13 July 2014

Sunday Snaps!

These bi-weekly posts seem to come along mighty fast these days. When I sat down to do this post I thought it had only been one week since I posted pictures and figured, because it'd been quite an eventful week, I'd do a 'bonus post'. When I looked at the date it had, in fact, been two weeks already...how? 

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1. 'Let me in!' - she just can't work it out bless her cottons! / 2. Getting my craft on this weekend for a blog post coming up soon! / 3. If you saw this post then you will know all about my London jaunt this week. I must have hundreds of pictures of The London Eye that look exactly like this one but every time I see it I get an urge to take yet another one, just in case! / 4. My bestie, L, lent me her man for the evening. Here we are, post show, looking hot (not in that way!). / 5. London by night is never boring. / 6. This Saturday I was on bunny-feeding-duties as A and L were away. These guys are the luckiest bunnies around, you can't see it but they have a mega playground to explore! / 7. This may not interest anyone but me - my sweet peas are growing AND flowering! Last year I planted too many in one pot and they grew weak and wobbly and produced about two flowers. Not this year... / 8. Looking tired post-workout. Trying to maintain a training regime when you are working like a slave doesn't go hand in hand. I just keep trying to do something  and remind myself that, come August, I will be back on track. I need routine though...come on August! / 9. I love how paint looks as it is getting mixed - it's the small things people.


  1. Oh you almost made me a cat person - how sweet.
    Well done on the sweet peas, I've managed to grow nada except one reasonable red chili about 5 years ago!
    M x Life Outside London

    1. I never used to be a cat person at all! I have always had dogs! LOVE dogs! I am not usually home long enough to look after anything in the garden but the old sweet peas are hardy enough to fend for themselves!! Not sure I could grow much more - although I saw some of those 'child friendly' / easy grow sunflowers that could be a goer! :-)


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