26 June 2014

Taking Stock | Man Style #2

It's Joe on blog take over today for his version of 'Taking Stock'. I much prefer reading other peoples versions of this (link yours in the comments if you do them too!) - I think they are great insight into someones mind, even someone you spend so much time with. Joe seems so good at writing these too, whilst I sit and ponder for hours about the month and try and remember what I have been doing other than working and training (and blogging of course) Joe simply sits and writes, hardly any pauses at all, 'no worries' (his phrase, with a mock Aussie accent - and not a good one - sorry Joe!).

Disclaimer: I sort of chose the picture below because it is cute, Joe wanted 1980's sweets... sorry if you're disappointed!

 photo 1A59625B-021F-4277-93F7-ABC5B61E3514_zpsltqapsgz.jpg
{Image sourced from Pinterest}

Making | more music.
Cooking | popcorn.
Drinking | echinacea.
Reading | the same book as last month.
Wanting | to watch Muppets Christmas Carol.
Looking | beardy.
Playing | football on the PS3 with Lucy.
Deciding | I am annoyingly indecisive.
Wishing | I was more decisive.
Enjoying | ice cream and broken up Flake.
Waiting | to win the lottery.
Liking | the sunny weather.
Wondering | how humans ended up being the dominant species.
Loving | our chilled weekends together.
Hoping | to get a bit fitter.
Marveling | at Lucy's training regime.
Needing | a holiday, still.
Smelling | different types of salad dressing (how rock and roll).
Wearing | shorts for the first time in ages.
Following | the World Cup more than other years.
Noticing | some grey hairs.
Knowing | England wouldn't make it to the knockout stage.
Thinking | too much.
Feeling | headachy.
Opening | nuforen.
Giggling | to Friday Night Dinner.

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