31 July 2014

The Summer Tag

This week I have been tagged to do 'The Summer Tag' by Stephanie Claire from the lovely blog 'Tea in Your Twenties'! This is something a bit fun and different for me so I thought 'why not?!'... here we go then...

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What is your favourite thing about summer?
Where do I start? I work in a school so I love the holidays, even though I'm working, but the peace and quiet is fabulous for a while! Then you have the barbies (food not doll obviously!) and the light mornings and evenings and the summer storms... hang on, was it meant to be one favourite thing?!

Do you have a favourite summer drink?
Is it dull to say peach iced tea? I don't mind one bit if it is because that is what I love to my very core! I'd rather get my alcohol calories from a massive piece of chocolate cake!

Is there a location that you prefer to go in the summer?
Having not been abroad for almost ten years I am going to have to go with Cornwall. I fell in love with the far West of the county having first gone there several years ago now. The landscape is so incredibly beautiful and there are beaches to suit everyone. In-fact, we love it so much that we have chosen to get married there! 

Favourite makeup look for summer?
If you are a regular reader of my blog then you may already know that I kinda love makeup! I change it up all the time so this is a tough one to answer but normally is would be a light, more glowy base or BB cream...actually I am loving the Garnier Miracle Skin Cream (for good skin days!). It has skincare properties as well as a little coverage and is great worn alone or under makeup as a bit of a primer. Then it will be a blotted bright lip and something long lasting on my eyes like the Maybelline Colour Tattoo eyeshadow in 'On and On Bronze' - adore this stuff and it doesn't budge a jot!

Dresses or skirts?
It would be dresses for me and I wear a lot of tunics with leggings too. Much more 'me' than skirts that's for sure-I'm not great at pairing skirts and tops, totally rubbish actually, it needs to come ready matched! 

Sandals or ballet pumps?
Sandals for the hottest days. I don't own many shoes really but definitely sandals! Don't you remember me mentioning my 'ugly sandals'? I prefer to keep the tootsies aired as much as possible when I am wandering about outside in the heat and, I have to agree with this lovely lady, that Havaianas are the best flip-flops ever - I have a purple pair and a black pair and they have been super comfy from day one.

Hair up or down in summer?
My hair is normally down for work because I feel a bit scrappy with it up. I need to master more ways of putting it up that doesn't involve it being scraped back gym style! As soon as I walk through the door from work it is twisted up into a high bun or something equally as messy!

Smokey eyes or bold lips?
When I was younger I used to be all about the smokey eye. These days I feel I look a bit (a lot) like I've done several rounds in the boxing ring - maybe I'm losing my touch! I love wearing colour so it is a bold lipstick or lip crayon that I reach for. I love the Revlon Matte Balms for their longevity, plus their colour range is fab.

Favourite perfume for summer?
Considering I own one perfume and have had it for a while I am going to say that I like to make sure I have the scent of freshly washed hair, something coconut scented or, even better than that, the L'Oreal Ever Strong Conditioner (Rosemary and Mint - utter heaven). Sorry, not a traditional scent choice but I am not traditional!

Favourite summer music?
I love such a variety of music that it really is hard to choose my summer playlist. For daytime it would have to be something a bit more lively and motivational, like Metallica, Mona, Kodaline, Muse or Kings of Leon maybe. For chilling out it would be a variety of tracks from these awesome people: Counting Crows, Tom Odell and Coldplay.

It's not often I get tagged in things so that was a fun change for me, so thanks to the lovely Stephanie Claire from 'Tea in Your Twenties' for tagging me! Who to tag next... Kat from 'Laydey Katabella' - you're it!


  1. I miss being at university for the long summers. Now I'm down to schedule holiday time from work and hoping the week or two that I take will be good :)

    I second that! Chocolate cake everything.

    I went to Devon for the first time this summer and I know, not Cornwall but just the English south coast is a beautiful place for summer! I can't wait to explore more of it.

    ~ K


    1. I hope you have a good holiday! It is hard when you have been used to having long ones - a bit of a shock! Devon's beautiful - although I haven't stayed there for any long period of time but enjoy passing through there on the way to Cornwall.You should try visiting Cornwall, particularly the very West, it is amazing at all times of the year! I am just enjoying a read through your blog :-) Thank you so much for stopping by here and commenting too xx

  2. Peach Iced Tea? I knew we were secret BFFs. I'm so very sorry for writing 'BFF' on your blog, I feel ashamed.
    And damn it, I missed the mighty Counting Crows of my music list.
    M x Life Outside London

    1. 'BFF' away lovely lady! I'm going to attempt some homemade peach iced tea next week during my two weeks off work - it better taste as good as the one I get in Bills Restaurant or there'll be all kinds of trouble! (or a visit to Bills!). How could you miss the Crows off?! Go and stand in the corner and think about what you've done!! :-) (They are playing live in London in October...so want to go!)xx

  3. Thank you for tagging me lovely! I love this post :-D, can't wait to do it too! xx


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