2 July 2014

*Peeping tentatively around the corner...*

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Remember me? I am the one who use to type posts and record videos for you to watch.. I know it has only been four days, but I feel bad for going AWOL. A planned rest would involve scheduling posts and editing many videos to cover the time away, but this time it has been 14 hour work days, the blues, and migraines... they kind of get in the way of my blogging time. Please forgive me lovely readers (will you?). It isn't you, it's me...I was thinking of you the whole time!

I have another two weeks of 'crazy' at work before it all returns to normal and I get my life back again. I love my job though so it isn't all bad! So, right now I am peeping tentatively around the corner at you with promises of being back on track.

Sometimes life just gets in the way and that is exactly what happened here.

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