10 June 2014

The Forgotten Post...

Here's the thing, this post didn't schedule correctly, it didn't go up last Wednesday as planned because my computer hates me (I'm kidding computer, I know hate is a strong word and you just dislike me!). Not being a big fan of wasting anything, specifically food, but that's not really relevant here, I figured why not just post it anyway! The thing is, we often have weekends very similar to this, so it is not like it is time specific...! So here it is, the 'Forgotten Post'...

As it is mid week, and looks a bit grey as I am typing this (it's probably going to be sunny where you are right now huh?) I thought I would write a post about our weekend to bring a bit of weekend sunshine into our lives. 

 photo 3FCD63BC-1D74-46A9-830C-036A87F71BD6_zpsacwq791q.jpg

Saturday was a bit rainy so we kind of just pottered about a little at home; what else can you do when it's miserable outside? I did my usual training in the lounge, sweating like a mad woman and saying words I couldn't possible repeat on here. Honestly, I love it, but you couldn't tell to watch me!

When the sun showed its beautiful self on Sunday morning we were up and at em' and out the door before 9am (only for pancakes would I be out the door at that time on a Sunday my lovely friends!). When we woke up Joe suggested we go for breakfast in Salisbury so we threw on some comfy weekend clothes (jeans, t-shirt and converse in my case) and drove the short distance into the city centre. Don't you love that time of day, when there is hardly anyone around and everything feels fresh and new?

We chose Bills Restaurant as they do the best breakfasts ever! I adore their buttermilk pancakes (must attempt some homemade ones soon). They pile them high with fresh berries and drizzle sweet maple syrup over too. It really is so good! Joe opted for a bacon sandwich, a proper 'man' breakfast! I also tried their peach and fresh mint iced tea, having developed a 'bit of a thing' for iced tea recently. Let me tell you, it was delicious!

 photo C6330A87-685C-481F-B231-EDB5A7F155DE_zpsx5ggespw.jpg

 photo BF00DF2D-FDEB-4D58-8510-D09C0377B73A_zpsvgc0mwgb.jpg

After breakfast we head on out to the Guildhall Square where there is always something happening it seems, this time an artisan market. I chatted to a lovely lady who sold handmade silver jewellery made my dropping the silver into water where it forms unique patterns and shapes, it was gorgeous. I was tempted by some stud earrings (a bargain at only £12) but ended up not buying them - I have her business card though so may look on her site and treat myself when I can! (As soon as I am back at home I will link her here).

 photo 46BDC661-D424-4F9A-BA28-DB17CB80026A_zpsqmqq1rou.jpg

 photo 4CD50FED-3E7A-4FD9-BA5E-C4A3C31BF8A5_zpsxxjvx8p0.jpg

Wandering from the market, through town, we then took a stroll around the Cathedral Square where there was a Sunday service going on and the sound of the bells ringing out and the choir singing actually made me quite emotional. We often walk around this part of town as it is usually very peaceful, plus the houses are to die for. If you visit Salisbury I highly recommend popping into the cathedral for sure, it really is something.

 photo 32D17DAB-FD57-4D71-B26E-C8A56845B46F_zps7morcwhz.jpg

 photo 4FCA983B-F31B-4383-A616-B8350CE3DE02_zpsgqq26cjd.jpg

The rest of the day was fairly lazy but a perfect way to round up the week.

What is your favourite thing to do at the weekend? 


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