27 June 2014

Loving, Needing, Meh! #52

 photo 70938ACF-AD4F-49E2-8697-B8BA47D36FE1_zpsbxhpfehu.jpg

This week I have been LOVING:
  • Eating for summer. This week has been a little about berries and a lot about salad. I have been feeling better for ditching a certain amount of carbs and replacing with yummy salad... it turns out I just need to make a bit more effort to put the salad together properly and with a little more thought and then I will actually enjoy it! 
  • My Zara delivery. I have never been in to a Zara store, we don't have it here in the countryside! So, when I saw there was a sale on I thought I would try a few basics. I love them and can't wait to wear them soon. I may do a bit of a haul video on my YouTube channel too once I have a few more summer bits.
  • Getting a cheque cashed in my account after a company stole money from me - it felt good to see it back in its rightful place. Grrr!
  • Tea and biscuits with friends. It is the simple things sometimes that make a difference to your mood isn't it?
  • Speaking of sweet food... a lovely work colleague delivered a yummy cupcake to my office on Wednesday, thank you Melanie, you're the best! (x).
  • Friday Night Dinner! Series three started last Friday - I love that programme and thank God for Netflix - we have now watched series one and two a couple of times!
This week I have been NEEDING:
  • New music. I have had the same car playlist forever... suggestions on a postcard please lovely people!
  • My hair to stop falling out. Seriously, it is everywhere. Is it stress or am I getting my summer coat? Whatever it is it really needs to quit, I am finding 'hair spiders' everywhere and unclogging the plug daily. Yuck.
This weeks 'MEH!:
  • Dropping salt all over the floor, knocking over a glass of water, stubbing my toe about a million times and tripping up the stairs and almost falling flat on my face... a bit of a clumsy week!

26 June 2014

Taking Stock | Man Style #2

It's Joe on blog take over today for his version of 'Taking Stock'. I much prefer reading other peoples versions of this (link yours in the comments if you do them too!) - I think they are great insight into someones mind, even someone you spend so much time with. Joe seems so good at writing these too, whilst I sit and ponder for hours about the month and try and remember what I have been doing other than working and training (and blogging of course) Joe simply sits and writes, hardly any pauses at all, 'no worries' (his phrase, with a mock Aussie accent - and not a good one - sorry Joe!).

Disclaimer: I sort of chose the picture below because it is cute, Joe wanted 1980's sweets... sorry if you're disappointed!

 photo 1A59625B-021F-4277-93F7-ABC5B61E3514_zpsltqapsgz.jpg
{Image sourced from Pinterest}

Making | more music.
Cooking | popcorn.
Drinking | echinacea.
Reading | the same book as last month.
Wanting | to watch Muppets Christmas Carol.
Looking | beardy.
Playing | football on the PS3 with Lucy.
Deciding | I am annoyingly indecisive.
Wishing | I was more decisive.
Enjoying | ice cream and broken up Flake.
Waiting | to win the lottery.
Liking | the sunny weather.
Wondering | how humans ended up being the dominant species.
Loving | our chilled weekends together.
Hoping | to get a bit fitter.
Marveling | at Lucy's training regime.
Needing | a holiday, still.
Smelling | different types of salad dressing (how rock and roll).
Wearing | shorts for the first time in ages.
Following | the World Cup more than other years.
Noticing | some grey hairs.
Knowing | England wouldn't make it to the knockout stage.
Thinking | too much.
Feeling | headachy.
Opening | nuforen.
Giggling | to Friday Night Dinner.

