18 June 2014

Unpacking | A lounge makeover & Ikea haul

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If you have ever moved house you will know how long it can take to settle in and to find a home for everything within your new walls. If you rent, like us, it can be an even slower process as you need to work out where you can place the things you would normally hang, without things looking cluttered. 

Although we have lived in our house a little while now, the lounge was the space I was most desperate to make more comfy and homely. We had countless pictures to frame and, although doing this isn't particularly stressful, it can be a bit time consuming and I must admit to feeling a lazy when it came to sitting down and actually printing photos and framing them (turned out to be a pretty simple job after all!).

We are still saving for a chair for our lounge (I want a nice big snugly chair to read in - old lady alert!) but we have finally done something with the space and I thought we would share it with you via this little vlog, which starts with a mini Ikea haul too!

Don't you just love Ikea? I get so over excited in there and always want to leave with a pack of 5,000 neon straws or pastel napkins or something equally as silly that we will never use! That market place section just drags you in (but I think they know what they are doing)... They send you round the displays and then into the cafe, where you stock up on their sweet things, and then you are let loose (on a sugar high) into the market place...heaven on a stick for someone like me. It is all about self control people, that's all...! 


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