6 June 2014

Loving, Needing, Meh! #49

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After last week, when I was off all week (delightful) I am back to work, back to the usual routine and back to training like a nut job, so much so that I brought on one of my fabulous exercise induced migraines on Monday night. After lunging up and down the the lounge, doing burpees like a woman possessed and stepping up and down off a chair holding weights (plus many other exercises that send my heart rate through the roof) I developed the ever so lovely 'disco eyes' and that was me, done in, for the rest of the evening. Great! All in all this week has been a good one though and I hope yours has too! Let's get onto the task in hand here:

This week I have been LOVING:
  • Warmer days and heavy clouds. I am a sucker for those 'heavy days' that feel like a storm is brewing. 
  • Cakes that look like people. A colleague at work made cupcakes to look like various members of staff, how clever is she! They were yummy too.
  • This Vitamin C Moisturiser and this Tea Flower Cleansing Wash by Una Brennan. I am notoriously bad at finding a moisturiser that I get on with. My most common problem is that it kind of sits on top of my skin and my make up slides around. Having reached the end of the last one I was using, Rose Hydrate by...um, Una Brennan (#fangirl), which I loved, I fancied trying something else from her range that was a bit lighter. This is not a platform for review so I shall just say that I really bloody love it! The face wash is also awesomeness in a bottle. Reviews to come!
  • House sitting at mums and finding a small amount of chocolate digestives in the cupboard that clearly needed-finishing-or-else-they-would-go-off. Just doing my bit for the planet - no one wants more rubbish lying about do they?!
  • Gaining more followers on Bloglovin'. I do this blog because I love the creative outlet. I do it for me first and foremost and really love hearing from you guys as you join me in this little space of mine. I know I get crazy excited every time I see a new follower anywhere on my social media so I want to say a big thanks for supporting me and being around! (Wow, that felt a bit Oscars speech-ey!).
  • 'The Tudors' on Netflix. In case you were not aware (and, frankly, why would you be?) I am a little bit crazy about Tudor history. It really fascinates me. If I could be invisible for a day and travel back in time it would be to Henry VIII court. Scary, yes - intriguing, certainly!
This week I have been NEEDING:
  • A cheery bunch of flowers. I plan to buy some to brighten up the house this weekend. I need flowers in my life, they make me happy! 
  • It's the first week of June - new magazine time!
  • I really need to stem the dandelion farm that is thriving in the back garden. How can I do this without putting chemicals in the garden? Answer - it is not possible. The ratio of dandelion to grass is completely wrong.
This weeks 'MEH!':
  • This weeks 'Meh!' is me having the brain of a squashed gnat. Seriously! I have had the hardest time this week when it comes to stringing together a simple sentence or typing a blog post - why? Heaven only knows!

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