25 June 2014

Taking Stock | June 2014

It is only 5 days until the end of June, can you bloody believe it? I can tell it is progressing into summer as I wake in the night suffering from over-heat-syndrome (a real thing you know!), my hair, when I arrive home from work of an evening, looks nothing  like it did when I set off in the morning and all my clothes feel far to warm to wear (I never have any summer clothes!). It has been a fairly good month all in all, and it is time to reflect and 'take stock'...

 photo fromlucywithlovetakingstockjune_zps6be4bed4.png
{Image sourced from Pinterest}

Making | spotify playlists - the best comfort when spending time alone.
Cooking | lasagne and many salads (I know you don't strictly cook salads!)
Drinking | iced tea. I am totally addicted.
Reading | Red magazine. I look forward to it arriving on the doormat every month!
Wanting | new summer clothes (so badly) and these comfy sandals from Topshop please. Joe isn't keen but I love them. A girls got to have some comfortable sandals for the summer.
Looking | at holiday rentals in Cornwall and realising it is definitely a 'no-go' this summer :-(
Playing | Tudors on Netflix, endlessly.
Deciding | how to change up my gym training programme, to lift heavy for a few weeks or not? (I think 'yes')
Wishing | I could have some surfing lessons, very soon.
Enjoying | quiet evenings in an empty house with the windows open and the breeze coming in.
Waiting | for school to break up so I can get stuff done!
Liking | how much my press ups have improved after my operation, slow progress but it is happening!
Wondering | why I suddenly suffer from hay fever - seriously, why now?
Loving | an evening spent with friends. It's been ages but it was fab. Thank you L and A for your company.
Hoping | to see 'A Fault in Our Stars' very soon. I adored the book and desperately want to see the movie.
Marveling | at the beauty of nature late at night. The sounds, the smells, the stars... incredible.
Needing | new gym trainers. I have my eye on something bright like these!
Smelling | coconut shampoo! It's like holiday in a bottle, not to mention one of my favourite scents.
Wearing | shorts, for the first time in ages. I swear I only put them on if the moon is in the right alignment!
Following | the world cup with intrigue. Gotcha! As if!
Noticing | that it is only 6 months until Christmas. This is what happens when you plan school Christmas fairs.
Knowing | that I need animals in my life to get through.
Thinking | about wearing a bright pink lipstick to work, then chickening out and wearing lip balm.
Feeling | like I need to work out a better work / blog / training / life balance, or ask someone for an extra day in the week...
Opening | my mind to the possibility that certain things may just be chemical.
Giggling | at this very cute advert on YouTube.

24 June 2014

Friendly Thoughts

 photo fromlucywithlovethoughts_zpsdffefb97.png
{Image sources from Pinterest}

There's something you need to know about me and that is that I am an over thinker. It is not always a bad thing but sometimes it can be a hindrance. Yesterday I had a bit of a moment, as I was thinking about someone I haven't been in touch with for about a year, and it inspired me to write this post. Let me expand for a second...

It is so easy, in this hectic world of ours, to feel alone and to feel isolated, but what dawned on me, as I thought of the friend, who is now a slightly faded (but still ever-so-precious) memory in my mind, is this: out of all the time we spend thinking of the people who have been in our lives or are in our lives still, who is thinking of you? I think this is a comforting thought - to think that someone, somewhere is having a thought about you or replaying an existing memory of times past, but it is something you may never ever know about. Still, it is a comfort.

If you are anything like me you probably recall things all the time, replaying them, adjusting the ending to make a 'what if?' scenario in your mind...how would it have been different if...? I am not talking about just relationships here, although I am sure we have all had those thoughts, but friendships, little moments with someone important, or bigger moments you wish had ended differently. I guess my point is that I wonder if anyone does this about me? It is easy to imagine it is just you doing the thinking and that you will never pass through someones mind, but I don't believe that to be true and when you really contemplate it I think it is a lovely thought.

I am going to try and make more of an effort to tell those close to me what is in my mind, the positive things I think about, because I feel that life is too short not to - I wish more people would do this. If you like someone, tell them you like them. If you think someone looks good today, tell them. If you miss someone, tell them you miss them (there is nothing sweeter than that to me...who doesn't like to be missed?).

23 June 2014

June Favourites | New YouTube Video!

I didn't film a 'Monthly Favourites' video last month so thought I would do one for you this month as I have a few really great products I have been enjoying in June and it is only right to share them!

