31 July 2014

The Summer Tag

This week I have been tagged to do 'The Summer Tag' by Stephanie Claire from the lovely blog 'Tea in Your Twenties'! This is something a bit fun and different for me so I thought 'why not?!'... here we go then...

 photo sea_zpsd5ef2a8a.png
{Imaged sourced from Pinterest}

What is your favourite thing about summer?
Where do I start? I work in a school so I love the holidays, even though I'm working, but the peace and quiet is fabulous for a while! Then you have the barbies (food not doll obviously!) and the light mornings and evenings and the summer storms... hang on, was it meant to be one favourite thing?!

Do you have a favourite summer drink?
Is it dull to say peach iced tea? I don't mind one bit if it is because that is what I love to my very core! I'd rather get my alcohol calories from a massive piece of chocolate cake!

Is there a location that you prefer to go in the summer?
Having not been abroad for almost ten years I am going to have to go with Cornwall. I fell in love with the far West of the county having first gone there several years ago now. The landscape is so incredibly beautiful and there are beaches to suit everyone. In-fact, we love it so much that we have chosen to get married there! 

Favourite makeup look for summer?
If you are a regular reader of my blog then you may already know that I kinda love makeup! I change it up all the time so this is a tough one to answer but normally is would be a light, more glowy base or BB cream...actually I am loving the Garnier Miracle Skin Cream (for good skin days!). It has skincare properties as well as a little coverage and is great worn alone or under makeup as a bit of a primer. Then it will be a blotted bright lip and something long lasting on my eyes like the Maybelline Colour Tattoo eyeshadow in 'On and On Bronze' - adore this stuff and it doesn't budge a jot!

Dresses or skirts?
It would be dresses for me and I wear a lot of tunics with leggings too. Much more 'me' than skirts that's for sure-I'm not great at pairing skirts and tops, totally rubbish actually, it needs to come ready matched! 

Sandals or ballet pumps?
Sandals for the hottest days. I don't own many shoes really but definitely sandals! Don't you remember me mentioning my 'ugly sandals'? I prefer to keep the tootsies aired as much as possible when I am wandering about outside in the heat and, I have to agree with this lovely lady, that Havaianas are the best flip-flops ever - I have a purple pair and a black pair and they have been super comfy from day one.

Hair up or down in summer?
My hair is normally down for work because I feel a bit scrappy with it up. I need to master more ways of putting it up that doesn't involve it being scraped back gym style! As soon as I walk through the door from work it is twisted up into a high bun or something equally as messy!

Smokey eyes or bold lips?
When I was younger I used to be all about the smokey eye. These days I feel I look a bit (a lot) like I've done several rounds in the boxing ring - maybe I'm losing my touch! I love wearing colour so it is a bold lipstick or lip crayon that I reach for. I love the Revlon Matte Balms for their longevity, plus their colour range is fab.

Favourite perfume for summer?
Considering I own one perfume and have had it for a while I am going to say that I like to make sure I have the scent of freshly washed hair, something coconut scented or, even better than that, the L'Oreal Ever Strong Conditioner (Rosemary and Mint - utter heaven). Sorry, not a traditional scent choice but I am not traditional!

Favourite summer music?
I love such a variety of music that it really is hard to choose my summer playlist. For daytime it would have to be something a bit more lively and motivational, like Metallica, Mona, Kodaline, Muse or Kings of Leon maybe. For chilling out it would be a variety of tracks from these awesome people: Counting Crows, Tom Odell and Coldplay.

It's not often I get tagged in things so that was a fun change for me, so thanks to the lovely Stephanie Claire from 'Tea in Your Twenties' for tagging me! Who to tag next... Kat from 'Laydey Katabella' - you're it!

29 July 2014

Taking Stock | Man Style #3

Here we go with July's edition of 'Taking Stock' from Joe's point of view! Have you tried getting your man to do this? 

 photo fromlucywithlovetakingstockjoe_zpsd7427b9d.png
{Image sourced from Pinterest}

Making | wedding plans finally!
Cooking | beef burgers that were too big.
Drinking | loads of water.
Reading | the best lyrics I've read for ages.
Wanting | a holiday.
Looking | for thunder bugs.
Playing | 'Into The Air'.
Deciding | where to start the drum tracks.
Wishing | our house had air conditioning.
Enjoying | having salads. Lots of salads.
Waiting | for the registrar to call us.
Liking | our new song.
Wondering | how are we actually all here, floating in nothingness as a tiny, insignificant part of the universe just enough distance from the sun.
Loving | watching athletics.
Hoping | we can set a date soon.
Marveling | at an electric toothbrush.
Needing | a break for my mind.
Smelling | barbecues in the air.
Wearing | just shorts.
Following | idiot drivers when driving to work.
Noticing | that there are a lot of idiot drivers.
Knowing | the next 2 weeks will be tough.
Thinking | about everything.
Feeling | excited to be getting married.
Opening | a new laptop.
Giggling | whilst playing 'George the Shark'.

