18 June 2014

Happy List #1

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Because we are friends here, in this space, this vast place called the internet, I figure I can be honest with you. The last few days have not been that great. In the spirit of trying to keep on top of my mood I have decided to be a little selfish and create a 'Happy List' post. I like reading other peoples random lists and, as my friends and work colleagues will verify, I am a listaholic!

Here we go then, a random, stream of consciousness list of what makes me happy!

:: early morning fresh air and stillness
:: fresh flowers (specifically peonies, daffodils and sunflowers)
:: seeing wild flowers blowing in the breeze
:: live music
:: star gazing
:: the sea - calm or rough, it is the ultimate therapy
:: watching blackbirds hopping along after each other
:: bookshops (the smell of new books engulfing me - wonderful)
:: the post exercise high
:: weekend treats in the fridge
:: a lazy morning cup of tea in bed (rare but precious)
:: staying up really late and sitting in silence
:: the sound of the rain late at night when the windows are open
:: new seedlings popping up in the garden
:: Gizmo the cat (any day, any time)
:: hearing the sound of guitar in the next room
:: stepping into a bath
:: searching through Etsy for homeware and art (just window shopping right now though!)
:: painting my nails bright colours (...and changing them regularly)

What is on your happy list? Why not tell me your top three in the comments...I would love to hear from you!


  1. You really can't beat a cat purr to make you happy. One of the best sounds in the world!

  2. So true! Just their company generally is wonderful...and they just 'know' don't they? :-)


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