I always end up with a fair few hair products that I love because I am usually on a mission to do something specific with my fluffy mane. This month has been no exception and I have been trying out a variety of repairing hair masks and volumising products. What can I say I am addicted to products...I admit it!

Anyway, I will stop rambling so you can get on over to the video. If you watch it on YouTube directly please hit the 'Subscribe' button and stay up to date with all my uploads! Enjoy!

What things have you been enjoying in the month of June? Beauty or non-beauty - let me know! I love receiving recommendations so get in touch in the comments below or via Twitter!

20 June 2014

Loving, Needing, Meh! #51

 photo D7007615-D2E9-4939-BCF8-121C6973A17E_zpsk0seuwy3.jpg
This week I have been LOVING:
  • I have to start with my Minnie Mouse ears (in case you hadn't noticed them above!). We had a school event yesterday and I was supposed to be in fancy dress... I had these thrust at me at 6.30am and kinda loved them a little bit!
  • This song by Evanescence - I mentioned on Facebook this week that I haven't stopped listening to it. I loved it when it was first out but sometimes things sound better when they are rediscovered huh?
  • Shorter hair. I know, I know, I always mention hair but last week I mentioned I needed a hair cut and now I have had said chop (just over 2 inches) my hair has found its mojo again. It makes such a big difference! Now I just have to get the grey hairs gone...
  • This amazing (cat themed) advert...have you seen it? I think this is one of the sweetest and funniest ads right now!
This week I have been NEEDING:
  • (Other than sleep? Can we assume sleep every week until I say otherwise?!)
  • I am craving some time at home this weekend. I have been away from my house since 6.30am on Monday morning (and am still away now). I am about to pack up my car and drive back and I cannot wait. You cannot beat your own bed and own bits and bobs around you.
  • Time with friends. Also happening this evening. Whoop whoop! When did it get so hard to fit time in a diary to see friends? Life has just got that way. We have been trying to sort something out for ages but for whatever reason not quite making it...today is the day. It. Will. Happen. Homemade pizzas will be eaten!
This weeks 'MEH!':
  • I was struggling what to write here until about 15 minutes ago when I went to my mums fridge and found a lemon/lime covered in mold (yep that's how moldy it actually was - it was beyond identification!). It had gone so far into this state that it was powdery and leaving green dust everywhere as I tried to move it! Too much information? Sorry.


18 June 2014

Unpacking | A lounge makeover & Ikea haul

 photo fromlucywithlove-ikea-and-lounge-vlog_zpsb452e07f.png

If you have ever moved house you will know how long it can take to settle in and to find a home for everything within your new walls. If you rent, like us, it can be an even slower process as you need to work out where you can place the things you would normally hang, without things looking cluttered. 

Although we have lived in our house a little while now, the lounge was the space I was most desperate to make more comfy and homely. We had countless pictures to frame and, although doing this isn't particularly stressful, it can be a bit time consuming and I must admit to feeling a lazy when it came to sitting down and actually printing photos and framing them (turned out to be a pretty simple job after all!).

We are still saving for a chair for our lounge (I want a nice big snugly chair to read in - old lady alert!) but we have finally done something with the space and I thought we would share it with you via this little vlog, which starts with a mini Ikea haul too!

Don't you just love Ikea? I get so over excited in there and always want to leave with a pack of 5,000 neon straws or pastel napkins or something equally as silly that we will never use! That market place section just drags you in (but I think they know what they are doing)... They send you round the displays and then into the cafe, where you stock up on their sweet things, and then you are let loose (on a sugar high) into the market place...heaven on a stick for someone like me. It is all about self control people, that's all...! 


Happy List #1

 photo be-kind_zps5bf92d7b.png
{Image sourced from Pinterest}

Because we are friends here, in this space, this vast place called the internet, I figure I can be honest with you. The last few days have not been that great. In the spirit of trying to keep on top of my mood I have decided to be a little selfish and create a 'Happy List' post. I like reading other peoples random lists and, as my friends and work colleagues will verify, I am a listaholic!