28 July 2014

Taking Stock | July 2014

 photo fromlucywithlovetakingstockLucy_zps3d466a2e.png
{Image sourced from Pinterest}

Making | a whole lot of mess in our spare bedroom every time I come home at the weekend.
Cooking | not enough of anything.
Drinking | copious amount of water.
Reading | 'The Five People You Meet in Heaven' by Mitch Albom (again).
Wanting | a day or two (or three) on the beach.
Looking | out the window at the fabulous lightning storms.
Playing | 'Budapest' and 'Rude' - my happy, summer songs (certainly not Joe's!).
Deciding | when to party (post wedding!).
Wishing | some personal situations were very, very different.
Enjoying | fajita nights with close friends.
Waiting | for August holidays - rest time.
Liking | getting back to some heftier weights in the gym again.
Wondering | what to get Joe for his birthday.
Loving | all my amazing new (and existing) followers on YouTube, Bloglovin', Pinterest and Instagram (thank you guys so much!)
Hoping | my dream wedding dress comes back into stock (pretty please).
Marveling | at how fast little people change and grow.
Needing | to get out of buildings and out into nature.
Smelling | my beautiful sweet peas.
Wearing | high heels for way too many hours (my hips are aching so badly).
Following | Lilly Ahlberg on YouTube. Hannah Maggs uses Lilly's music in her vlogs and I really enjoy listening to her so thought I would subscribe! I particularly like her cover of 'Chocolate' by 1973.
Noticing | the resident hedgehog at mum and dads. SO cute!
Knowing | that we will be married by this time next year!
Thinking | about starting to paint again.
Feeling | a little run down but optimistic about the future.
Opening | beautifully packaged wedding dresses to try on.
Giggling | at Joe's Morris Dancing impression - don't ask!

27 July 2014

My Favourite Blog Posts | July Edition

My favourite blogs don't change that often so I am changing 'My Favourite Blogs' of the month to 'My Favourite Blog Posts'! (and maybe a YouTube video or two). Daring change there huh?!

I have been so busy this month that my Bloglovin' reading list currently says '557 unread posts' (oops). That said I have still found time to catch up with some...

 photo fromlucywithlove-favouritepostsjuly_zpsd03ac4d6.png
{Image sourced from Pinterest}

I can't remember who introduced me to Little Winter but I adore it. The photo's are always well thought out and beautifully presented too. This month I enjoyed looking at the post 'We Liked: The Simple Things' as it kind of reminded me of the sort of weekends Joe and I have together. The Bills pancakes (it doesn't say they are Bills but I recognise them as such - correct me if I'm wrong!), the cat, the sweet peas (mine are coming along nicely) and the computer catch up. I enjoy the sneak peak into others peoples lives and the escapism it allows. Do check it out, such a lovely blog. I also discovered this post too whilst linking the one I am talking about - this could go on forever - get over there!

I have Suzie's channel saved to my favourites on YouTube so that I don't miss a thing. I caught up with the video below this week and thought it was a good 'un! I am on board the simple hair train; although I will never be able to make it look as easy as the lovely Suzie does! I think I may have a pop at the braids and the half up bun...looks easy enough to me...(*looks nervously at the hair brush*).

Cider With Rosie
I have been a HUGE fan of this very gorgeous lady for a long time and have mentioned her blog on a couple of occasions before - it is just impossible to miss her out of any 'Top Blog' list. This month, apart from every post she ever does being a favourite, I have managed to narrow it down to the one(s) that made me all nostalgic (or hungry). Her post 'A summer walk in the bluebell woods'  made me recall the countless times I walked our old dog Bobby (Bobble to me) in our local woods. Those moments that you have alone in the fresh air are so precious and lend themselves to wonderful thinking time. I miss him and our walks. I also need to briefly mention the 'White Chocolate and Caramel Brownies' post - Oh. My. Goodness. As if the pictures were not enough to make me want to walk out of work, head to Sainsbury's for ingredients and go home and bake, there was also a video (drool!). I need to make these. My mouth is watering just typing this post about them! 

What have been your favourite blog posts this month? Link them in the comments below for me to check out!

25 July 2014

Loving, Needing, Meh! #56

 photo 8B053EBF-EC85-4937-BB3D-92C8B3A2FD88_zpseexk2j3d.jpg

This week I have been LOVING:
  • In the top spot it has to be the beautiful lavender I received from my extremely wonderful colleague at work. I teared up as soon as she gave it to me because it is so thoughtful and I love lavender so much. I couldn't imagine work without her and she has saved me from hysterics on many an occasion. Thank you Judith, you're the best!
  • I am loving the feeling in the air at work now that the end of term has arrived. We have a six week long 'mufti day' to look forward to and that is pretty damn good! It is peaceful and I am looking forward to getting things done that have been moved along the 'to-do' list all year.
  • I really enjoyed this very open and honest YouTube video by Ingrid, from the channel Miss Glamorazzi called 'There's Something Good in Every Day'. A very interesting and inspirational little video by a lovely lady! 
  • More storms! There is one happening right now! Lovely fresh breeze and thunder, just what the doctor ordered. 
This week I have been NEEDING:
  • I need the Cornish registrar to call back! We have been playing telephone tennis all week long and so far haven't actually spoken yet! The big day (little day actually) is all booked apart from that bit (which is kind of important!) - come on!
  • Speaking of wedding related bits and pieces - I really need to start thinking about venues for our post wedding party. It will be a couple of weeks after the day because of how we are doing things but I am looking forward to getting things booked and then I can work out the smaller details.
This weeks 'MEH!':
  • I don't mean to sound all 'English' here and live the British cliche but this sticky humidity is driving me crazy! I love warm weather but not being able to sleep at night and having work trousers clinging to me all day is not fun at all! 

