29 July 2014

Taking Stock | Man Style #3

Here we go with July's edition of 'Taking Stock' from Joe's point of view! Have you tried getting your man to do this? 

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Making | wedding plans finally!
Cooking | beef burgers that were too big.
Drinking | loads of water.
Reading | the best lyrics I've read for ages.
Wanting | a holiday.
Looking | for thunder bugs.
Playing | 'Into The Air'.
Deciding | where to start the drum tracks.
Wishing | our house had air conditioning.
Enjoying | having salads. Lots of salads.
Waiting | for the registrar to call us.
Liking | our new song.
Wondering | how are we actually all here, floating in nothingness as a tiny, insignificant part of the universe just enough distance from the sun.
Loving | watching athletics.
Hoping | we can set a date soon.
Marveling | at an electric toothbrush.
Needing | a break for my mind.
Smelling | barbecues in the air.
Wearing | just shorts.
Following | idiot drivers when driving to work.
Noticing | that there are a lot of idiot drivers.
Knowing | the next 2 weeks will be tough.
Thinking | about everything.
Feeling | excited to be getting married.
Opening | a new laptop.
Giggling | whilst playing 'George the Shark'.

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