Here we go then, a random, stream of consciousness list of what makes me happy!

:: early morning fresh air and stillness
:: fresh flowers (specifically peonies, daffodils and sunflowers)
:: seeing wild flowers blowing in the breeze
:: live music
:: star gazing
:: the sea - calm or rough, it is the ultimate therapy
:: watching blackbirds hopping along after each other
:: bookshops (the smell of new books engulfing me - wonderful)
:: the post exercise high
:: weekend treats in the fridge
:: a lazy morning cup of tea in bed (rare but precious)
:: staying up really late and sitting in silence
:: the sound of the rain late at night when the windows are open
:: new seedlings popping up in the garden
:: Gizmo the cat (any day, any time)
:: hearing the sound of guitar in the next room
:: stepping into a bath
:: searching through Etsy for homeware and art (just window shopping right now though!)
:: painting my nails bright colours (...and changing them regularly)

What is on your happy list? Why not tell me your top three in the comments...I would love to hear from you!

16 June 2014

New YouTube Video | Empties

Oops, this happened again... this is the trouble with splitting your time between two locations throughout the week, you need two of everything and everything runs out simultaneously! 

I seem to have accumulated a bit of an empties collection under my desk so figured it was time for another quick review of what I have been using and what my thoughts were on the product. This time they are mostly goodies and only two that I was a bit unsure about for a couple of reasons. So, settle back for 10 minutes and listen to me ramble on about empty bottles...

Don't forget to 'Like' and 'Subscribe' over on my YouTube channel! Feel free to leave comments of videos you may like to see in the future too. Have a great day guys!

15 June 2014

Sunday Snaps!

It's that time again! If you are new to my blog I only upload this post every two weeks, just because life isn't that interesting! You can follow me on Instagram if you fancy seeing many more random pictures every week!
 photo From-Lucy-With-Love-15th-June_zps5d1094bf.png
1. For many more pictures of this beautiful kitty-cat please 'Like' my Facebook Page where she is a bit of a hit! No matter what she does it is cute, I wish I had the same talents! / 2. Another Bills visit... well, it's not like there have been many I guess, I have only been there twice, and it was for breakfast. We thought we would treat ourselves to dinner. Oh. My. God. It was so amazing. I had a chicken and chorizo burger which was a taste sensation and Joe had steak (does other food exist?!). For dessert I had eton mess and Joe consumed the delicious looking cheesecake but there was also a warmed brownie with milk ice cream that is calling my name (milk ice cream - anyone had it before? Is it good?) / 3. We spent half an hour waiting for someone to come and fix our stupid bathroom sink on Saturday. We kept thinking we heard someone pulling in to the driveway so decided to take up residence on the stairs where a silly album of photos and ridiculous faces ensued. If you follow me on Instagram (sorry, second plug for that - unintentional this time) you will see the 15 second slideshow of said photos! / 4. The lovely Lois sent this card to my work this week knowing I'd been feeling a bit rubbish - thanks honey xx / 5. I think this is the second time I have included a picture of an iced tea...but just look at it! I love iced tea. There, I said it. / 6. Here's the above mentioned dessert. My mouth is watering just remembering it. / 7. The sky this week was incredible thanks to the strange mix of weather but this sunset taken on Wednesday was out of this world. I love this time of night where the light begins to change... / 8. Mum, I watered your flowers! / 9. Cat feet xxxxx


13 June 2014

Loving, Needing, Meh! #50

Have I really done 50 weeks of this weekly post? Crazy! Sometimes I wonder what I find to waffle on about - well, not much some weeks, but that's life right? We have reached another Friday and I am pleased to say that it is very sunny here this morning and I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend (and a hair cut!).