23 July 2014

When did it get so crazy?

 photo fromlucywithlove-bird_zps123c838e.png
{Image sourced from Pinterest, originally from here}

I was having a chat with someone the other day about how fast life can change and you don't even know how it happened or even remember the transition. Crazy.

This is not a post about me having a moan at all, more about highlighting the fact that, occasionally, it is worth doing a bit of a 'life audit' and trying to work on anything that may need re-balancing. I have really noticed that, over the last 12 months specifically, life has taken a turn for the manic. Getting up early, throwing a bit of near-useless-for-supplying-sustained-energy food in a bag, driving to work, rushing about, working late, getting home, rushing to the gym, rushing home to spend time with Joe, cooking dinner, eating dinner like a robot (a tired robot) and falling asleep on the sofa then bed. Repeat.

(Putting it writing hits home even more let me tell you). 

The other thing that had recently jumped to the front of my mind is how guilty I feel all the time. If I get home and I'm exhausted I feel terrible for not going to the gym. If I haven't completed a task at work I can really give myself the worst time over it. Is it a struggle to be the best version of me? If it is, why? I think I may be missing things at the moment and I don't like it. I am always telling people to stop, look around, see, feel and hear the now. Note to self - pay attention to your own advice!

I guess my point is to take notice if the scales tip slightly and don't get too used to it. Remember what's important; spending time with loved ones, seeing new places, laughing at the cat chasing a leaf around the garden...you get it...whatever floats your boat.

I am going to spend this summer addressing what has slipped slightly and replacing the sleeping on the sofa with seeing more of friends and getting outside (if only to sleep on a chair out there instead! I'm kidding...sort of!)

Anyone else suffering from a 'mad life crisis'? Fancy a cuppa? 

22 July 2014

Up-cycling Coffee Jars

My name is Lucy and I collect jars.

Please say it's not just me?

They are not just any kind of jars though, oh no, they are old Douwe-Egberts coffee jars (I don't even drink coffee!). People save them for me because I am obsessed and recently I had to cut off my source because it was getting jar crazy! The thing with them is that they are such a perfect shape and can be used for so many things, not only that but they come in all sizes and the mini ones are so darn cute!

So far I have used these jars for:
:: a flower vase
:: a paint brush pot
:: a make up brush holder
:: a drinking glass
:: to mix water-colour
:: to grow a hyacinth (the small ones)
:: general stationary storage (pins, paper clips etc!)

Today I thought I would show you something I have done with the little ones of late because they just look pretty! A quick sub-note is that if you want to use these for flowers you need to sit something inside the jar to hold the water as the paint is water soluble.

You will need:

:: Paint brush
:: Jars
:: Old household paint (I had a couple of samples left over)
:: Acrylic paint
:: Old pot to mix your paint
:: Kitchen roll

How to:
1. Wash your jar/s with washing up liquid to breakdown any grease and leave to dry completely.
2. Mix your paint so it is ready to go. I needed to add a small amount of water to mine as you will need the consistency to be thick but runny enough so that when you tip the jar it covers the inside.
3. Tip paint into the jar and move around to cover the inside (see above picture). Another option is to simply cover the bottom third of the jar to leave a dipped effect.
4. Once totally covered you may need a paint brush to finish or neaten the lip of the jar.
5. If there is quite a bit of paint remaining inside the jar just tip it back into the pot you mixed it in.
6. Use your kitchen roll to clean the top and stop drips running down the edge.
7. Stand the jar on a flat surface to dry. This will take several hours, especially as the paint will gather on the very bottom in quite a thick layer. I left mine over night.
8. Apply a second coat, repeating the process until you are happy with how they look.

There you have it - and it really is so simple. I think they look great just as they are so I am going to pop mine on display in my office, but you could do anything with yours!

If you make them why not tag me on Instagram or Twitter to show me how they turned out?

21 July 2014

Navy Blue Eyeliner | New YouTube Video

Happy Monday lovely people! I hope you all have a fab start to your week.

It's new YouTube video time again - today I am here with a navy blue eyeliner 'look' (I hate calling them looks but can't think of anything else!). I never thought I would wear blue eyeliner (hello 1980's!) but I actually think it adds a nice pop of colour to an otherwise muted make up - what do you think?

Let's keep this short and sweet today and get straight into the video! 

If you have a YouTube Channel let me know! Leave a comment below with a link and I'll check it out!

19 July 2014

Bonus Video! | Weekend (Mini) Vlog

I am not the worlds greatest at vlogging but I do kind of adopt the attitude of practice makes perfect so thought I would vlog a little last weekend. Is it just us or are our weekends not as full on as other peoples? Maybe it is us! I think that the weeks are so full on that by the time the weekend spins around we are both a bit exhausted! Still, I really like watching vlogs so figured I would put this up anyway, just in case one person is interested! 

See this as a little 'bonus video' if you will. Enjoy.
(oh, and PS: Happy Weekend!)


