27 July 2014

My Favourite Blog Posts | July Edition

My favourite blogs don't change that often so I am changing 'My Favourite Blogs' of the month to 'My Favourite Blog Posts'! (and maybe a YouTube video or two). Daring change there huh?!

I have been so busy this month that my Bloglovin' reading list currently says '557 unread posts' (oops). That said I have still found time to catch up with some...

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I can't remember who introduced me to Little Winter but I adore it. The photo's are always well thought out and beautifully presented too. This month I enjoyed looking at the post 'We Liked: The Simple Things' as it kind of reminded me of the sort of weekends Joe and I have together. The Bills pancakes (it doesn't say they are Bills but I recognise them as such - correct me if I'm wrong!), the cat, the sweet peas (mine are coming along nicely) and the computer catch up. I enjoy the sneak peak into others peoples lives and the escapism it allows. Do check it out, such a lovely blog. I also discovered this post too whilst linking the one I am talking about - this could go on forever - get over there!

I have Suzie's channel saved to my favourites on YouTube so that I don't miss a thing. I caught up with the video below this week and thought it was a good 'un! I am on board the simple hair train; although I will never be able to make it look as easy as the lovely Suzie does! I think I may have a pop at the braids and the half up bun...looks easy enough to me...(*looks nervously at the hair brush*).

Cider With Rosie
I have been a HUGE fan of this very gorgeous lady for a long time and have mentioned her blog on a couple of occasions before - it is just impossible to miss her out of any 'Top Blog' list. This month, apart from every post she ever does being a favourite, I have managed to narrow it down to the one(s) that made me all nostalgic (or hungry). Her post 'A summer walk in the bluebell woods'  made me recall the countless times I walked our old dog Bobby (Bobble to me) in our local woods. Those moments that you have alone in the fresh air are so precious and lend themselves to wonderful thinking time. I miss him and our walks. I also need to briefly mention the 'White Chocolate and Caramel Brownies' post - Oh. My. Goodness. As if the pictures were not enough to make me want to walk out of work, head to Sainsbury's for ingredients and go home and bake, there was also a video (drool!). I need to make these. My mouth is watering just typing this post about them! 

What have been your favourite blog posts this month? Link them in the comments below for me to check out!

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