 photo ABAC30EE-AA0A-4D14-A143-922B6F43C5D4_zpsiuiwgcgh.jpg

This week I have been LOVING:
  • Chatty gym time. It had been a while since I had seen my lovely gym buddy, so on Sunday, what started out as a quick 'I'll warm up next to you on the treadmill' ended up being a 40 minute power walk plus a 20 minute x-trainer workout. Not unusual but just nice to chat the entire time. Now we have decided that Sunday will be our 'chatty workout' day - why not? Once you can decipher what is being said through gasps for breathe you are sorted!
  • Skies (hence the picture above!). I don't know if it has been the same where you guys live but with the UK's very indecisive weather the sunsets have been beautiful. The one above was on Wednesday evening. We had a bit of a rain and then the sun came out, bright and beautiful. We all need to look up a bit more, why would you want to miss this?
  • Counting Crows. I have been reaching for Spotify/YouTube a bit more recently, with a couple of evenings spent alone. Right now I am loving Counting Crows (always a favourite!). I haven't listened to them for a while but I am loving the raw, emotive nature of their lyrics right now (does that say anything about my mood? I don't know!). My favourite songs right now are: 'Untitled (lovesong)' from the Echoes of the Outlaw Roadshow - an amazing live version of an amazing song, 'Sullivan Street' from August & Everything (I couldn't find a link to the live version but either way, great song) and 'Time and Time Again' - maybe find the one on Spotify from the album August & Everything After Live...so beautiful.
  • Chocolate digestives and tea. It shouldn't have happened, but it did. Oops.
  • Estee and Aslans Vlune vlogs! I love Essie Buttons regular YouTube channel as you may already know, but the Vlog Channel is so sweet and refreshing. They are such a cute couple! She is currently vlogging in June (Vlune) every other day, so I look forward to the videos coming out and seeing what they are getting up to every week. I find it comforting watching their videos because I know they will make me laugh and they have a way of drawing you in to feel like part of their family.
This week I have been NEEDING:
  • I mentioned above I am having my hair cut this weekend. When did it get so long! It really is awful! No matter what I do it just sits flat! I need my bounce back man! (I can't get away with saying 'man' in that context can I?!). I am off to the lovely Aveda salon in the gym I train at tomorrow morning...my hairdresser has a job on her hands!
This weeks 'MEH!':
  • Now, I am not the most technical person on the planet, but I am the most easy to stress out, so when I got a text from Joe yesterday saying '...none of the pictures on your blog are showing' I freaked out. I have no idea what it means to 'exceed bandwidth', what on earth is that anyway? (I can only assume it determines the thickness of rubber bands). Apparently I was over my 'bandwidth' so that resulted in all my pictures being replaced with a 'oops, aren't you popular' icon from my storage provider and me having to sort that out, all of a fluster, very quickly. Sorry if you stopped by yesterday only to see lots of grey boxes on my page. DOH!
  • The other thing annoying me more than Brian Blessed this week is the fact that I have developed a swollen, sore throat which, from this morning, is also now a cough. Brilliant. The first time in weeks that I semi made plans with friends and now I am sick. Thank you germs. (Plus my training was going so well, I had big plans for gym sessions this week!).

11 June 2014


I have a board on my Pinterest account dedicated to what I have chosen to call 'Beautiful Moments'. I love capturing these fleeting moments that can sometimes be seen as a bit 'everyday' but mean so much. I would rather have these memories in life over anything that costs money, after all, these are the things that make life interesting and wonderful. They are sometimes mundane, but that is what makes them beautiful - you can so easily pass them by...you can so easily miss them or take them for granted. Here are some of my favourites from my Beautiful Moments board.

 photo cup-of-tea_zps4f999208.png
{Image source}
That moment, first thing in the morning, when the birds are still chirping outside, welcoming the day, and the house is quiet. Just to sit, silently, and listen as everything wakes up is one of my favourite times. It is not very often this happens these days but it makes me appreciate it more when it does.

 photo woods_zps8e1c015f.png
When we used to have a family dog, walking him first thing in the morning or last thing before the sun set was so beautiful and incredibly relaxing. The smell of the woods, the light, the colours, everything about being alone in that environment is humbling. Nature all around you - you can't beat it can you?!

