1 June 2014

Sunday Snaps!

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1. I may have mentioned we are starting to plan our wedding (have I?!) and I have been looking at affordable dresses online, this one got delivered this week and I love it! / 2. I have a new addiction to iced tea at the moment and this one from Bills in Salisbury, with actual bits of fresh peach and mint in it, was amazing. / 3. You have Joe to thank for this crazy photo of me. I was mid-backcomb and vulnerable ok?! / 4. I did a little crafting this week - revamping this cork board to have some trendy geometric patterns. I am pleased with it actually and it didn't cost the earth! / 5. Er...let's call this pay back for the picture of me! / 6. I brought this money tree the other day with the intention that it will make me lots of it...nothing yet though (refund?) / 7. I have mention Bills restaurant already but here is a close up of one of there posh lights! / 8. Boston Tea Party in Salisbury - this time to share a caramel slice, iced berry tea (me, obviously!) and coffee (Joe). / 9. Digging this nail polish by Rimmel ('Lose Your Lingerie') - I am enjoying pastels this year more than brights, still love the brights though!

I hope you have had a fab weekend? I have done a little vlogging over this week too so may put that up mid week as a bonus post! 


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