18 July 2014

Loving, Needing, Meh! #55

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This week I have been LOVING:
  • Actually going home on Monday night and enjoying an evening with Joe - a novelty! (the novelty being the at home part!). Just sayin'.
  • Seeing my YouTube subscribers climb a little. I have 117 lovely subscribers now and, whilst I appreciate that in the bigger scheme of YouTube it isn't a lot, I think each and every one of them/you are smashing! (Yep, bringing back 'smashing'). Thank you to everyone who has joined the dark side and all of you who watch what I have to ramble on about each and every Monday!
  • This dance song. Honestly, my music taste is mental. Didn't I only mention Metallica last week? I am all over the shop. I do love Metallica though. In contrast, I cannot get enough of this Tom Odell song too, just to even things out here!
  • Watching hedgehogs from my bedroom window at mums. I got woken up last night by a huge hedgehog digging in the slates under the front windows whilst two cats stared at it. I am sure they were thinking '...what on earth is that and what is it doing?!'.
  • The strong breeze that has literally just started as I sit on the edge of the bed typing this post (11.30pm Thursday night!). It is so muggy today and apparently the UK is set for big thunder storms this weekend. We really can't cope with any weather over here!
  • Eating no rubbish. There have been all sorts up for grabs this week and I have refused it all! Even my mums yummy cake. *pats self on the back enthusiastically*
  • My new Zara ripped jeans (sorry mum). I couldn't resist them and I LOVE them!
  • Having comments left on my blog/YouTube/Instagram by one of my fave bloggers, Michelle from Life Outside London. I adore this blog, the style of her writing - everything. Gorgeous lady, gorgeous blog. Thanks for hopping aboard my crazy train!
This week I have been NEEDING:
  • To go into 'work mode' and make some progress on wedding planning (I have done a lot this week people!). It is strange how it works though...at work I organise so much stuff and it's fine. Left to my own devices to plan our wedding and I am all 'oh, I'll do it later!'. This week I shook of my lazy wedding brain and replaced it with a 'you are almost 34 years old, get a sodding grip...' brain.
  • New feet. Mine are hurting. 
This weeks 'MEH!':
  • There are a couple of rants I could have here but I won't because I will just feel all stressed afterwards! Let's just say - other peoples lateness and lack of care for said lateness and also bad customer service. It just sets me off, don't be bad at customer service!


  1. Little public love in? (That's the most careful typing I ever did!!!) so SO glad I discovered your little corner of the web :o)
    M x

    1. Yep, I'm going public! (you did well with the typing, that would've been interesting!!). I'm so pleased to have found YOUR little corner of t'web! (my attempt at Northern!). Cheesy Tuesday! <3


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