18 July 2014

Loving, Needing, Meh! #55

 photo 27880588-7F15-42BD-9E30-7DE804CDDF14_zpskjbzu9yc.jpg

This week I have been LOVING:
  • Actually going home on Monday night and enjoying an evening with Joe - a novelty! (the novelty being the at home part!). Just sayin'.
  • Seeing my YouTube subscribers climb a little. I have 117 lovely subscribers now and, whilst I appreciate that in the bigger scheme of YouTube it isn't a lot, I think each and every one of them/you are smashing! (Yep, bringing back 'smashing'). Thank you to everyone who has joined the dark side and all of you who watch what I have to ramble on about each and every Monday!
  • This dance song. Honestly, my music taste is mental. Didn't I only mention Metallica last week? I am all over the shop. I do love Metallica though. In contrast, I cannot get enough of this Tom Odell song too, just to even things out here!
  • Watching hedgehogs from my bedroom window at mums. I got woken up last night by a huge hedgehog digging in the slates under the front windows whilst two cats stared at it. I am sure they were thinking '...what on earth is that and what is it doing?!'.
  • The strong breeze that has literally just started as I sit on the edge of the bed typing this post (11.30pm Thursday night!). It is so muggy today and apparently the UK is set for big thunder storms this weekend. We really can't cope with any weather over here!
  • Eating no rubbish. There have been all sorts up for grabs this week and I have refused it all! Even my mums yummy cake. *pats self on the back enthusiastically*
  • My new Zara ripped jeans (sorry mum). I couldn't resist them and I LOVE them!
  • Having comments left on my blog/YouTube/Instagram by one of my fave bloggers, Michelle from Life Outside London. I adore this blog, the style of her writing - everything. Gorgeous lady, gorgeous blog. Thanks for hopping aboard my crazy train!
This week I have been NEEDING:
  • To go into 'work mode' and make some progress on wedding planning (I have done a lot this week people!). It is strange how it works though...at work I organise so much stuff and it's fine. Left to my own devices to plan our wedding and I am all 'oh, I'll do it later!'. This week I shook of my lazy wedding brain and replaced it with a 'you are almost 34 years old, get a sodding grip...' brain.
  • New feet. Mine are hurting. 
This weeks 'MEH!':
  • There are a couple of rants I could have here but I won't because I will just feel all stressed afterwards! Let's just say - other peoples lateness and lack of care for said lateness and also bad customer service. It just sets me off, don't be bad at customer service!

17 July 2014

Top Pins | Wedding Day Dreams

Weddings have never really been my thing. That is not to say that I don't enjoy other peoples, I love a good wedding, but I have never dreamed of a big fuss, a hundred or more people staring in my direction (this fills me with huge fear more than excitement). However, I now have to think about it, Joe and I are upping the wedding planning effort and yesterday I actually emailed some suggested dates off to our chosen venue. I will share more on where it is once it is all confirmed.

We have decided, for many reasons, that we would like to marry alone. This is not because we don't want to share our 'big day' with our nearest and dearest but because it is just the way we are and what we want (there is also the financial reason too of course). Choosing to do things this way means that I/we don't have as much to organise but there is still quite a bit. We have been talking about it for a while and never really moved forward on it but time seems to slip away, so now we are trying to get sorted. 

I have had my 'Wedding Dreams' board on Pinterest for a while, pinning anything from pretty flowers to cupcakes, and, whilst many of these things are not needed when you are doing it 'just the two of you', it is fun nonetheless! I would like to share my top wedding pins with you, if you don't mind of course, let me know what you think and feel free to share your favourite pins too.

 photo from-lucy-with-love--dresses_zps082a0c52.png
(Far left) :: It is all about the back of the dress for me and I love this! I couldn't pull this off personally but I think you can take inspiration from what you like and then dilute it to suit your body and shape. / (Middle top) :: I like high backs as much as low and this gorgeous dress is just the right amount of intricate for me. I adore the buttons and the lacy flowers too. / (Middle) :: To sleeve or not to sleeve, that is the question. I like three quarter length and these cap sleeves too. I am not sure I can 'do' sleeveless... / (Middle bottom) :: Now this is to die for, honestly, I love, love. LOVE this! Lace? Tick! Detail? Tick. Slightly low back? Tick! / (Far right) :: I think this dress is a bit more glam than things I have looked at for myself recently, it has a vintage look about it which I really like and is so pretty. The contrast of textures is adorable and very feminine. 

 photo from-lucy-with-love--decorate_zps391d5314.png
(Far left) :: Paper pompoms hanging in a tree (k.i.s.s.i.n.g!) Is there anything more pretty? / (Top left) :: Wool pompoms! There is a theme developing here! The contrast of yellow against this natural wood is gorgeous. / (Top right) :: I think I have a thing for natural materials. I love these paper decorations and the mixture of grey and bright colours. / (Bottom right) :: Paper hearts - good. Lace paper hearts - beautiful.

 photo from-lucy-with-love--flowers_zpsb1f92ada.png
(Far left) :: I am a hoarder of jars, there, I said it. There is something about the look of flowers in old jam jars which just does it for me, so pretty! / (Top left) :: Peonies are my choice for my bouquet (when the day happens!) They are simply wonderful. / (Top right) :: I couldn't resist a close up. I think this colour would look amazing against a cream wedding dress. / (Bottom right) :: I know, I know, more jars! I pinned these because I thought the colour-way was so interesting and I love how the flowers look and the twigs within the displays ('twigs'??!).