 photo holding-hands_zps1e0b12ee.png
Holding hands is so underrated. I love holding hands with Joe, it's a way of doing public affection without offending! Seriously though, there is a lovely intimacy when you hold hands, a subtle squeeze to say 'I'm here', falling asleep holding hands, watching television arm in arm, hand in hand... I wouldn't stop this for the world.

 photo curtain_zps6edea967.png
This could just be me but having the windows wide open and watching the curtains waving in and out on the breeze is kind of hypnotic, don't you think? (Even better in a storm...!)

 photo sparklers_zps94316d5e.png
This picture is quite nostalgic for me. It reminds me of evenings spent as a child, eagerly awaiting bonfire night, getting excited to see fireworks and smell that unmistakable smell of smoke in the air. It evokes the memory of being outside, wrapped up, everyone enjoying the festivities and then going in doors to warm up with hot drinks and food (although, in our house we used to bbq on bonfire night...and Christmas Eve too...)

 photo moon_zps67ef1a87.png
Have you ever sat and looked out at the ocean in a totally isolated place? If you get to do that it is very awe inspiring. There is a place in West Cornwall that Joe and I like to visit that, on a good day, is super quiet, people free and very, very rugged. Watching the waves, the vastness of the ocean and sky reminds you how small you are and how vulnerable. Don't even get me started on the moon...

 photo spoons_zpsb3cf8a27.png
What is there to say about this...who doesn't love doing this?! 

10 June 2014

The Forgotten Post...

Here's the thing, this post didn't schedule correctly, it didn't go up last Wednesday as planned because my computer hates me (I'm kidding computer, I know hate is a strong word and you just dislike me!). Not being a big fan of wasting anything, specifically food, but that's not really relevant here, I figured why not just post it anyway! The thing is, we often have weekends very similar to this, so it is not like it is time specific...! So here it is, the 'Forgotten Post'...

As it is mid week, and looks a bit grey as I am typing this (it's probably going to be sunny where you are right now huh?) I thought I would write a post about our weekend to bring a bit of weekend sunshine into our lives. 

 photo 3FCD63BC-1D74-46A9-830C-036A87F71BD6_zpsacwq791q.jpg

Saturday was a bit rainy so we kind of just pottered about a little at home; what else can you do when it's miserable outside? I did my usual training in the lounge, sweating like a mad woman and saying words I couldn't possible repeat on here. Honestly, I love it, but you couldn't tell to watch me!

When the sun showed its beautiful self on Sunday morning we were up and at em' and out the door before 9am (only for pancakes would I be out the door at that time on a Sunday my lovely friends!). When we woke up Joe suggested we go for breakfast in Salisbury so we threw on some comfy weekend clothes (jeans, t-shirt and converse in my case) and drove the short distance into the city centre. Don't you love that time of day, when there is hardly anyone around and everything feels fresh and new?

We chose Bills Restaurant as they do the best breakfasts ever! I adore their buttermilk pancakes (must attempt some homemade ones soon). They pile them high with fresh berries and drizzle sweet maple syrup over too. It really is so good! Joe opted for a bacon sandwich, a proper 'man' breakfast! I also tried their peach and fresh mint iced tea, having developed a 'bit of a thing' for iced tea recently. Let me tell you, it was delicious!

 photo C6330A87-685C-481F-B231-EDB5A7F155DE_zpsx5ggespw.jpg

 photo BF00DF2D-FDEB-4D58-8510-D09C0377B73A_zpsvgc0mwgb.jpg

After breakfast we head on out to the Guildhall Square where there is always something happening it seems, this time an artisan market. I chatted to a lovely lady who sold handmade silver jewellery made my dropping the silver into water where it forms unique patterns and shapes, it was gorgeous. I was tempted by some stud earrings (a bargain at only £12) but ended up not buying them - I have her business card though so may look on her site and treat myself when I can! (As soon as I am back at home I will link her here).

