11 June 2014


I have a board on my Pinterest account dedicated to what I have chosen to call 'Beautiful Moments'. I love capturing these fleeting moments that can sometimes be seen as a bit 'everyday' but mean so much. I would rather have these memories in life over anything that costs money, after all, these are the things that make life interesting and wonderful. They are sometimes mundane, but that is what makes them beautiful - you can so easily pass them by...you can so easily miss them or take them for granted. Here are some of my favourites from my Beautiful Moments board.

 photo cup-of-tea_zps4f999208.png
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That moment, first thing in the morning, when the birds are still chirping outside, welcoming the day, and the house is quiet. Just to sit, silently, and listen as everything wakes up is one of my favourite times. It is not very often this happens these days but it makes me appreciate it more when it does.

 photo woods_zps8e1c015f.png
When we used to have a family dog, walking him first thing in the morning or last thing before the sun set was so beautiful and incredibly relaxing. The smell of the woods, the light, the colours, everything about being alone in that environment is humbling. Nature all around you - you can't beat it can you?!

 photo holding-hands_zps1e0b12ee.png
Holding hands is so underrated. I love holding hands with Joe, it's a way of doing public affection without offending! Seriously though, there is a lovely intimacy when you hold hands, a subtle squeeze to say 'I'm here', falling asleep holding hands, watching television arm in arm, hand in hand... I wouldn't stop this for the world.

 photo curtain_zps6edea967.png
This could just be me but having the windows wide open and watching the curtains waving in and out on the breeze is kind of hypnotic, don't you think? (Even better in a storm...!)

 photo sparklers_zps94316d5e.png
This picture is quite nostalgic for me. It reminds me of evenings spent as a child, eagerly awaiting bonfire night, getting excited to see fireworks and smell that unmistakable smell of smoke in the air. It evokes the memory of being outside, wrapped up, everyone enjoying the festivities and then going in doors to warm up with hot drinks and food (although, in our house we used to bbq on bonfire night...and Christmas Eve too...)

 photo moon_zps67ef1a87.png
Have you ever sat and looked out at the ocean in a totally isolated place? If you get to do that it is very awe inspiring. There is a place in West Cornwall that Joe and I like to visit that, on a good day, is super quiet, people free and very, very rugged. Watching the waves, the vastness of the ocean and sky reminds you how small you are and how vulnerable. Don't even get me started on the moon...

 photo spoons_zpsb3cf8a27.png
What is there to say about this...who doesn't love doing this?! 


  1. These are so lovely and so humbling. Great post :-) x

    1. Thanks honey. These kind of pics are my favourite :-)
      (Gotta love Pinterest huh?!)x


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