14 July 2014

Mini Haul (Zara & Topshop) | New YouTube Video

You won't see haul videos from me very often because I am just not a shopper. But sometimes, when all the things you own have moth bites in them you just have to go for it! I have always admired Zara from a distance and decided that a good place to start was with getting some of their basics which, as it turns out, are pretty darn great! (I have ordered a couple more stripey t-shirts since - I'm obsessed). I also have my eye on their ripped cropped jeans...am I too old for ripped jeans? (Mum, I know you will say yes, anyone else?).

I'll tell you what I am starting to feel too old for and that's Topshop (why are all their tops so cropped? why is everyone shopping in there 15 years old? why do most of their clothes make me think 'you'll catch your death in that!'). Anyhoo, having decided I am better shopping in there from a distance...i.e. my sofa, I saw the red sandals that will be forever referred to as my 'ugly sandals' (see video for details!) and naturally gravitated towards some make up too.

What have you been buying recently? Let me know your top three fashion and/or beauty buys!

13 July 2014

Sunday Snaps!

These bi-weekly posts seem to come along mighty fast these days. When I sat down to do this post I thought it had only been one week since I posted pictures and figured, because it'd been quite an eventful week, I'd do a 'bonus post'. When I looked at the date it had, in fact, been two weeks already...how? 

 photo From-Lucy-With-Love-13th-July_zpsd6eae858.png
1. 'Let me in!' - she just can't work it out bless her cottons! / 2. Getting my craft on this weekend for a blog post coming up soon! / 3. If you saw this post then you will know all about my London jaunt this week. I must have hundreds of pictures of The London Eye that look exactly like this one but every time I see it I get an urge to take yet another one, just in case! / 4. My bestie, L, lent me her man for the evening. Here we are, post show, looking hot (not in that way!). / 5. London by night is never boring. / 6. This Saturday I was on bunny-feeding-duties as A and L were away. These guys are the luckiest bunnies around, you can't see it but they have a mega playground to explore! / 7. This may not interest anyone but me - my sweet peas are growing AND flowering! Last year I planted too many in one pot and they grew weak and wobbly and produced about two flowers. Not this year... / 8. Looking tired post-workout. Trying to maintain a training regime when you are working like a slave doesn't go hand in hand. I just keep trying to do something  and remind myself that, come August, I will be back on track. I need routine though...come on August! / 9. I love how paint looks as it is getting mixed - it's the small things people.

12 July 2014

Spontaneity isn't dead!

I used to think I was spontaneous, heaven knows why, because I would class myself way off of that avenue of life these days, having got far to comfortable in my own little bubble here in the countryside.

Being someone who suffers a wee bit with anxiety, particularly in busy places, I am not one to gallivant into the 'big smoke' at the drop of a hat, carelessly throwing together a stylish outfit that would slot right in to the surroundings of 'places hip'. No. This certainly doesn't come naturally to me at all!

But this week saw me receive a last minute invitation to the theatre with my lovely friend Ant (my besties other half) to see Richard III at Trafalgar Studios. They managed to get some tickets all thanks to their ruddy awesome business, Pigs Might Fly South, a fabulous fake blood supplier to all things movie and stage (how cool!). They are the suppliers for this show and handily got some pretty darn fantastic tickets for the opening (gulp) on Thursday night.

Having said 'yes' I proceeded to panic and obsess like a mad woman about train times and crowds and the fact that all I had to wear was what I was in at that very second (or very old gym kit...hmmm, maybe not!). But, reminding myself that I wanted to do more fun things, I thought 'sod it' and went into London all of a fluster but ready for a fab night!

I am not going to attempt a review because I certainly cannot offer anything useful, so here is my review - it was effing genius. The End. (oh, and Martin Freeman was very good too - oh yeah, and we were sat on the stage!). Scroll down for a 'The best Bits' list (because lists I can do!).

 photo E642FD4D-DEEF-43AD-BC2E-EAC2A4262884_zpsddruvxue.jpg

 photo 69C06EE9-D873-4587-B731-5380F6BE4E09_zpsjc4bp93y.jpg

 photo 713766A4-6103-473D-A322-77FAC3275CFD_zps4satp8ht.jpg

 photo A8E68EA3-4F24-415B-8097-083B61270DB7_zpsm2hebbdf.jpg

 photo 0E569A3F-49F0-4545-892A-EB386574A258_zpsu0xz9eyq.jpg

London :: The Best Bits
:: Having company who knows how terrified I am of trains and actually came to find me once I climbed on the carriage and froze to the spot (thanks Ant!).
:: Having half an hours sit down at the station to read my magazine.
:: Being brought a really rather delicious lemonadey-frothy number from Cafe Nero. No idea why or how it was so frothy but who cares!
:: Getting to do a bit of summer sight-seeing on the walk to the theatre.
:: Trying to recognise the various familiar faces from screen and stage and failing. I only remembered one persons name, this man, and only because, back in the day I watched Eastenders all the time!
:: Being sat on the actual stage people! (and being a little star struck at being a metre away from Martin Freeman at one point!)
:: Walking out of the theatre to a cooler London and strolling back to the station yacking on about 'how amazing' the evening was and admiring the lights.


