19 July 2014

Bonus Video! | Weekend (Mini) Vlog

I am not the worlds greatest at vlogging but I do kind of adopt the attitude of practice makes perfect so thought I would vlog a little last weekend. Is it just us or are our weekends not as full on as other peoples? Maybe it is us! I think that the weeks are so full on that by the time the weekend spins around we are both a bit exhausted! Still, I really like watching vlogs so figured I would put this up anyway, just in case one person is interested! 

See this as a little 'bonus video' if you will. Enjoy.
(oh, and PS: Happy Weekend!)



  1. Playing video catch up.
    I love the Attenborough style nose around your friends garden, it's like the Southfork of the bunny world.
    Also spent an inordinately long time trying to chin and grin - I can confirm that it's not comfortable in the slightest. At all.
    Oh and I didn't think it was THAT kind of foam roller, I thought paint roller. I was confused for a while.
    M x Life Outside London

    1. I love your comments - constant entertainment! Keep em coming! :-)


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