12 July 2014

Spontaneity isn't dead!

I used to think I was spontaneous, heaven knows why, because I would class myself way off of that avenue of life these days, having got far to comfortable in my own little bubble here in the countryside.

Being someone who suffers a wee bit with anxiety, particularly in busy places, I am not one to gallivant into the 'big smoke' at the drop of a hat, carelessly throwing together a stylish outfit that would slot right in to the surroundings of 'places hip'. No. This certainly doesn't come naturally to me at all!

But this week saw me receive a last minute invitation to the theatre with my lovely friend Ant (my besties other half) to see Richard III at Trafalgar Studios. They managed to get some tickets all thanks to their ruddy awesome business, Pigs Might Fly South, a fabulous fake blood supplier to all things movie and stage (how cool!). They are the suppliers for this show and handily got some pretty darn fantastic tickets for the opening (gulp) on Thursday night.

Having said 'yes' I proceeded to panic and obsess like a mad woman about train times and crowds and the fact that all I had to wear was what I was in at that very second (or very old gym kit...hmmm, maybe not!). But, reminding myself that I wanted to do more fun things, I thought 'sod it' and went into London all of a fluster but ready for a fab night!

I am not going to attempt a review because I certainly cannot offer anything useful, so here is my review - it was effing genius. The End. (oh, and Martin Freeman was very good too - oh yeah, and we were sat on the stage!). Scroll down for a 'The best Bits' list (because lists I can do!).

 photo E642FD4D-DEEF-43AD-BC2E-EAC2A4262884_zpsddruvxue.jpg

 photo 69C06EE9-D873-4587-B731-5380F6BE4E09_zpsjc4bp93y.jpg

 photo 713766A4-6103-473D-A322-77FAC3275CFD_zps4satp8ht.jpg

 photo A8E68EA3-4F24-415B-8097-083B61270DB7_zpsm2hebbdf.jpg

 photo 0E569A3F-49F0-4545-892A-EB386574A258_zpsu0xz9eyq.jpg

London :: The Best Bits
:: Having company who knows how terrified I am of trains and actually came to find me once I climbed on the carriage and froze to the spot (thanks Ant!).
:: Having half an hours sit down at the station to read my magazine.
:: Being brought a really rather delicious lemonadey-frothy number from Cafe Nero. No idea why or how it was so frothy but who cares!
:: Getting to do a bit of summer sight-seeing on the walk to the theatre.
:: Trying to recognise the various familiar faces from screen and stage and failing. I only remembered one persons name, this man, and only because, back in the day I watched Eastenders all the time!
:: Being sat on the actual stage people! (and being a little star struck at being a metre away from Martin Freeman at one point!)
:: Walking out of the theatre to a cooler London and strolling back to the station yacking on about 'how amazing' the evening was and admiring the lights.


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