11 July 2014

Loving, Needing, Meh! #54

 photo 0897DF83-ED28-45D5-ADF2-0A1B12A54DA7_zpsrpxbeipd.jpg

This week I have been LOVING:
  • The thought of some time off in August. Just a little please. I intend on buying a cheap and cheerful sun lounger and baring my transparent limbs to the world. It dawned on me when I finally got some 'garden time' last weekend (see this post for details) how long it has been since I had some proper down time. So needed.
  • A last minute (and very amazing) invite from Pigs Might Fly South to go to the opening night of Richard III at Trafalgar Studios. More of that soon!
  • My red converse. Still not sure I'm cool enough to wear them but I love them anyway!
  • Pretend book shopping on Amazon. I have my eye on this and this. Come on pay day. Of course, if I buy them I need to actually find time to read them...this is where my first point comes in!
  • Psychologies magazine. This is something I never thought I would get in to but it has just been ticking all the right boxes recently and is surprisingly not as hippy-dippy as I once imagined!
  • Seeing Farnborough Air Show rehearsing from my office window. I'm not so sure that you call it 'rehearsing' but you get it!
  • This track by Metallica, purely for the opening few bars. It got me through some horrendous training on Saturday. Thank you.
This week I have been NEEDING:
  • To mend my locks. I think some texturising spray I have been using is drying out my mane and causing it to snap. I won't mention the one just yet, not until I am 100% sure, but I have treated myself to my favourite and yummiest smelling shampoo and conditioner in order to start it on the road to recover. Seriously, this combination does wonders for my hair! (If you are in the UK then try Tescos as they had these on half price last Saturday...I am off to buy more...).
  • Sugar. You know you are tired when it is all you think about.
This weeks 'MEH!':
  • Any number of food related clumsiness incidents. Knocking things over, catapulting salad, spilling water in my shoe (yep!), dropping chicken on the floor (twice during the same meal), getting salad dressing in my eye (today at work) and having yoghurt on my nose for heaven knows how long on Tuesday morning (also at work). I blame lack of sleep.

9 July 2014

A Life List

I am a real list person. This is my 'Life List' or 'Bucket List' depending on what floats your boat. There are probably many more things that I would like to add to this and I may have to revisit this (definitely!) but for now, these are some of the things I would really like to do, in no particular order!

 photo fromlucywithlove-bucket-list_zps63bca672.png
{Picture sourced from Pinterest}

:: Marry the man of my dreams.
:: Travel around the coast of Cornwall and Scotland (and make some art about it).
:: See New York City in Autumn (Fall... you can't say New York and Autumn really can you!).
:: See the following musicians/bands live: Counting Crows (because once isn't enough) / Tom Odell / Cold Play /  Mumford and Sons / Metallica (somewhere away from the headbanging hard-cores!).
:: Stay up late on Sennen Beach in Cornwall watching the stars.
:: Visit the Tower of London.
:: Go to a New Years Eve ball...I don't know how or when or where but I want to put on a pretty dress, with sequins and feel all festive and posh!
:: Spend a day at Hever Castle in spring - one of my favourite places (with great cake too!).
:: Have a special summer holiday somewhere like this.
:: Receive a handwritten love letter.
:: Visit the Kennedy Space Centre.
:: Watch a movie outside, snuggled up on a blanket, sipping whiskey.
:: Learn to surf and kite surf (in readiness for living by the sea obviously).
:: Have a long weekend in Paris, staying somewhere sweet, in the heart of it all.
:: See the Northern Lights.
:: Go on a fitness holiday in the sun and come home tanned, fitter and more balanced.
:: Slow dance with someone special, without a care in the world.


8 July 2014

Sunday - Hour by Hour

I was going to just post photo's from the weekend but then I thought - why not do an hour-by-hour post. My life isn't that exciting at the moment because work is my life for the month of July, but Sunday had a few things on the 'To Do' list, so here is how the day went for those of you that are interested! (Plus a fair few pictures too!)

7am :: Why is it you always wake up early on a weekend and struggle to get out of bed on a weekday? One of lifes little mysteries right there. I woke up with a painful back today after pushing it in training but it is self inflicted so I cannot moan (well, maybe a little!). I get up quietly because I don't want to wake Joe and head downstairs for a painkiller and a cup of tea. Glamorous huh?

8am :: I am typing up a blog post and enjoying total silence throughout the house. Sunday mornings are the best for that. It feels like the world is still dreaming and you are the only one awake...apart from the birds, who are sounding particularly chirpy.

9am :: Joe is up and we enjoy a slice of fruit toast. We are meeting A and L in Salisbury for brunch but I certainly can't last until 11am without food so it has to be done!

