14 July 2014

Mini Haul (Zara & Topshop) | New YouTube Video

You won't see haul videos from me very often because I am just not a shopper. But sometimes, when all the things you own have moth bites in them you just have to go for it! I have always admired Zara from a distance and decided that a good place to start was with getting some of their basics which, as it turns out, are pretty darn great! (I have ordered a couple more stripey t-shirts since - I'm obsessed). I also have my eye on their ripped cropped jeans...am I too old for ripped jeans? (Mum, I know you will say yes, anyone else?).

I'll tell you what I am starting to feel too old for and that's Topshop (why are all their tops so cropped? why is everyone shopping in there 15 years old? why do most of their clothes make me think 'you'll catch your death in that!'). Anyhoo, having decided I am better shopping in there from a distance...i.e. my sofa, I saw the red sandals that will be forever referred to as my 'ugly sandals' (see video for details!) and naturally gravitated towards some make up too.

What have you been buying recently? Let me know your top three fashion and/or beauty buys!


  1. I can't lie, Topshop scares the living daylights out of me. Everyone's just too damn hip in there. Using words like hip is why I'll never be comfortable in that place. The sandals are lovely though and you can't beat a bit of comfort - men don't know, they'll never know.
    But welcome to the Zara party, I think they do do the best basics :-)
    M x Life Outside London

    1. I am not cool enough to shop in Topshop by a long way - I work in a school and whenever I say a word I think is 'hip' (!) I get laughed at... In my opinion being over 30 rocks! (I can't say 'rocks' at school either!). I have fallen in love with Zara - where have I been?!! xx


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