 photo 46BDC661-D424-4F9A-BA28-DB17CB80026A_zpsqmqq1rou.jpg

 photo 4CD50FED-3E7A-4FD9-BA5E-C4A3C31BF8A5_zpsxxjvx8p0.jpg

Wandering from the market, through town, we then took a stroll around the Cathedral Square where there was a Sunday service going on and the sound of the bells ringing out and the choir singing actually made me quite emotional. We often walk around this part of town as it is usually very peaceful, plus the houses are to die for. If you visit Salisbury I highly recommend popping into the cathedral for sure, it really is something.

 photo 32D17DAB-FD57-4D71-B26E-C8A56845B46F_zps7morcwhz.jpg

 photo 4FCA983B-F31B-4383-A616-B8350CE3DE02_zpsgqq26cjd.jpg

The rest of the day was fairly lazy but a perfect way to round up the week.

What is your favourite thing to do at the weekend? 


9 June 2014

Junes 'You Beauty Discovery Box' | New YouTube Video

Is it me or do these months fly past quicker and quicker? Here I am again with another 'You Beauty Discovery Box' for the month of June this time (June?!). I have whipped you up a little video, including a mini-review of the two products I received this month.

As usual I have a full list of products in the description box underneath the original YouTube video which you can find here. Why not Tweet me to let me know what you got in your beauty box this month or if you got the same as me, what did you think?

Have a great Monday guys! 

6 June 2014

Loving, Needing, Meh! #49

 photo F21CEA25-A35C-458D-8C21-7D3CDD7921FA_zpswypbqvxc.jpg

After last week, when I was off all week (delightful) I am back to work, back to the usual routine and back to training like a nut job, so much so that I brought on one of my fabulous exercise induced migraines on Monday night. After lunging up and down the the lounge, doing burpees like a woman possessed and stepping up and down off a chair holding weights (plus many other exercises that send my heart rate through the roof) I developed the ever so lovely 'disco eyes' and that was me, done in, for the rest of the evening. Great! All in all this week has been a good one though and I hope yours has too! Let's get onto the task in hand here:

This week I have been LOVING:
  • Warmer days and heavy clouds. I am a sucker for those 'heavy days' that feel like a storm is brewing. 
  • Cakes that look like people. A colleague at work made cupcakes to look like various members of staff, how clever is she! They were yummy too.
  • This Vitamin C Moisturiser and this Tea Flower Cleansing Wash by Una Brennan. I am notoriously bad at finding a moisturiser that I get on with. My most common problem is that it kind of sits on top of my skin and my make up slides around. Having reached the end of the last one I was using, Rose Hydrate by...um, Una Brennan (#fangirl), which I loved, I fancied trying something else from her range that was a bit lighter. This is not a platform for review so I shall just say that I really bloody love it! The face wash is also awesomeness in a bottle. Reviews to come!
  • House sitting at mums and finding a small amount of chocolate digestives in the cupboard that clearly needed-finishing-or-else-they-would-go-off. Just doing my bit for the planet - no one wants more rubbish lying about do they?!
  • Gaining more followers on Bloglovin'. I do this blog because I love the creative outlet. I do it for me first and foremost and really love hearing from you guys as you join me in this little space of mine. I know I get crazy excited every time I see a new follower anywhere on my social media so I want to say a big thanks for supporting me and being around! (Wow, that felt a bit Oscars speech-ey!).
  • 'The Tudors' on Netflix. In case you were not aware (and, frankly, why would you be?) I am a little bit crazy about Tudor history. It really fascinates me. If I could be invisible for a day and travel back in time it would be to Henry VIII court. Scary, yes - intriguing, certainly!
This week I have been NEEDING:
  • A cheery bunch of flowers. I plan to buy some to brighten up the house this weekend. I need flowers in my life, they make me happy! 
  • It's the first week of June - new magazine time!
  • I really need to stem the dandelion farm that is thriving in the back garden. How can I do this without putting chemicals in the garden? Answer - it is not possible. The ratio of dandelion to grass is completely wrong.
This weeks 'MEH!':
  • This weeks 'Meh!' is me having the brain of a squashed gnat. Seriously! I have had the hardest time this week when it comes to stringing together a simple sentence or typing a blog post - why? Heaven only knows!

