'Wedding Dreams' board on Pinterest for a while, pinning anything from pretty flowers to cupcakes, and, whilst many of these things are not needed when you are doing it 'just the two of you', it is fun nonetheless! I would like to share my top wedding pins with you, if you don't mind of course, let me know what you think and feel free to share your favourite pins too.

 photo from-lucy-with-love--dresses_zps082a0c52.png
(Far left) :: It is all about the back of the dress for me and I love this! I couldn't pull this off personally but I think you can take inspiration from what you like and then dilute it to suit your body and shape. / (Middle top) :: I like high backs as much as low and this gorgeous dress is just the right amount of intricate for me. I adore the buttons and the lacy flowers too. / (Middle) :: To sleeve or not to sleeve, that is the question. I like three quarter length and these cap sleeves too. I am not sure I can 'do' sleeveless... / (Middle bottom) :: Now this is to die for, honestly, I love, love. LOVE this! Lace? Tick! Detail? Tick. Slightly low back? Tick! / (Far right) :: I think this dress is a bit more glam than things I have looked at for myself recently, it has a vintage look about it which I really like and is so pretty. The contrast of textures is adorable and very feminine. 

 photo from-lucy-with-love--decorate_zps391d5314.png
(Far left) :: Paper pompoms hanging in a tree (k.i.s.s.i.n.g!) Is there anything more pretty? / (Top left) :: Wool pompoms! There is a theme developing here! The contrast of yellow against this natural wood is gorgeous. / (Top right) :: I think I have a thing for natural materials. I love these paper decorations and the mixture of grey and bright colours. / (Bottom right) :: Paper hearts - good. Lace paper hearts - beautiful.

 photo from-lucy-with-love--flowers_zpsb1f92ada.png
(Far left) :: I am a hoarder of jars, there, I said it. There is something about the look of flowers in old jam jars which just does it for me, so pretty! / (Top left) :: Peonies are my choice for my bouquet (when the day happens!) They are simply wonderful. / (Top right) :: I couldn't resist a close up. I think this colour would look amazing against a cream wedding dress. / (Bottom right) :: I know, I know, more jars! I pinned these because I thought the colour-way was so interesting and I love how the flowers look and the twigs within the displays ('twigs'??!).


  1. LOVE that dress top left! I tried on so many dresses with lace sleeves, and found that sadly they just didn't suit me at all :( They just completely swamped me! I love your taste in wedding decor and details- it's perfect! x

    1. Thanks Rosie! I really love the rustic look for weddings. We have just confirmed our date for 1st April!! So exciting! Hope your plans are going well too x


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