8 July 2014

Sunday - Hour by Hour

I was going to just post photo's from the weekend but then I thought - why not do an hour-by-hour post. My life isn't that exciting at the moment because work is my life for the month of July, but Sunday had a few things on the 'To Do' list, so here is how the day went for those of you that are interested! (Plus a fair few pictures too!)

7am :: Why is it you always wake up early on a weekend and struggle to get out of bed on a weekday? One of lifes little mysteries right there. I woke up with a painful back today after pushing it in training but it is self inflicted so I cannot moan (well, maybe a little!). I get up quietly because I don't want to wake Joe and head downstairs for a painkiller and a cup of tea. Glamorous huh?

8am :: I am typing up a blog post and enjoying total silence throughout the house. Sunday mornings are the best for that. It feels like the world is still dreaming and you are the only one awake...apart from the birds, who are sounding particularly chirpy.

9am :: Joe is up and we enjoy a slice of fruit toast. We are meeting A and L in Salisbury for brunch but I certainly can't last until 11am without food so it has to be done!

10am :: Showered and preened and good to go. I do my usual just-about-to-go-out-the-house-and-remember-I-have-washing-to-put-in panic and throw in some towels on a hot wash before we head out to town.

 photo 5B3CBCC2-0A87-4C42-BFCC-E6538ACC4FF0_zpsud59amnx.jpg

 photo EC970CBC-37B6-4333-9E07-C69EF2F1E481_zpstrxs91ix.jpg

 photo C3C6E375-29F2-46BB-907C-472DB0EC9342_zpsrkhlmcrd.jpg

 photo B5EECCDF-0595-4E95-ACA4-97B1F4F47494_zpsakaecpdr.jpg

11am :: We arrive at Bills in Salisbury and grab a table, a peach and fresh mint iced tea (so refreshing and so tasty) and a black coffee for Joe, who clearly needs the kick. I love brunch at Bills. I always have the same thing (buttermilk pancakes with fresh berries) but always scan the menu hoping I will feel like branching out and having something different (it never happens!). It is nice to catch up with A and L, and new baby Janey of course, who is changing so fast that it reminds me of how quickly life passes you by.

12pm :: L and I drag 'the boys' (not sure this is the right term!) around a couple of shops because, well, it just had to be done, plus it was only two shops - it could be worse! 

1pm :: In need of a pitstop, yes, visiting two shops is utterly exhausting, we wander into Boston Tea Party for more iced tea (my addiction continues) and something to restore the energy levels too - this, for the uninformed, is a posh way of saying that we ate cake.

 photo C586187E-1341-47C7-BA64-A6631A098218_zpsvjv3i18k.jpg

 photo CA7B8BA4-0A8D-48EA-AA94-5E85E7DE7118_zpsrxw82cls.jpg

2pm :: Home time. I change and head out into the garden to catch the last bit of sun and do some gardening that is long overdue. It gets so windy round our way and I battle the elements and dry soil, which is not a great combination, as I try to protect the baby plants I am re-potting, all the while working with a cat that wants to sleep in the shade that my body is creating and is getting more annoyed every minute as I move about. To solve this problem she lays on my feet. Handy. Thanks Gizmo.

3pm :: I spent a good hour re-potting. Would have been 20 minutes without cat. I love her though and can't resist a cuddle, which took up a great deal of time. Throw in some playing with long pieces of grass and tummy tickling and this gardening thing is a two hour project! I gently tie my sweet peas onto their canes, as they are blowing about frantically, and head in.

 photo 33906842-A6B0-43D0-8138-1C005FA5AC88_zpsr6w1zzhq.jpg

 photo F6EE0AF2-585D-499C-97DD-D981E50351DF_zpscndm04nb.jpg
 photo 304F5E16-27F9-4A62-8E38-942175FE16E6_zpsvxwn0etl.jpg

4pm :: My lovely man has done almost all the house work so I help with a token floor mopping and then get changed into workout gear and attempt a BodyBalance DVD (a very old one at that!). I used to teach this a few years back and haven't done it in a while due to injuries and am surprised that I am still flexible enough to get away with it! 

5pm :: Even though I am baking hot from my workout I decide to do something I never have the time to do and that's have a bath. For me it is usually a quick wash in the shower and on to the next thing. I really enjoyed this soak (well, I lasted 15 minutes...not bad for someone who never sits still). 

6pm :: Big Bang Theory on TV and the ironing pile awaits. I wouldn't have bothered but I can't go to work looking like I am fresh from a bin bag can I? (Can I??).

7pm :: All the jobs are done, hurrah! Dinner time. Chicken and salad - which I manage to immediately catapult onto the floor...excellent. We are getting really into salads at the moment and are actually making the effort to make them more interesting.

8pm :: Joe and I head into his music room/office to listen to the new track he has been working his socks off to create. He often asks me for my opinion, heaven only knows why, I can never make my mind up what sounds better as it usually involves about one seconds worth of something being changed. You will be able to hear the new track 'Into the Air' on his SoundCloud really soon so stay tuned! 

9pm :: Time to pack bags for the week ahead and make some lunch to take to work in the morning. Strawberries, natural yoghurt and granola for breakfast (I get to work super early so always take breakfast) and yet more salad for lunch. Whilst packing my bits and bobs into my bag I get the sudden urge to tidy my wardrobe, which is something I have been needing to do for a while. I make a mental note to get something to stop moths chewing my t-shirts - it is the only explanation for the nibbles at the bottom of seemingly everything I own... but it is always in the same place - how do they know where to bite??

10pm :: Bedtime. The plan was to get into bed and read my blogging magazine but I end up wandering about and before I know it it is nearly 11pm and I am sleepy. Alarm is set for 5am, here goes another week!



  1. Gizmo was only helping! :)

    1. I know, bless her. Seeing as she was such a good helper I didn't really mind. When I say a good helper I mean in terms of keeping my feet warm of course! :-)


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