25 June 2014

Taking Stock | June 2014

It is only 5 days until the end of June, can you bloody believe it? I can tell it is progressing into summer as I wake in the night suffering from over-heat-syndrome (a real thing you know!), my hair, when I arrive home from work of an evening, looks nothing  like it did when I set off in the morning and all my clothes feel far to warm to wear (I never have any summer clothes!). It has been a fairly good month all in all, and it is time to reflect and 'take stock'...

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Making | spotify playlists - the best comfort when spending time alone.
Cooking | lasagne and many salads (I know you don't strictly cook salads!)
Drinking | iced tea. I am totally addicted.
Reading | Red magazine. I look forward to it arriving on the doormat every month!
Wanting | new summer clothes (so badly) and these comfy sandals from Topshop please. Joe isn't keen but I love them. A girls got to have some comfortable sandals for the summer.
Looking | at holiday rentals in Cornwall and realising it is definitely a 'no-go' this summer :-(
Playing | Tudors on Netflix, endlessly.
Deciding | how to change up my gym training programme, to lift heavy for a few weeks or not? (I think 'yes')
Wishing | I could have some surfing lessons, very soon.
Enjoying | quiet evenings in an empty house with the windows open and the breeze coming in.
Waiting | for school to break up so I can get stuff done!
Liking | how much my press ups have improved after my operation, slow progress but it is happening!
Wondering | why I suddenly suffer from hay fever - seriously, why now?
Loving | an evening spent with friends. It's been ages but it was fab. Thank you L and A for your company.
Hoping | to see 'A Fault in Our Stars' very soon. I adored the book and desperately want to see the movie.
Marveling | at the beauty of nature late at night. The sounds, the smells, the stars... incredible.
Needing | new gym trainers. I have my eye on something bright like these!
Smelling | coconut shampoo! It's like holiday in a bottle, not to mention one of my favourite scents.
Wearing | shorts, for the first time in ages. I swear I only put them on if the moon is in the right alignment!
Following | the world cup with intrigue. Gotcha! As if!
Noticing | that it is only 6 months until Christmas. This is what happens when you plan school Christmas fairs.
Knowing | that I need animals in my life to get through.
Thinking | about wearing a bright pink lipstick to work, then chickening out and wearing lip balm.
Feeling | like I need to work out a better work / blog / training / life balance, or ask someone for an extra day in the week...
Opening | my mind to the possibility that certain things may just be chemical.
Giggling | at this very cute advert on YouTube.

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