3 June 2014

Noticeboard Make Over

Let's take a moment to appreciate the humble cork pin-board shall we?

I am in the process of attempting to create a more inspirational blogging work space and I have accumulated several things that I would like to display in my office; you know the types of things right? Cute postcards from Paperchase, photos and magazine tear outs... oh, and then there's the actual useful things like to-do lists of course!

Having looked a lot online for something a bit different (and realising I would need to take out a small bank loan to get something I liked) I thought I would get all Blue Peter and re-vamp a cheap and cheerful cork board. I am pretty happy with the results actually. Here's how I got on...

What you will need:

I decided to go for a zig-zag pattern on mine so had to spend several minutes marking out (in pencil) where the centre of the cork part of the board was and deciding how big I wanted the main (top) zig-zag to be. Once I had measured it all out, so it was evenly spaced, I masked out that section and painted it with three coats of pale pink paint. I then repeated the process for a thinner line underneath, masked it out and painted it in a mint green colour. I got the two coloured paints from our local DIY shop, Homebase, who had a 'buy one, get one half price' on tester pots.

For the final section I masked out larger triangles and painted these with white acrylic paint I had lying about the office, but you could use tester pots or repeat one of the other colours - anything that works for you!

Finally I painted the three colours over the frame, just to make it look a bit more interesting and add some character. I did this by hand but you could mask these sections in to make life a bit easier.

A couple of tips:
- Make sure you leave each section to dry overnight as your masking tape may lift off the sections you have just completed. Honestly, it is not worth rushing it!
- If you are doing a zig-zag pattern like mine take the time to really measure it and ensure that the lines are the same thickness all the way round, it will look a lot more pleasing on the eye if you do it this way rather than guessing it.

If you make something similar please do Tweet me your pictures! I would love to see the finished results.

2 June 2014

How to Create Loose Waves - New YouTube Video

It's Monday and you know that means a new video on my YouTube Channel

 photo photo-12_zps881fbe9f.png

Last week I had a few requests to show you guys how I get my hair into the loose waves that I am sometimes sporting in my videos and posts so I thought I would do a dedicated video for you. This video should give you the basic outline of what to do and is really not complicated (I am no hair expert believe me!). 

For a full list of any of the products I have used please click to the original video and scroll down into the information box below the video. You can also find a link to another hair video there too (should you feel the need to see me of me pulling strange faces whilst I do my make up and hair...)

Having watched this video back I am now realising how desperate I am for a haircut and am off to book this immediately...


1 June 2014

Sunday Snaps!

 photo From-Lucy-With-Love-1st-June_zpsdc159ee3.png

1. I may have mentioned we are starting to plan our wedding (have I?!) and I have been looking at affordable dresses online, this one got delivered this week and I love it! / 2. I have a new addiction to iced tea at the moment and this one from Bills in Salisbury, with actual bits of fresh peach and mint in it, was amazing. / 3. You have Joe to thank for this crazy photo of me. I was mid-backcomb and vulnerable ok?! / 4. I did a little crafting this week - revamping this cork board to have some trendy geometric patterns. I am pleased with it actually and it didn't cost the earth! / 5. Er...let's call this pay back for the picture of me! / 6. I brought this money tree the other day with the intention that it will make me lots of it...nothing yet though (refund?) / 7. I have mention Bills restaurant already but here is a close up of one of there posh lights! / 8. Boston Tea Party in Salisbury - this time to share a caramel slice, iced berry tea (me, obviously!) and coffee (Joe). / 9. Digging this nail polish by Rimmel ('Lose Your Lingerie') - I am enjoying pastels this year more than brights, still love the brights though!

I hope you have had a fab weekend? I have done a little vlogging over this week too so may put that up mid week as a bonus post! 

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