6 July 2014

Sunday Snaps

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1. I mentioned in this post that I was lucky enough to get some beautiful sunflowers from a lovely work colleague this week. I had them on my desk for the majority of the week - it makes such a difference having flowers at work! / 2. This special edition of Molly Makes magazine was purchased quicker than you can say 'blogging' when I saw it advertised. Although I have had it for over a week I haven't actually had the time to read any of it yet but I have flicked through it and it is awesome! If you are looking at starting a blog or already have one and want some inspiration go buy it. / 3. Lovely little Janey, my besties little one, looking at me in total shock... this is the effect I have on small people. / 4. With last weekend being dedicated to the armed forces Salisbury had this awesome Apache fly over as part of the day... I cannot tell you how much I love these helicopters. / 5. The last two weeks have been all about making salad more interesting. I have been eating it for lunch and with my dinner too. This one was a bit of a treat but so yummy! / 6. A Sunday Smaps would not be complete without Gizmo. / 7. Stawbs, yoghurt and granola = a hearty breakfast. / 8. Tescos have some funky homeware in at the moment. I fell in love with this whale cushion last weekend, and at only £4.00 I thought it was a bargainous beauty! / 9. You know I love to feature beautiful skies on this post. We get lots of them, especially at this time of year. Gorgeous stuff!

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