8 May 2014

The last thing I... (borrowed from elsewhere!)

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I was having a read through one of my current favourite blogs today 'Life Outside London' and came across a post the lovely Michelle did called 'The last thing I...' and thought it was a cute little thing to do so here we go:

Who did you last talk to?
Does FaceTime count? I have just had a FaceTime conversation with my lovely man as I am staying at my parents house tonight. I felt a bit sorry for him to be honest because I had just done some pretty hardcore exercise in the lounge and had my wet hair scraped back in a rather fetching, face-lift giving bun which made my head look like a big old egg (not to mention my tomato face...gorgeous!). We had a lovely catch up about our day and agreed to talk before bed because, well, you have to say goodnight don't you?

What was the last outfit you wore?
Do I tell you about my sexy Adidas joggers and baseball t-shirt I am currently wearing? Oops, I just did... a slight change from my work 'outfit' (not sure it was an 'outfit', that makes it sound like it was purposefully put together...it was not!). Today I was sporting some rather nice tailored capri trousers from Next with a white short sleeved top (Marks and Sparks) and a rather bright pink cardigan, also from Next, with some smart heels to make me appear taller!

What was the last thing you ate?
After I finished my exercise I was greeted by a hot plateful of mums homemade fish-pie which was very appreciated and very yummy indeed! Oh, it also had green beans, sweetcorn and peas on the side for the more health conscious among you!

What was the last thing you drank?
Lots and lots of water. I am a big water-drinker (I hate small water...he he!).

The last sport you played?
I assume the gym doesn't count as sport? Boxercise? No? If none of those count then I guess it must be squash. I haven't played for about a year or so I guess that'd be the last proper sport I played. I love a good game of squash but haven't quite mastered the art of stopping before I hit the wall! (Maybe that explains the collarbone operation! What says you?).

Who did you email last?
That'll be something work-related so nothing exciting for you here. Sorry folks, I have let you down! If I take away work things then I last emailed another blogger to ask about her advertising opportunities - fingers crossed I hear something back soon!

Which of your friends did you talk to last?
I had a very brief chat with my bestie when we hit the gym together the other day. To be honest we only grab a few minutes at the beginning whilst we are loading our bags into the locker. The rest of the time is more about eye-rolling at how exhausted we are and finger-pointing to a machine we are heading to - heaven knows why, we are not exactly going to lose each other in there but, you know, just in case! 

What was the last thing you watched on TV?
Right now I am watching Harry Potter (Goblet of Fire - awesome!). There is something comforting about Harry Potter films, why is that do you think? It feels strange that it is a week night and HP is on but I am rolling with it!

The last blog you checked?
As I look at my tabs I have Bloglovin' open and have simultaneously opened 'Cider With Rosie' and the very blog I mentioned at the start of this 'Life Outside London'. LOVE LOVE LOVE! I did a post recently on my three current favourite blogs so feel free to check it out! (Shameless promo there).

The last game you played?
This is an easy one! Joe and I play Scrabble all the time - I ruddy love that game! Although I usually feel so sleepy towards the end of the game that I lose the plot (yes Joe, that's the reason I let you win...cough, cough!). One year, during a games night with friends, we decided that we would play 'make your own words up' Scrabble - a genius idea in theory then you realise it actually backfires when you all get bonus points for using all your letters and can make up any rubbish you like, scrap that, it's quite fun really!

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