2 June 2014

How to Create Loose Waves - New YouTube Video

It's Monday and you know that means a new video on my YouTube Channel

 photo photo-12_zps881fbe9f.png

Last week I had a few requests to show you guys how I get my hair into the loose waves that I am sometimes sporting in my videos and posts so I thought I would do a dedicated video for you. This video should give you the basic outline of what to do and is really not complicated (I am no hair expert believe me!). 

For a full list of any of the products I have used please click to the original video and scroll down into the information box below the video. You can also find a link to another hair video there too (should you feel the need to see me of me pulling strange faces whilst I do my make up and hair...)

Having watched this video back I am now realising how desperate I am for a haircut and am off to book this immediately...


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