10am :: Showered and preened and good to go. I do my usual just-about-to-go-out-the-house-and-remember-I-have-washing-to-put-in panic and throw in some towels on a hot wash before we head out to town.

 photo 5B3CBCC2-0A87-4C42-BFCC-E6538ACC4FF0_zpsud59amnx.jpg

 photo EC970CBC-37B6-4333-9E07-C69EF2F1E481_zpstrxs91ix.jpg

 photo C3C6E375-29F2-46BB-907C-472DB0EC9342_zpsrkhlmcrd.jpg

 photo B5EECCDF-0595-4E95-ACA4-97B1F4F47494_zpsakaecpdr.jpg

11am :: We arrive at Bills in Salisbury and grab a table, a peach and fresh mint iced tea (so refreshing and so tasty) and a black coffee for Joe, who clearly needs the kick. I love brunch at Bills. I always have the same thing (buttermilk pancakes with fresh berries) but always scan the menu hoping I will feel like branching out and having something different (it never happens!). It is nice to catch up with A and L, and new baby Janey of course, who is changing so fast that it reminds me of how quickly life passes you by.

12pm :: L and I drag 'the boys' (not sure this is the right term!) around a couple of shops because, well, it just had to be done, plus it was only two shops - it could be worse! 

1pm :: In need of a pitstop, yes, visiting two shops is utterly exhausting, we wander into Boston Tea Party for more iced tea (my addiction continues) and something to restore the energy levels too - this, for the uninformed, is a posh way of saying that we ate cake.

 photo C586187E-1341-47C7-BA64-A6631A098218_zpsvjv3i18k.jpg

 photo CA7B8BA4-0A8D-48EA-AA94-5E85E7DE7118_zpsrxw82cls.jpg

2pm :: Home time. I change and head out into the garden to catch the last bit of sun and do some gardening that is long overdue. It gets so windy round our way and I battle the elements and dry soil, which is not a great combination, as I try to protect the baby plants I am re-potting, all the while working with a cat that wants to sleep in the shade that my body is creating and is getting more annoyed every minute as I move about. To solve this problem she lays on my feet. Handy. Thanks Gizmo.

3pm :: I spent a good hour re-potting. Would have been 20 minutes without cat. I love her though and can't resist a cuddle, which took up a great deal of time. Throw in some playing with long pieces of grass and tummy tickling and this gardening thing is a two hour project! I gently tie my sweet peas onto their canes, as they are blowing about frantically, and head in.

 photo 33906842-A6B0-43D0-8138-1C005FA5AC88_zpsr6w1zzhq.jpg

 photo F6EE0AF2-585D-499C-97DD-D981E50351DF_zpscndm04nb.jpg
 photo 304F5E16-27F9-4A62-8E38-942175FE16E6_zpsvxwn0etl.jpg

4pm :: My lovely man has done almost all the house work so I help with a token floor mopping and then get changed into workout gear and attempt a BodyBalance DVD (a very old one at that!). I used to teach this a few years back and haven't done it in a while due to injuries and am surprised that I am still flexible enough to get away with it! 

5pm :: Even though I am baking hot from my workout I decide to do something I never have the time to do and that's have a bath. For me it is usually a quick wash in the shower and on to the next thing. I really enjoyed this soak (well, I lasted 15 minutes...not bad for someone who never sits still). 

6pm :: Big Bang Theory on TV and the ironing pile awaits. I wouldn't have bothered but I can't go to work looking like I am fresh from a bin bag can I? (Can I??).

7pm :: All the jobs are done, hurrah! Dinner time. Chicken and salad - which I manage to immediately catapult onto the floor...excellent. We are getting really into salads at the moment and are actually making the effort to make them more interesting.

8pm :: Joe and I head into his music room/office to listen to the new track he has been working his socks off to create. He often asks me for my opinion, heaven only knows why, I can never make my mind up what sounds better as it usually involves about one seconds worth of something being changed. You will be able to hear the new track 'Into the Air' on his SoundCloud really soon so stay tuned! 

9pm :: Time to pack bags for the week ahead and make some lunch to take to work in the morning. Strawberries, natural yoghurt and granola for breakfast (I get to work super early so always take breakfast) and yet more salad for lunch. Whilst packing my bits and bobs into my bag I get the sudden urge to tidy my wardrobe, which is something I have been needing to do for a while. I make a mental note to get something to stop moths chewing my t-shirts - it is the only explanation for the nibbles at the bottom of seemingly everything I own... but it is always in the same place - how do they know where to bite??

10pm :: Bedtime. The plan was to get into bed and read my blogging magazine but I end up wandering about and before I know it it is nearly 11pm and I am sleepy. Alarm is set for 5am, here goes another week!


7 July 2014

You Beauty Discovery Box - July | New YouTube Video

Whenever this little box arrives it always startles me and serves as a reminder of how fast time is passing... July, already? Yep!

If you have never heard of the 'You Beauty Discovery Box' then it is one of the popular monthly subscription boxes but the difference is you can actually choose what products get posted to you (or you can leave it to chance if you like the element of surprise!). I like doing it this way because it means I will actually use everything I get and not waste money or products! Every month I actually save money as the value of the products inside the box certainly out weighs the price of the subscription (£6.95). On to this months products...

