28 July 2014

Taking Stock | July 2014

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Making | a whole lot of mess in our spare bedroom every time I come home at the weekend.
Cooking | not enough of anything.
Drinking | copious amount of water.
Reading | 'The Five People You Meet in Heaven' by Mitch Albom (again).
Wanting | a day or two (or three) on the beach.
Looking | out the window at the fabulous lightning storms.
Playing | 'Budapest' and 'Rude' - my happy, summer songs (certainly not Joe's!).
Deciding | when to party (post wedding!).
Wishing | some personal situations were very, very different.
Enjoying | fajita nights with close friends.
Waiting | for August holidays - rest time.
Liking | getting back to some heftier weights in the gym again.
Wondering | what to get Joe for his birthday.
Loving | all my amazing new (and existing) followers on YouTube, Bloglovin', Pinterest and Instagram (thank you guys so much!)
Hoping | my dream wedding dress comes back into stock (pretty please).
Marveling | at how fast little people change and grow.
Needing | to get out of buildings and out into nature.
Smelling | my beautiful sweet peas.
Wearing | high heels for way too many hours (my hips are aching so badly).
Following | Lilly Ahlberg on YouTube. Hannah Maggs uses Lilly's music in her vlogs and I really enjoy listening to her so thought I would subscribe! I particularly like her cover of 'Chocolate' by 1973.
Noticing | the resident hedgehog at mum and dads. SO cute!
Knowing | that we will be married by this time next year!
Thinking | about starting to paint again.
Feeling | a little run down but optimistic about the future.
Opening | beautifully packaged wedding dresses to try on.
Giggling | at Joe's Morris Dancing impression - don't ask!


  1. Love your "taking stock" posts, they somehow sum up so much, I am tempted to borrow the idea in one form or other. Great that you are thinking about starting to paint again, it is so rewarding, once a painter - always a painter :)

  2. Thanks! I borrowed the 'Taking Stock' idea too so go for it!! I love painting but it is just time to sit down and do it - the creative process is sometimes a long one for me! I really want to get back to it though because I used to do it all the time. Do you paint?x

  3. exactly, the creative processes can be long, but preparation and actually sitting down to do it is often the longst part :) yes, I dabble in painting from time to time, recently on a more regular basis, and it feels wonderful :)


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