9 July 2014

A Life List

I am a real list person. This is my 'Life List' or 'Bucket List' depending on what floats your boat. There are probably many more things that I would like to add to this and I may have to revisit this (definitely!) but for now, these are some of the things I would really like to do, in no particular order!

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:: Marry the man of my dreams.
:: Travel around the coast of Cornwall and Scotland (and make some art about it).
:: See New York City in Autumn (Fall... you can't say New York and Autumn really can you!).
:: See the following musicians/bands live: Counting Crows (because once isn't enough) / Tom Odell / Cold Play /  Mumford and Sons / Metallica (somewhere away from the headbanging hard-cores!).
:: Stay up late on Sennen Beach in Cornwall watching the stars.
:: Visit the Tower of London.
:: Go to a New Years Eve ball...I don't know how or when or where but I want to put on a pretty dress, with sequins and feel all festive and posh!
:: Spend a day at Hever Castle in spring - one of my favourite places (with great cake too!).
:: Have a special summer holiday somewhere like this.
:: Receive a handwritten love letter.
:: Visit the Kennedy Space Centre.
:: Watch a movie outside, snuggled up on a blanket, sipping whiskey.
:: Learn to surf and kite surf (in readiness for living by the sea obviously).
:: Have a long weekend in Paris, staying somewhere sweet, in the heart of it all.
:: See the Northern Lights.
:: Go on a fitness holiday in the sun and come home tanned, fitter and more balanced.
:: Slow dance with someone special, without a care in the world.


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