Tanorganic Self Tan Original (100ml)
I have not been overly successful at finding this particular size online but found something similar by the brand priced at £19.99. Tanorganic market themselves as one of the only totally organic self tan companies out there. Because of this is can take the tan a little while to dry on the skin and longer to develop although this is not something that bothers me at all and I found it didn't take too much longer than other tanners I have tried. The consistency is very liquid and you only need a few drops on a tanning mitt before rubbing it in large circular motions around your body. It spreads well and is easy to work with, even for me (I am not the best fake tanner!).

You are meant to leave it for 6 to 8 hours but seeing as I put mine on at 6pm (I didn't really think the time through!) and was falling asleep by 10.30pm, I only left mine on for nearly 5 hours...almost there I guess! If I was confident that I wouldn't wake up in the morning with tango stains on the white bed sheets I would've slept in it... anyone tried this yet? Does it come off while you sleep? Anyway, the results this morning are ok. Not the best I have tried (but let's remember I didn't leave it on for the full time). I will see how it wears on my skin and let you know.

PS: It is one of the better smelling tans!

L'Oreal Miss Manga Mascara
This has been out for a while so I won't waffle on about it because I am sure you have heard of it! Like all the other reviews before this one I would say it is spidery and cloggy but it is meant to be! That is the point and I don't mind it at all. My eyelashes are horribly short and have no impact on their own so I am happy to let something help them out! It is not the greatest mascara I have tried and didn't knock me over sideways when I applied it but it is good!

If you get a beauty box then let me know what products you received too!

6 July 2014

Sunday Snaps

 photo From-Lucy-With-Love-6th-July_zps35153fc3.png
1. I mentioned in this post that I was lucky enough to get some beautiful sunflowers from a lovely work colleague this week. I had them on my desk for the majority of the week - it makes such a difference having flowers at work! / 2. This special edition of Molly Makes magazine was purchased quicker than you can say 'blogging' when I saw it advertised. Although I have had it for over a week I haven't actually had the time to read any of it yet but I have flicked through it and it is awesome! If you are looking at starting a blog or already have one and want some inspiration go buy it. / 3. Lovely little Janey, my besties little one, looking at me in total shock... this is the effect I have on small people. / 4. With last weekend being dedicated to the armed forces Salisbury had this awesome Apache fly over as part of the day... I cannot tell you how much I love these helicopters. / 5. The last two weeks have been all about making salad more interesting. I have been eating it for lunch and with my dinner too. This one was a bit of a treat but so yummy! / 6. A Sunday Smaps would not be complete without Gizmo. / 7. Stawbs, yoghurt and granola = a hearty breakfast. / 8. Tescos have some funky homeware in at the moment. I fell in love with this whale cushion last weekend, and at only £4.00 I thought it was a bargainous beauty! / 9. You know I love to feature beautiful skies on this post. We get lots of them, especially at this time of year. Gorgeous stuff!

4 July 2014

Loving, Needing, Meh! #53

 photo fromlucywithlovesunflowers_zpsb21d8f35.png

This week I have been LOVING:
  • Being brought the lovely sunflowers pictured above. It is always nice to be given flowers, or to buy your own for that matter, but sunflowers on a sunny day are the best! 
  • Topshop deliveries. I brought the sandals that I mentioned in an earlier post, you know, the ones that Joe doesn't like? Well, they are supposed to be comfy, not elegantly stylish and I love them. Mini haul to come on my YouTube Channel really soon.
  • 'Letters to July', a lovely, thought provoking series by Emily Diana Ruth on YouTube. These short films are so beautiful and well done. I highly recommend them.
  • A Glastonbury discovery. At the weekend I brought Kodaline's album from iTunes. I saw their set on the TV when they played the festival and was quite impressed. It is not often I listen to totally new stuff, I usually like to know three or four songs before committing to a whole album but I was clearly feeling 'wild' that night so purchased the album. I like to have it on in the background whilst I work sometimes, it's quite good you know!
This week I have been NEEDING:
  • To go home. I have been away all of this week and absolutely snowed under with work (you may have seen me mention that in the post below!). I am going to be at home this evening and literally cannot wait to get there and collapse in a heap on the sofa. 
This weeks 'MEH!':
  • Yesterday I had one of my busiest work days ever. I had no free time whatsoever as I had lots to get done for an evening event. My shoes had a different idea. Yes, you read that right. I am wandering along the corridor, minding my own business, when, out of knowhere my heal decides it has had enough of life as it knows it and breaks on me. Thanks a lot shoe. So, with a slightly strange walk going on I hot foot it (see what I did there) off to Marks and Spencers like a mad woman to purchase new ones. Back to work in half and hour, bish-bash-bosh!

2 July 2014

*Peeping tentatively around the corner...*

 photo fromlucywithlove_zps223b896c.png
{Image sourced from Pinterest}

Remember me? I am the one who use to type posts and record videos for you to watch.. I know it has only been four days, but I feel bad for going AWOL. A planned rest would involve scheduling posts and editing many videos to cover the time away, but this time it has been 14 hour work days, the blues, and migraines... they kind of get in the way of my blogging time. Please forgive me lovely readers (will you?). It isn't you, it's me...I was thinking of you the whole time!

I have another two weeks of 'crazy' at work before it all returns to normal and I get my life back again. I love my job though so it isn't all bad! So, right now I am peeping tentatively around the corner at you with promises of being back on track.

Sometimes life just gets in the way and that is exactly what happened here.
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