28 May 2014

Taking Stock | May 2014

I have seen this post everywhere, and I am sure you have too, but I think it's a really good one as it allows me to sum up the month fast (with no rambles, hopefully!). I adore reading these kind of posts as I think they allow for a wonderful insight into someones mind and life which you may not get on an everyday basis.

I have also asked Joe to do his 'Taking Stock' list, so stay tuned for that appearing very soon...

So, here we go, let's 'Take Stock' of May...

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{Image from Pinterest}

Making | vanilla cupcakes for treats at the weekends (so yummy!)
Cooking | healthy chicken curries that feel like treats but are actually pretty good for you.
Drinking | protein shakes and too many cups of tea.
Reading | 'Stoner' by John Williams. This is a slow read for me but I am enjoying it.
Wanting | more free time to spend with Joe and slightly less stress in my life.
Looking | at Pinterest (far too much).
Playing | Metallica on my gym playlist & Alice in Chains too because Joe made me a CD (loving this track)
Deciding | when and how to get married.
Wishing | for warm days in the sun with all the doors and windows open and a BBQ on.
Enjoying | getting back into our 'Friends' box set. I just can't get enough of those jokes!
Waiting | for a very important bit of post to arrive.
Liking | nesting. Our home has come together a lot this month and I love adding to it with Joe.
Wondering | what is eating all my clothes? Moths? Really? Everything has holes in the bottom.
Loving | my very supportive man, very, very much.
Hoping | for breakfast at 'Bills' again really soon. On hungry mornings I dream of buttermilk pancakes.
Marveling | at wedding dresses on Pinterest and Etsy. So pretty.
Needing | sleep, lots of it please.
Smelling | my Body Shop cleansing oil - that stuff smells like heaven to me.
Wearing | rolled up jeans and stripey t shirts.
Following | 'Cider With Rosie' as she plans her big day on YouTube.
Noticing | how very fast time is passing by. My dad turns 70 years old in just over a week. How?!
Knowing | more about who I am with every little test this month.
Thinking | far too much about things that should matter the least.
Feeling | fitter. I have been doing this for a few weeks and definitely notice the different to my fitness.
Opening | too many packets of Oreo's at weekends.
Giggling | at Joes 'Life of Brian' impressions, bloody hysterical!

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